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My New book: “The Copper Revolution: Healing with Minerals”

Quoting myself from my book: “Copper is anti-inflammatory… As far as I know, I’m the only one who has discovered that copper reduces DOMS, (delayed onset muscle soreness) from working out. Upon further reflection after having written this book, copper’s power to detoxify the body, make collagen, make ATP, and help the nerves by increasing neurotransmitters, and boosting testosterone and other hormones, clear out blood vessels of cholesterol, increase red blood cells, and increase blood supply, are several other mechanisms of action that may contribute to reducing muscle soreness after workouts.” Copper is also needed for muscle growth!

My First book: “Beyond the Arthritis Fix: Protocols for Strong Joints” https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08TQ4KCNY

Key Testimonials posted to amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars Taking back my health
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 10, 2021
Verified Purchase
…within a month I saw drastic results in my joint mobility and stiffness in fingers has totally disappeared, gut health is better, and an added bonus is my mind set is more relaxed and focused! …

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Information!
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 1, 2022
Verified Purchase
… quite the breakthrough toward optimal health. … One benefit I’ve noticed is that I no longer experience exercise-induced pulmonary edema(aka Fran Lung) …

Testimonials on Sports, Energy, & Joints, from the Facebook Group:

C. M.
…This week I also PR’d in my chest press, back squat AND deadlift. Heavier weights than I have pushed in YEARS, even well before pregnancy. And maybe even the crazier part still? I am not even a little bit sore from it. No DOMS, no tension, no gassed energy levels…..you wouldn’t even know I worked out.

My experience has been that copper has GREATLY increased my strength and recovery. I have set new PRs in four of my lifts, have had no DOMS after workouts, and my old injuries that used to always be sticking points for me are rarely bothering me anymore. In general, I am stronger, have greater mind-muscle connection, and have a totally renewed energy for training

G. S.
…I’m 41 and I feel like I’m 19 again with all the energy in the world .

P. F.
Here’s an interesting story. I applied 30 mg of topical copper on my chest and abdomen, rubbed it in good, waited about 10 minutes. Hopped on the treadmill, rans for 30 min, felt great!

T. R.
My son came home from college and started copper bisglycinate, 2 mg a day may 14th. He upped it to 4mg this week. He said he has already seen a difference in not as much muscle pain after a workout. Also not so much as a “gain” type thing but a more defined muscle tone thing. If that makes sense.

I. B.
On a consistent copper schedule now of about 20mg first thing in the AM, and then two 10mg doses later throughout the day. Also apply some topically. Other minerals include iodine, selenium, boron. Todays workout I legit felt like how I did when I lifted weights as a 18-20 year old over a decade ago

S. K.
I want to just add a quick testimony. I am on week 3. I feel amazing. Clearer thoughts, more energy, I am able to workout more & not get tired, running without knee pain, sleeping better, & many more. In the 3 weeks I have had some detox that I would have to listen to my body & rest or increase a mineral or add one. I am currently taking copper 8mg daily( orally), zinc with 1mg copper several times a week. Magnesium & bentonite baths when needed.

H. L.
Big Win: 2 weeks into progressive Copper Supplementation~
During my daily breathPlay practice, I held my breath with ease for 90 seconds.
I had been noticing that I can hold my breath for more crawl strokes during my swim sessions~ up from 6 to 8 strokes
…but I haven’t done a focused Breath Session since before I began. I was at 45 seconds max.
Today, I feel like I could have gone to 2 minutes.
Mind you, this is a particular type of breathwork exploring breath holds, and is not appropriate for everyone, especially those with high blood pressure.
But the difference is astounding~ I could feel my body being oxygenated! It was almost hallucinogenic (and probably would have been had I kept going 😂)

-More energy in general- I’m up from 30 min average focused workout to 45, and my intensity is up by 25% as well…and my recovery time is great

  • my daily workout doesn’t leave me sore at all, just stronger; a 3 hour non-stop ecstatic dance session leaves my feet mildly sore for a day (I have been in progressive recovery from plantar fasciitis for the last couple of years)

T. D.
Before I started taking copper my joints and knees ached so much that it prevented me from doing very much jumping in my routine workouts but after taking copper and minerals for almost a year now I can workout longer and harder without the joint and knee aches !

G. M.
Before taking copper, I used to feel so much soreness after working out. It really discouraged me from consistently going to the gym because my muscles hurt.
I have been taking copper for a couple months now and I rarely get sore. It has made a huge difference, trust me. I can now work out multiple times a day with very little soreness. I am actually surprised how much I have to workout in order to feel like I have worked out. Try some copper and you will see.

B. C.
Just a little update, so my day to day work has revealed Improved performance at work, same job now for 11 +years. Lifting a heavy 100 meter hose reel which feels light (almost like my arms have been swapped with the terminators arms) with no need to jerk to subtly create momentum when lifting it off the ground, suddenly after all this time, coincidence? Placebo effect? no heavy heart beating when reeling up 25 times a day, no out of breath feeling that I have not been noticing, strong energy even at the end of the day, I feel like I could do the day again, which seems odd to think about. I just thought I would share this with everyone take it for what it is.
Little extra. I find in my work week by Wednesday I would traditionally start becoming tired like harder and harder to peel myself out of bed, just before the weekend, I’m not finding this now, I feel sort of the same at the beginning of the work week to the end of the work week, this is amazing. All I have done is follow the protocol.

L. S.
I had to write this. I’m on day 5, and I just moved up to 13mg [copper]……
Thank you so much, Jason Hommel!!! Five years of debilitating Lyme. And before that, years of feeling like I’m plodding in mud! This is amazing. I felt happier and calmer even the first day, the second day too, the third day big improvements in many things, fourth was no improvement so I figured I was at the cap of what copper would do for me for a few months… Then boom!
Not only that, I have been giving it to my family. We have gone from mostly grumpy barely getting along(husband and 3 kids), to laughing together. It’s really hard to describe this, how incredible it is. Just, thanks. Thanks so much!

M. A.
I had left shoulder (with neck) pain (since I was in middle school), got shoulder surgery (big mistake… it made it worse) and was finally in so much pain 9 months ago, I was pleading with a surgeon specialist to give me amputation because they didn’t want to attempt another surgery on me. (due to ehler’s danlos/connective tissues problems) The images showed my shoulder extended out so far (it was always chronically subluxed and with torn muscles and ligament) but the surgeon (two different ones in different states) said because of how advanced my connective tissue problems were, they felt surgery would only make it worse. I was so heartbroken at that point and in such a panic. Couldn’t take the pain anymore and was exhausted beyond word with the addition of seizures, weight under 100 pounds, body rejecting food, bleeding and more… I emotionally collapsed when I was told they wouldn’t consider amputation, either. Soon after, I found out about copper and got going, only thinking at best, (IF it was “miraculous”) I MIGHT survive… that’s IT. (I wasn’t expected to live much longer) For the first time since childhood in middle school, my shoulder does not hurt and is somehow snuggling into place. I have no idea why or how because I’m so double jointed and loose, I don’t understand how it’s possible. When I first started the shoulder healing, the pain became off the wall intense and I wanted to give up. I was used to miracles being for other people but never working out for me. Jason spoke to me and really encouraged me to not give up when I had that as a very real option. I “shouldered through” 😉 😛 and I’m sitting here without that pain. Day after day… and continually astonished. Copper is so safe and healing (at least for ME) meant going through nerve (and other) pain in order to heal. The list of how many things copper has helped is becoming overwhelming in the best way. I’m so grateful for the time and energy Jason Hommel and Jennifer Cosper Hommel have given for free. Please stay strong. Copper works.

My own Testimonial from Feb 12th, 2022:

“One of the things my wife and I did as I was writing the book, is that we increased our topical application of copper sulfate from about one day a week, to about 5 days per week. This was far superior in many ways. Less inflammation. More energy. More brainpower. Less joint pains; and I did not think that was possible.”

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