Why We Need 30+ mg of Copper/day

1. Copper is safe.

A. Copper is declared to be GRAS, or SAFE in US Law.


B. Copper is safe at 20 mg/day, see the Olivares study.

  1. Copper is very very effective and has from 200 to 20,000 positive effects in the body:

Copper detoxes toxins and is needed to beat allergies by helping to make at least 4 different kinds of antihistamines. Copper eliminates germs of all kinds: bacteria, fungus (mold/candida), viruses, and parasites, and all kinds of infections, lyme, EBV, etc. Copper increases red and white blood cells. Copper gives us energy in many many ways; energy for healing. Copper helps build collagen, structural proteins that makeup about a third of body tissues, strengthening the body. Copper restores nerve health in at least 20 different ways or more. Copper reverses diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity. Copper boosts and balances hormone production. Copper improves blood circulation and prevents internal blood clots and improves external blood clotting. Copper is needed by every cell, every tissue, every organ, all plants, all animals, and all people, there are no exceptions. Copper reverses heart disease, cancer, lung disease, kidney disease, liver disease, and nearly every single major illness. Copper is far more effective than 48/50 of the most popular prescription medicines being prescribed in modern America for nearly every common complaint.

  1. Taking copper is counter to the entire culture of both modern medicine and most holistic practitioners who have been misled into thinking that copper is toxic at low levels, but it is not. High copper in the blood happens with copper deficiency.

It is not my opinion that blood tests for copper are invalid. It is the research, and there are 19 sources in my book, and the government agrees: “no biomarkers that accurately and reliably assess copper status have been identified [2].” The Source is the NIH factsheet on copper for professionals. https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Copper-HealthProfessional/

Furthermore, blood tests do not detect copper levels in the liver or the bone marrow. That’s the reason why blood tests for copper don’t work.

There were no popular health advocates in the world who advocated taking copper over the US-established “upper limit” of 10 mg. There was only one study done showing that 20 mg does not harm the liver, Olivares, above.

  1. Everyone is copper deficient. (Except the one person on earth each year who tries to commit suicide on copper with about 20,000 mg, and 85% of the time they fail, thus proving copper is very safe and that the real upper limit is really really high.)

A. “The National Institutes of Health (US Government) did a study showing that 81 percent of people have less than two-thirds of the recommended daily allowance of copper (of 0.9 mg).” 2/3 is 0.6 mg of copper! Historically, 70 years ago, people got up to 5 mg of copper in their diets! So people are getting from five to ten percent of the copper that people historically got, or less! Many reasons explain this dramatic decline, such as artificial fertilizers, soil depletion, and pesticide use.

B. In the studies used to determine the RDA of copper, they gave 0.58 mg of copper to 10 women, and they had to stop the study because 8 of the women became so severely copper deficient and sick on such low amounts of copper, and it became unethical to replicate that study, even though 81% of people are getting less copper than that today! Then, with no further testing, they bumped the number up from .58 mg to .9 mg! And then admitted they needed to do further testing, which has not been done since 1993, or really, never.

C. Next, the remainder of the population, 15-20% of people take a multivitamin that contains so much iron, Vitamin A, and other toxins, that the 1-3 mg of copper contained in the multivitamin is totally blocked, and they die earlier than normal. Iron shortens lives. Iron blocks copper.

D. Most other supplements block copper, and there are so many toxins that block and use up copper, that the tiny little copper that people do get, is rendered ineffective.

E. The food supply has many vitamins and minerals added that block copper, such as fluoride, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamins B6 and B9.

F. Copper deficiency is epidemic in agricultural animals. If the animals used for food are copper deficient, then so are the people.

“Copper” (Collins, 2011 Nov 3)

“Copper deficiency is the leading deficiency worldwide among nutritional diseases of agricultural animals.”

G. High sugar consumption, and high fat consumption, are increasing, and both sugar and fat both block copper.

  1. To heal from copper deficiency takes about a minimum of 10 mg of copper a day for 1 month. This amount of copper over this time frame is what it takes to turn on the vast majority of copper detoxing enzymes so that they start working. Also, after this phase, most of the copper that you take in will be excreted, making it a perfect detoxing mineral, as it attaches to toxins and carries them out of the body. So, it takes 1 month to “adapt” to copper, and then detox really begins.


A. Rats in the third generation of copper deficiency begin to lose the ability to utilize copper, and they need more copper than usual to recover from copper deficiency. This could also help to explain the human “genetic” abnormalities associated with poor ability to process copper.

–There are several big factors lowing copper in people since 1945: soils that are depleted through NPK fertilizer and the use of pesticides such as glyphosate, and fluoride in the water supplies and food supply, and the increase in the consumption of pharmaceutical medicines. This means kids today are in the third and fourth generation of copper deficiency, and need more copper than the healthy subjects in the 10 mg/copper/day studies.

B. I have seen time and time again, that sick people need more copper, and yet, in the beginning, they have a bias that they are “sensitive” and can only tolerate less. Yet those who heal the most on copper, invariably start out the sickest and slowly work their way up in dose and end up taking about 30 mg of copper fearlessly.

  1. Here is one of the best and most recent articles on copper from one of the best copper researchers in the world, Klevay:

The contemporaneous epidemic of chronic, copper deficiency – 2022, Klevay


  1. Everyone is copper deficient. If we describe everyone as mild, moderate, major, severely, and deathly copper deficient, 80% of the population likely falls between major and severely copper deficient, as 80% of the population are getting 0.6 mg of copper OR LESS, which causes notable copper deficiency symptoms that are dangerous enough to halt an experiment.
  2. But it’s worse than that, because for most people, copper is further being blocked by pharmaceuticals as 70% of people take prescription drugs. Copper is also blocked by high vitamin A, high iron, high fluoride, bromine, lead, mercury, and hundreds of other toxins that block copper.
  3. Everything that modern science thinks it knows about “people”, it really only knows about majorly and severely copper-deficient people, which make up the vast majority of Americans.
  4. Every human test that has a range of what they think “normal” looks like, is really the range of severely copper-deficient people, which further invalidates the normal ranges of all tests.
  5. I do not know what any of the values “should be” in a human that has fixed their copper deficiency, iodine deficiency, sulfur deficiency, zinc deficiency, etc., and neither does anyone else… yet!
  6. People who have nearly everything right about health, except one thing like copper deficiency, can get everything wrong, because all the other strategies designed to fix the symptoms of copper deficiency, without addressing the underlying cause (low copper) can, will, and do often make copper deficiency worse. For example, if people take zinc and Vitamin C to deal with allergies (from low copper), the zinc and Vitamin C further lowers copper, which ends up with zinc and Vitamin C ultimately causing allergies, through copper depletion at the “near death” level of copper deficiency.
  7. People often get initial good results with such wrong strategies, but longer term, things get worse as they worsen copper deficiency. For example, with low copper, detoxification is impaired. So people go vegan, and they assist detoxification which helps short term, but this ends up worsening copper and zinc deficiency, as plants are generally demineralizing. And then people get skinny, and wrinkled, and get gray hair early, all signs of copper deficiency, as copper is needed for muscle growth, collagen production, and hair color. Or people do the opposite go keto/carnivore/high protein, and this helps to eliminate the toxins of Vitamin A in vegetables, and a host of toxins added to flour like iron, but it does not fix the underlying copper deficiency, which also gets worse, because meat is a high zinc food, and zinc depletes copper over time.
  8. There are no longer any high-copper foods to turn to. Liver is high in iron and Vitamin A, and might not contain any copper. Seafood like oysters are too high in zinc, and other toxins that deplete the high copper it’s said to contain, so that does not work. Two of the last high copper foods are dark chocolate and protein made from green peas, each of which provides very little copper, only 1-3 mg per serving.
  9. Copper deficiency harms the brain and distorts reasoning ability. We see the increasing divide in society, and the increasing collapse of our society, and the dumbing down of society, making this perhaps the most important issue of our era if we are to survive, both as individuals and as a society.
  10. Whether the establishment doctors or alternative health advocates avoid copper by mental mistakes, or for a nefarious purpose, either way, it exposes their poor systems. They have lost the ability to understand scientific facts and reasons, and have failed to incorporate basic science into their systems. They can no longer be trusted.
  11. Oddly, the government that says that 10 mg of copper is safe, and more might also be safe, is likely to be the third “high copper” advocate for high copper in the world. There’s me, and there’s Olivares, who discovered that 20 mg is safe, exactly as the government recommended that people do. In contrast, Morley Robbins, as of 2022, told me he never took more than 4 mg, and says he has to stay within the government recommendations. Klevay, my favorite copper researcher, in the article above on point 6, said many people might benefit from 8 mg of copper, which puts him about fourth, right behind the government, who says 10 mg is safe.

Warning. Do not take copper without considering taking other co-factors. We refer you to our Quick Start Guide and Protocol: https://revealingfraud.com/2022/11/health/copper-quick-start-guide/

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