The Copper Revolution Quick Start Guide, FAQ, and Companion Nutrients

This guide was developed after the publication of the book, : “The Copper Revolution: Healing with Minerals”

This guide is published in the book: “The Copper Revolution: Quick Start Guide and Companion Journal”

This guide also contains the most important wisdom gained from the practical application and feedback from the members of the Copper Revolution Facebook Group:

For people with severe brain fog, just read and follow this first paragraph to start: Start with 5-6 mg of copper. But break it up into three doses to avoid nausea, and take it with milk or other foods: 2 mg copper in the morning, 2 mg copper in the afternoon, 1 mg in the early evening. Take 1000 mg of vitamin C in the afternoon. Take 10 mg zinc at night. Take more zinc, as needed, if you have any low zinc symptoms: allergies, runny nose, sneezing, rash, or low libido, but probably not over 20 mg zinc. In the beginning, you do not need to take anything other than the copper, zinc, and Vitamin C. If you cannot tolerate zinc or Vitamin C, then just start with copper, and try the others again in about a week.

Here is one of the best and most recent articles on copper from one of the best copper researchers in the world, Klevay:

The contemporaneous epidemic of chronic, copper deficiency

We do not sell copper. Here are two sellers of Liquid Copper Sulfate, pre-made at 1 mg per drop:

  1. Leila Car sells pre-mixed liquid copper sulfate and ships in 1-2 days.
  2. Jonathan Harris sells pre-mixed liquid copper sulfate, the copper sulfate crystals, and more: He ships fast. He ships worldwide, and if you live outside the USA, scroll to the bottom of his page, and message him for a shipping quote.

Below, we teach you how to make your own supplement by mixing copper sulfate salt crystals into water for 3 cents a bottle. Such instructions are listed after the warnings below.

If you know you are mercury toxic, then also take 200 to 400 mcg selenium, per day.

This quick start guide is one of three guides. The other two are the “stages guide” and the “list of vitamins and minerals we are taking” both linked at the end of this guide. All three guides explain the cofactors you need when taking copper: Vitamin C, zinc, molybdenum, niacin, and B vitamins. The other two guides explain other key minerals like potassium, boron, silica, iodine, and MSM sulfur. You can take these later, after a few months of detox on copper, for increased healing and benefits. If you had allergies from taking these other supplements before, you will more likely be able to take them after 1-2 months on copper, zinc, and Vitamin C.

To learn what copper does, see Chapter 1 of the book, “The Copper Revolution”, copper’s effects: a summary of 199 positive effects.

The first third of the book, “The Copper Revolution” is free and online, with video and text, click here.

Common Question: Should I get myself tested for copper? No. The tests do not work, and we even know why. Copper in the blood goes up during pregnancy, inflammation, heart disease, and in a wide array of copper deficiency diseases.

Even the government says there is no reliable way to test for copper in the body: “no biomarkers that accurately and reliably assess copper status have been identified [2].” The Source is the NIH factsheet on copper for professionals. Furthermore, blood tests cannot test copper levels in the liver or the bone marrow, that’s why they don’t work.

Copper is Not Toxic, and Cannot be Proved by Blood Tests

Most people at “The Copper Revolution” Facebook forum (join us!) report more energy, better sleep, and increased mental clarity and insights from taking copper within the first week. Also, people report more vivid dreams, curing anemia, and more power in the gym. Longer term: nerves heal, joints heal, pain is healed, improved insulin sensitivity, reduced food sensitivities, reduced allergies and histamine and MCAS is relieved, and many other positive benefits.

The minimum effective starting dose of copper appears to be 5 mg total copper per day. Why? Because you not only have to detox incoming toxins, but the entire body’s old stored toxins, too.

To people starting out with copper, I want to say, experiment less and follow our guides more.

Too many times, I see new people start at under 5 mg of copper, because they are scared of detox reactions, and they think slower is better. This is not the case. Too little copper creates a “detox hell”, because too little is not enough to actually begin excreting 2,600 mg of flouride in the body, and 1,500 mg bromine, and mercury and lead and aluminum and arsenic and etc., so toxins swirl around, clog the brain, and people get worse and feel worse.

We need 10 mg of copper a day, for 1 month, which is 300 mg total, in order to “turn on” the detoxing enzymes, so things start detoxing. It’s amazing that people get results at 5 mg, which is why I say to start with 5, because while the theory says 10 might be optimal, reality says 5 works. So start with 5 mg, then move to 10 mg when you are ready.

You can now see that it would take 1 year at 1 mg of copper a day to reach 300 mg. Or 6 months at 2 mg copper a day. So these smaller “safer” doses don’t work.

Don’t do that to yourself. Take 2 mg copper in the morning, 2 mg copper in the afternoon, 1 mg in the early evening, with milk or food. This prevents nausea, and helps one go beyond the average detox reaction of nausea that starts at 3 mg, but is enough to begin detoxing and getting results!

If copper is not working for you, it might be blocked by other things you are taking, or drugs. You might need help absorbing copper, with things such as calcium, potassium, citrus, meat, and zinc.

Before posting in the forum, please read this guide, it likely covers your question. If you want advice on your situation, please list everything you are taking, and how much, so we don’t have to ask this basic question. List all your vitamins, minerals, and/or prescriptions and your major symptoms. Many times, symptoms are a guide to help us recognize which supplements you need most.

What to watch for, when taking copper:

–Copper helps retain more magnesium and salt, which is very hydrating. You may need less of each on copper. Copper, zinc, and Vitamin C build collagen, which also helps hydrate the skin and body, which also helps adrenal fatigue.

–Above 10 mg/copper per day, consider trying to wean off of toxic medications. The whole point of detoxing and healing is to avoid toxins, and if you are well, you don’t need toxic medicine. Listen to your body and your intuition.

–Avoid margarine, hydrogenated fats, and trans fats, because copper helps transform fats in your diet into the fatty myelin sheath around your nerves, and those bad fats cause brain degeneration.

For the symptoms below, see this link:

—Nausea! (Detox of fluoride) (Possible Molybdenum Deficiency)

—Bleeding / Headaches! (Deficiency of Vitamin C / Zinc)

—Kidney pain, lower back pain and/or fluid build-up/swelling. (Detox of fluoride) (Take Baking Soda in water)

—Hair loss. (Detox reaction)

—Joint Pain, & Acne (Deficiency of Boron)

—Neck/Hand Rash. (Deficiency of Niacin / Niacinamide)

—Rashes, allergies, and histamine (Deficiency of zinc)

—Anxiety, Excess Energy, Panic Attacks, Racing Heart. (Deficiency of calcium, zinc, or molybdenum)

—Low Energy / Constipation. (Deficiency of B Vitamins (B6 and B9 not recommended) and deficiency of magnesium)

—Insomnia / High Estrogen / Low Testosterone / low libido / rashes / sneezing / runny nose / excess histamine. (Deficiency of zinc)

—General discomfort. (Detox reaction. Stopping or Pulse Dosing recommended)

For more on the symptoms and solutions above, see this link:

What brand of copper? It’s not about brands. It’s about purity.

Copper Sulfate is Safe! And safe at 20 mg.

Beef liver contains from 0 to 64 mg of copper per pound. It is an unreliable food source. Animals are often copper deficient. And beef liver is high in iron and Vitamin A and both are best avoided, so beef liver has problems as a food source for copper.

Typical copper supplements such as copper glycinate, bisglycinate or copper chelate, in all of these forms work just fine. But they cost about $30/month at 30 mg/day, which is more expensive than necessary.

Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate is far cheaper, at 4-11 cents per month. It is also far more frequently used in all of the research.

We recommend Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate at 99% or 99.9% purity, which contains about 25% copper by weight. The rest is sulfur and water (penta= 5, hydrate = water).

Brands can change and can sell out, and not every product brand is available in every country. You want the pure elements: Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate (blue crystals); they dissolve easily in water. 99% is, by definition, pharmaceutical grade and food grade, but it will not say that. Look for 99% or 99.9% purity.

Where to buy it? Anywhere copper sulfate is sold, such as hardware stores, or Walmart. We bought ours on amazon. A one-pound bag of blue copper sulfate crystals should last 20 years, and costs $6. A ten-pound bag is about $30.

A one-pound bag of 99%:

A ten-pound bag of 99.9%:

Sometimes, people can not find 99% pure copper sulfate. If not, then, you should probably purify what you can find.

How to make your own copper sulfate supplement: Add 5/8ths of a teaspoon (4.7 grams) of the blue copper sulfate crystals into a 2 oz. dropper bottle then add boiled distilled water. This makes a blue liquid at a concentration of 1 mg/copper per drop. It is 1182 mg of copper per 2 oz. bottle, which is 1182 servings that could last 3 years at 1 mg per day. We take 30 mg orally, 70 mg topically, and our bottle lasts us (together) 5.5 days.

Why do we add 4.7 grams of copper sulfate to get 1182 mg of copper? Nobody counts mg of copper sulfate. We count mg of copper. 99% pure copper sulfate contains 25.2% copper. 4700 mg of “copper sulfate” x 25.2% “contained copper” = 1184 mg copper.

The blue liquid is 1 mg per drop of contained copper. A full dropper is about 20 drops, containing about 20 mg of copper. A full bottle is 1182 drops or 1182 mg of copper. Do NOT drink the full bottle at once. Do NOT start with a full dropper of 20 mg, that’s too much. 2 vertical drops (drips) at once are more than enough to start.

Do I have to boil the water? Do I have to use distilled water? If your water is not distilled, or cold, it may take longer to dissolve the copper. Distillation is the only way to eliminate fluoride from tap water that has been fluoridated. You should not drink fluoridated water, because it will block the copper, and you will be stuck in detox, and it will not work.

We put the copper sulfate drops into our coffee, milk, and juice. We also apply the same copper sulfate drops to our skin. Feel free to dilute the copper that you apply to the skin in the beginning if you need to.

Copper sulfate tastes horrible, and super bitter. Some people think it tastes sweet. It is acidic at 3-4 ph. For comparison, lemonade is 2.6 ph, and hydrochloric acid in the stomach is 1 ph. Dilute it by putting it into drinks.

Half of the time, people get sick at 3-4 mg in a single dose. This is why you want to make your own liquid supplement, so you can apply more to the skin to bypass digestive upset.

Why take so much copper? Why are we copper deficient? Fluoride, iron, bromide, mercury, cholesterol and sugar each block copper. Most vitamins and minerals block copper. Most prescription drugs block copper. The soils, animals, and vegetables are copper deficient.

People get a tenth of the copper they got about 100 years ago, only 0.6 mg rather than 5 mg or more. People no longer eat liver regularly. Rat studies show that after 3 generations of copper deficiency, rats have a reduced ability to utilize copper, so they need more to recover. Copper is poorly absorbed in the GI tract, as people only absorb 0.5 mg if they consume one mg, and only absorb one mg if they consume 10 mg.

What else do I have to take to avoid inducing deficiencies by taking copper?

At 30 mg of copper in drinks and 70 mg topically, I believe it is prudent to take 1000-2000 mg of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) a day. Otherwise, I get tiny bleeds on my skin, and/or headaches.

At 30 mg of copper in drinks and 70 mg topically, I believe it is prudent to take at least 25 to 100 mg of zinc. Otherwise, I tend to get too low in zinc, and I get a bit of dry skin, (blue fingers from topical copper) insomnia, allergies, low libido and other indications of low zinc. But also, too much zinc can lower copper. Severe copper deficiency can be induced by zinc supplements in just a few months at 50 mg zinc if no copper is taken. If 2 mg of copper is taken, even 100 mg of zinc can induce copper deficiency. Copper deficiency is also reported at the 15-18 to 1 ratio of zinc to copper. Oysters have that ratio, and Oysters cause copper deficiency. For more on how to tell if you are high or low in zinc:

At 30 mg of copper in drinks and 70 mg topically, it may be prudent to take up to 1 mg of molybdenum, which could be lowered by copper. A symptom of low molybdenum is a racing heart.

These are the most essential companions to copper: Vitamin C, Zinc, Niacin, and Molybdenum.

Another list would be the nutrients needed to help absorb copper: calcium, potassium, meat, citrus and zinc.

A third important list is all the things that can block copper:

Another common question: What kind of iodine? Lugol’s formula, which we make. You can, too. We do not sell it.

What is our philosophy behind the Copper Revolution?

We keep an updated list of all the vitamins and minerals we are actually taking, such as selenium, iodine, boron, MSM Sulfur, etc.

We also experiment frequently, so this list is subject to frequent change. As we learn better, we try to do better.

Here are some suggested protocol stages on how to increase from this quick start guide to our own protocol.



List of all links and sources in this article:

“The Copper Revolution: Healing with Minerals”

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One pound bag of 99%:

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