True Reflections of Silver

by Jason Hommel, June 15, 2006

Silver reflects more light than any other metal.  The Bible uses the word “light” to describe truth.  The following are truths that I’ve discovered, while studying silver. 

Men cannot give silver to God to bribe Him, because He created it all.  God is impartial and he judges all men as equals no matter how much silver they may have.  Silver is not useless; it is a gift from God to us, for us.
God gives all men many more undeniable gifts, including:
the right to live, 
the right to defend his own life, 
the right to earn silver, 
the right to own silver, 
the right to defend his silver, 
the right to marry and provide for his family, 
the right to defend his family, 
the right to travel, 
the right to trade, 
the right to leave an inheritance to his children’s children, 
the right to harvest by hand the edges of a field (not welfare),
the right to not be enslaved against his will, 
the right to forgiveness of debts once every 7 years, 
the right to forgiveness of sins through repentance, 
the right to a trial by jury and to question his accusers,
the right to not be forced to bow down to foreign Gods, 
the right to be left alone to follow God’s laws and worship God in peace, and many more rights and wonderful gifts too numerous to be listed, most of which are intended to help men live in peace with one another, in their pursuit of happiness, to the glory of God.

Men enjoy more of these God-given gifts and rights, and become much happier, when they know about their God-given rights, and when they act to defend them; because even when just a few men do so, all of society is better off.  

Unfortunately, evil men think they have a right to enslave other men or nations through usury or deception, or the right to steal the property of other men through bribing judges or through government-granted monopolies such as patents (and especially patents on money creation).  When evil men use the sword to defend their so-called rights, conflict is inevitable.  

Jesus said, “Think not that I came to send peace on the earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”  Swords, guns, tanks, ships and planes are used both for good and for evil.  But the empires of evil, self-condemning hypocrites, deceivers who deceive themselves, inevitably fall, as a house divided against itself cannot stand. 

Men usually tolerate injustice because they simply do not know any better, or because they are used to the injustices.  But the Bible says that in the last days knowledge will increase, and the wise will instruct many.  Therefore, the days of injustice are numbered; and increasingly, mankind has seen frauds collapse without any violence involved in the process.  In such ways, men grow more civilized, and become more Godly men.  

There are two fundamentally different ways to get what you want or need from other men:  through force or trade.  Nations engaging in trade generally do not go to war, because there is too much to lose for each side.  And when goods will not cross borders (due to an un-Godly application of force), it seems that armies eventually will.  Force is evil.  Trade is Godly.  God says to use just weights and measures in trade.  God has provided men with gold and silver as things you can weigh and measure.  God’s way is just, and leads to prosperity and happiness.

The best way to secure all of our God-given rights in today’s world, is to buy God’s gift of silver, to take possession of the metal, and keep it in your own safe, and hidden.  Men buying silver is the peaceful & Godly way whereby all of society’s dollar debts will be forgiven, and how the monetary fraud of the last 94 years will end, and how economic freedom and prosperity will be realized.  Who will you trust, God and his provision of sliver, or man’s paper?

Wisdom is better than silver; wisdom helps you gain silver; where as a fool and his silver are soon parted.  A lover of silver will not be satisfied with silver; but a man who loves God can be blessed with silver.

The Bible encourages us to judge in truth, to expose frauds, to rebuke sin, to reprove unrighteousness, and to teach God’s truths in the process.  The Bible encourages believers to gather together to help and strengthen one another.  With varying degrees of effectiveness, some men strengthen each other through forming governments, some help each other by forming Churches, and today, anyone can help through sending emails.

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This article, while one of my own favorites, was never well received. I don’t know why not.