Article Submission Guidelines

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, September 8, 2007

So far, I’ve written most of the Silver Stock Reports produced.   This is difficult, because I find it hard to say the same things time and again, and to actually find something interesting and insightful to say, and also, it’s hard find the time to write.  But I know you are seeking information, as I get many emails.

I have a support staff of one, who handles credit card billing.  I also have the help of my brother, who has updated the look of the site.  My brother, who supports free market principles, is also running for Congress in the 4th district of California.  See  Also, I’ve hired a programmer, and a writer, and a few others to help.

I’ve been reluctant to hire an editor and a staff of writers, however, because I wanted to avoid overhead costs.  But also, it seems that it would be difficult to find quality writers who know enough about all the free market principles that I’ve presented over the years, and who understand what is going on in the gold market and current world markets, and who also know enough to write up the many good exploration companies that could use some coverage. 

Then I realized that the typical way that most media is created might not be fully aligned with free market principles.  I think I could provide better quality reports if I allowed anyone to submit an article, according to the guideline in 1 Cor 14:31. 

This isn’t about me.  Principles and ideals are more important. I should not restrict the delivery of good content to you, my readers, but rather, encourage it.

The big difficulty I had was to discover the free market standards to apply.  And so, here they are:

Article Submission Guidelines (not required, just helpful hints)

Benefits to you for submitting an article:
1.  Your work may be presented to our large and ever expanding readership base of 61,000 emails, growing at about 100% per year.
2.  You can promote yourself, your website, (or your stocks if you own what we do).
3.  You can get a lot of web traffic, or business referrals.

You need not share our views on all topics, but you if you want to write against one or some of our views, we are less likely to publish your article.  And if we do, we reserve the right to refute what you are saying, in the nature of a good discussion.

Biblical Capitalism is our free market ideology.

The nature of the Articles we publish are often forward-looking. “What may the future hold?”  Or, “How can we positively affect the future?” 

So, here are our Biblical views on Future events:

1.  We believe the best end time view is the Pre Tribulation Rapture; that Jesus will take his faithful believers to heaven for 7 years before returning with them.
2.  World government is coming, the 7th beast of Rev 17-18, and God will bring it to pass.  Daniel 4 says that God sets up kingdoms among men.
3.  According to Daniel: knowledge will increase, and travel will increase. Daniel 11-12.


Our Political positions (Biblical Capitalism):

1.  Cannot be anti- immigration.  (We favor free and unrestricted movement of people.) EDIT 2019: I have changed my mind on this. Allowing criminals into the USA is a bad idea. This is why there is an immigration process. Also, allowing an invasion is a bad idea.
2.  Cannot be pro tariffs.  (We favor free and unrestricted movement of trade goods.)
3.  Cannot favor capital controls.  (We favor free and unrestricted movement of money.)
4.  Cannot favor patents or copyright.  (We are against any government granted monopolies.)
5.  Taxes ought to be voluntary; like tithes or giving.
6.  No racism, nothing anti-Semitic.  (People are not the enemy; Satan is the enemy)
7.  No religious organizational denominationalism or favoritism.  Jesus is our head, not organizations of men.
8.  Pro gun ownership. 
9.  Social security, and insurance, are a form of communism, which we do not support.


Our View on precious metals (Biblical Capitalism):

1.  Precious metals are a long term buy and hold; we never call tops for metals prices.
2.  Trading metals: metals exist to support trade, but we don’t trade in and out of the metals for paper money.
3.  We never support any paper currencies, which are all fraud.  We cannot support fraud.
4.  We never support bonds.
5.  We never support debt; nor lending, nor borrowing.
6.  We never support hedging, nor futures contract trading, nor leveraged trading, nor shorting.
7.  We support personal possession of physical precious metals: platinum, palladium, gold, and silver.


Specific Investing guidelines (given current market conditions):

1.  We do not favor oil investments.  We do not believe in Peak Oil, nor Global Warming.
2.  We favor precious and base metals.
3.  We only write about junior mining companies that we already own, in our own portfolio.
4.  If you want me to write about a company that I don’t own, you must convince me to buy it first, before I will write about it.  (I cannot be bought; I can only be sold on the merits of a company.)


Form guidelines (what I’ve found that works best):

1.  No hard vocabulary words. (say “smart” not “intelligent”); define unusual or industry terms.
2.  No slang, no figures of speech, no expressions. (Must be easy to understand for people in other nations for whom English is not their primary language, and must be easily translatable into other languages.)
3.  Maximum Word count: 1500. I will allow 1600, but the article must be dense, well edited, and appear to have all extra words eliminated.
Minimum: 500 minimum word count.
4.  Submit plain text.  txt files or word doc files.  
5.  Spell check and grammar-check your work.  (Use short sentences for clear writing.)


Style guidelines (what I’ve found that works best):

1.  Must be useful, practical, profitable information for the reader.
2.  Must have a positive outlook.  (IE, gold going up in price may be bad for most people who have over-invested in the fraud of paper money, but it is good for gold investors, and good for humanity in general to avoid fraud.)
3.  Must inspire hope, confidence, encouragement, be a spiritual “light”.
4.  No slander or false accusations (or assumptions) against others.
5.  Assume the reader wants to know more about investing in silver & gold, and would like to know more about why they should.
6.  You can rebuke bad actions among people, but assume that if the reader has done such things, that the reader wants to change for the better, if only they knew how and why; which is why you are writing; to help them change.
7.  Cite sources for hard data, including web links embedded in the html text.
8.  Articles should be current, interesting, brief, clear, original, wise, and advice must stand the test of time.


Terms and Conditions (what I’ve found that works best, and is fitting with the precepts above):
1.  We may edit, in whole or in part, and re-publish your article at our own site, and send it out to other internet sites (over whom we have no control) who may republish the article in whole or in part.
2.  We may comment within your article to refute parts of it, or interject our own views.  
3.  We may edit your article so much that we become “co-authors”.  
4.  You have no control over the content of your article after submitting it to us, and we have no obligation to publish it.
5.  You may publish your article elsewhere both before, during, and after submitting it to us.  
6.  We both agree that neither of us will sue the other for any copyright violation.

Suggested format for making a stock tip:

To write up a stock, it would help you the most, and you are most likely to have the most success convincing people, if you follow the following format, presenting the information in this order:

1.  Company name & Ticker symbols.
2.  Web site address Http://www
3.  Number of shares fully diluted (as of the most recent date you can find)
4.  Share price.
5.  Market cap (price x number of shares)

What is the company story?

For early explorers:

1. What are they exploring for, and what is the reason or indications for expectation for success? Near what mines, what historic production, what work done so far?

2. If beginning drill results are known, what is the length, and grade? And what is size of the area that they hope to find minerals where they are exploring?

For mid stage explorers:

1. If known, what are the resources in the ground: total ounces of silver/gold, and/or pounds of zinc, copper, etc. and grades. If possible, what are the expected production costs? Many of these things are only known after extensive drilling and feasibility studies.

2. If known, what are the expected annual production estimates? How many ounces/pounds produced each year, and at what cost?

What are other reasons why you feel the company will be a success, and yet, explains why the share price is too cheap for the company fundamentals? For example, is the company new?  Is it a recent acquisition?  Poor marketing?  Overlooked metal?

If you write up one of my stocks you MUST include the following two pieces of SEC required disclosures:  
1.  Do you own the stock, or not?  (My standard is: how many shares and warrants do you own?)
2.  Has anyone paid you to write up the report to send to me?

If you feel compelled to write an article worthy of these high standards, please try.


Jason Hommel