Silver Shortage: 19 dealers reported “Sold Out”


Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, March 19, 2008

You know me, I don’t send out two emails in one day, so this must be important.  Since my email earlier tonight, where I reported that 5-6 major silver dealers are “out of inventory”, 13 more reports came in, saying that the dealers were out of silver inventory.  Some of these names are big names in the business, Scotia bank, the Perth Mint in Australia, CNI Numismatics in LAAPMEX says they have some items, but are looking to buy.

If there are any coin dealers or bullion shops that have an inventory, in stock, of more than 100, 100 oz. bars, let me know, and I’ll give you FREE Advertising within 24 hours in my next newsletter.

Robert Mish reports that he has 100 x 100 oz. bars still, but he had 250 bars last week.
Mish International
Menlo Park

Now think:  How can the silver price drop by nearly $2/oz., when all these reports come in saying that the dealers are sold out, or nearly out, of physical silver?  This is the clearest evidence of paper short selling manipulation that I’ve ever seen since I started watching the silver market back in 1999, and I’ve seen a lot of evidence!

Unfortunately, the COT reports only report through Tuesday.  This Wednesday’s action will not be revealed in the COT’s until next Friday.

The public switched and turned buyers after gold hit $1000/oz.  The coin shops normally sell to the refineries, and this creates a large part of the ~250 million oz. of silver recycling each year that meets the deficit between ~650 million oz. mine supply, and ~1000 million oz. demanded by inventory. 

But now, this flow of silver just reversed.  And if the refineries are not getting silver from the coin shops, industry will get squeezed, hard, and so will the major short sellers on the COMEX. 

This is crunch time.  Panic time.  

The unedited reports follow (Names removed for privacy.)


Coin shop report from St. Louis, MO.  I shop at Missouri Coin and have purchased bulk 10oz bars (20 at a time) on several occasions.  I went shopping yesterday and they only had 9 10oz bars available and the owner commented that he cannot find more anywhere.  He was out of 10oz bars when I left…

I ended up picking up a bag of quarters as well since they didn’t have the bar stock I was looking for.

A crunch is on.

J  in St. Louis

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Sorry, I can’t quote silver until the middle of next month.

The supplier won’t quote until then

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My coin dealer is in Bakersfield CA. Mike’s Coin and Stamp. My wife and I went in on monday and bought 4 100 oz. bars. Said he had a good supply of those. I also wanted some smaller bars and I wiped him out. Only 160 oz total. He says he can’t keep them in stock very long before someone comes in and empties his supply. He’s having a hard time getting replacements. He’s the largest dealer in the area and very trustworthy.  We also bought gold. At least  some people seem to be taking serious what’s going on.


HI Jason:
CNI near the L.A. airport at is the dealer I have used….They were out of silver today also…

(CNI is a major dealer –Jason)



Just placed another order with Perth Mint, they are out of stock on everything, however there waiting period is no longer 6 months (Im guessing they received alot of complaints) its now 6-8 weeks.

Just got off the phone with them, they have no bullion in stock, its all on backorder, the official excuse is that it takes along time to make the bars and everyone wants them, could be viiewed as a good thing knowing demand is high, but I personaly dont like waiting 6-8 weeks for delivery.

I contacted several other dealers in Sydney, only 1 out of 5 has stock…… Everyone has back orders with PM which is the distributor.


APMEX reports, at

Due to the OVERWHELMING demand for precious metals, our online ordering system has been unable to keep up with our customers’ needs.  We have had to disable the APMEX ordering system to allow us ample time to upgrade our site to accommodate the increased demand.  We apologize for this temporary problem.
. . .

P.S.        We are actively looking for new bullion inventory to purchase.  If you have items that total $2,500 or more and are interested in selling, please call our trading offices at the number listed above.  We are paying strong numbers for ALL Precious Metals!


I want to tell you that your site is very helpfull and,i believe what you are doing,nice job in telling people about GOD money.I am a very smol investor, and i have in my posesion until now around 2000 ounces of silver bars,10 ounces and 50 ounces bars.Tuesday the 18. at scotia bank they did not have enouf silver.I wanted to buy but the vault was empty,they had only coins.And today is 19…19..This evil people work with numbers.They have dates for everything.19 is an important number for the ocult.All the best.GOD bless you and your family.


This past Monday I wired funds to purchase eleven 1,000 oz bullion bars from my dealer who I have purchased & sold sizable silver orders several times before. He called Monday afternoon and stated that none of his suppliers had any 1,000 ounce bars available, but not to worry, the next day they would probably have eleven bars to fill my order.
Tuesday, he called again, stating still none had bullion except one person had some, but he would only sell them at a ten cent premium over the dealer stated price or $1,100 more. I am a long term holder so I bought them just to have the silver in my depository possession.
By the way, my dealer is a high quality company and individual and he also stated he was flat covered over all day with transactions with people like myself buying silver. I also wonder with this condition, why the silver went down, and can’t help to think about Ted Butlers assertion.


Ordered 100 oz. from them early Jan. due to deliver this Friday. Way too long. My dealer in Arlington Texas is almost out of silver. Probably only has about 1000 oz. left. I will be taking some of that off his hands tomorrow.
Love your reports!
Have a great day




Mr. Hommel,
I live in a small town of 16,000 In S. Illinois. I stopped by my local coin shop to pick up some Silver Eagles, and the cases were empty, except for numismatic value coins. He stated he had sold over 600+ Eagles in the last week and was waiting to receive more. I thought that to be a good indicator for the future direction of Silver. I also want to tip my hat to James Rawles for pointing me in your direction. Your e-mails are part of my recommended reading to my friends.
Thank you, RG

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin


I called the most consistent coin dealer in Memphis Monday. I like junk silver.
I could not buy a bag at any price. I was offered 5 100 once bars, period.
He stated that he hates ordering bags as the cost leaves him with indigestion.
Usually he is buying junk on a regular basis. At this time there seems to be
Your old homie now in the Ozarks,


Locally the dealers I’ve done business with are always in chronic tight supply and several of them recently couldn’t fill a tiny $1,000 deal, let alone what I wanted to buy.  I have bought hundreds of times but never more than 7461 ounces at a time.  Got it from Bill Haynes in Phoenix.  I was buying 90% when it was at 3.24x face and know it’s still badly undervalued.  I almost felt bad when a lady came in with bags of Franklins and she heard me tell the dealer I wanted them, her heart sunk, but it wasn’t me that made her sell the gem BU coins.  That’s how quick the turnaround is.  When investors go on waiting lists for hard metal, I believe it will cause the mining shares to finally zoom.  We have several stupid billionaires in Dallas-Fort Worth and I wish they’d try to take a big position—it would benefit me!