Mission Impossible

(Offer Silver)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, November 12th, 2008

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to offer to sell silver (at a small profit to you of at least $1/oz. over your replacement cost) in the next week to someone you know.  (And if you don’t know your replacement cost, then charge them more, appropriately.)

Your goal is not to sell silver.  Your goal is merely to offer it.

Your goal is not to convince someone to buy silver.  Your goal is to let them know you have some silver, and will sell some of it to them, if they want it.  That’s an offer.

Your only argument should be to tell them, “If you want to protect any savings from inflation, I have silver for sale.” (Because you know where to get more.)

Don’t reveal your sources.  Don’t launch into a barrage of 30 reasons why they need silver.  Just be there to answer questions if they have them, and they will, and you will be surpriseed that you know how to answer, and that they will be interested enough to ask you.  But keep your answers short and to the point.  Let them ask more questions; which they will have, too.

That’s it.  Oh, and report back to me how it went.  I’d love to hear it, and post your experiences.

Most won’t buy.  That’s ok.  Maybe not one in 100 will buy.  Some will buy.  Most will need to think it over.  Most will come back later, when inflation gets worse, when they get desperate, after they see silver rise to $20/oz. or higher.  And that will be good for you.  You will automatically tend to sell more at the top.  To those who will naturally be more desperate and more in need.

You will be laying the groundwork for your future profits.

You will gain valuable business experience.

You will increase your communication skills.

You will increase your pursuasiveness skills.

You will increase your negotiation skills.

You will increase your marketing skills.

You will increase your networking skills.

You will learn to sell at the ask, and buy at the bid.

All valuable business skills.  If the world is to return to using silver as money, those who hold silver will need the valuable business skills. 

The best part about offering silver now is that silver is cheap now.  They will remember your offer, and they will really be helped by it.

Good sources for silver:

www.seekbullion.com –silver cheap at auction.

http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/jkesilver –my mom’s silver shop.


Jason Hommel