No “mass murder” culture problem in the USA

The USA does not have a “mass murder” cultural problem. These nations do:

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The USA homicide rate is 5 per 100,000.

The top ten nations have rates between about 34 to 80. During war time, the numbers are far higher.

For example, China reportedly killed 50 million of their own people when the communists came to power. That is a murder rate of about 50/1300. Per 100,000 that’s a whopping 3846 per 100,000. Averaged over 100 years, it’s still 38 per 100,000.

Also, look at Venezuela. Murder rate of 56/100,000. Ranked 3rd worst on the list. Venezuela banned guns in 2012. Their homicide rate is 11 times higher than the USA. They also became a full socialist government!

Compared to other nations, the USA is a peaceful paradise of tranquility.

The recent 30 “mass murder” deaths, divided by 330,000,000 population are a death rate of 30/330,000,000, times 100,000 gives a murder rate of 0.009. It’s not even a blip on the radar, not even enough to move the USA murder rate up any significant figures whatsoever. It literally does not affect the US culture at all.

The media lies seem to affect the culture far more, and the problem is the media lies.

I write this because even many Republicans buy into the media lie, and falsely claim that America has a culture problem with violence. Then, they blame crazy people, video games, democrats, drugs, etc. No. The reality is that we do not have a violence problem. It’s very peaceful here. We have a media problem.

And yes, I will admit a prescription drug problem. 70% of Americans are on prescription drugs, or have taken some kind of prescription in the last year. But the violence problem is blown way out of proportion.

Homicide rate: 5 per 100,000.

Prescription drug use: 70,000 per 100,000.

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  1. should our yankee bruvs give up their guns like us brits/ausies/new zealanders /canooks there wont be many of the whities left does this sound like a plan god save our kids from the education system as in common purpose and if everyone turned off the television and watched the sky they would have the best entertainmet show known to humankind called lightning strikes

  2. I often find myself wondering …. just EXACTLY what part of “shall not” do any of those idiots fail to comprehend?
    Can anyone show me where, in the text of the Second Amendment, the words “until”, “unless”, or “except”, occur? I’ve looked for them, repeatedly, and have yet to find those words.
    Any, AND ALL, “gun legislation” is UNLAWFUL … and attempted “enforcement” of any legislation that violates the Constitution constitutes TREASON and is punishable by DEATH.

  3. As a christian, I used to respect you and your advice on gold & silver: but when you attacked Paul and used Jesus’s own words out of context I lost all respect for you.

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