Gun Control is Fraud

The second Amendment does not grant the right to own guns. It recognized the pre existing right.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The American Revolutionary War was fought in large part because the Brittish tried to disarm Americans.

The American Revolutionary War was fought and won because private citizens owned multiple ships outfitted with multiple rows of cannons that could be granted letters of marque and reprisal, which is to say, legal permission, to attack foreign nation ships and steal their cargo.

More people have died in the 20th Century from their governments first disarming them, and then slaughtering their own people, about 200 million people killed, more than any other source, except possibly death by modern medicine.

I believe all “gun free zones” should be abolished because they are unconstitutional, and that they trample on the civil rights of the people to keep and bear arms.

I believe that a private business that is open to the public must give service to people who are carrying weapons, because private businesses are licenced by the government, and are not allowed to discriminate against people based on sex, color or religion, and it is also a civil right, and religious command to carry weapons for self defense and for those who cannot defend themselves.

I believe that when people call the police to report “a person with a gun” that the police should arrest the caller for reporting a non crime, and/or for trying to convert a civil right into a crime.

I believe “concealed carry” laws infringe on the people’s right to keep arms, and that “brandishing” laws infringe on the people’s right to bear arms. Simple assaut laws should be sufficient to prevent people from engaging in brandishing type behavior which would include threats. If no threat (assault) is made, then there is no crime.

People are being disarmed every day in America simply through the process of a restraining order. If anyone lies and makes up an event where you threatened them, as people tend to do if they get caught threatening you they will quickly resort to this kind of false accusation, then you will lose your right to own a gun as most restraining orders are granted. These are federal laws.

There are 2-3 million temporary restraining orders issued each year, more than the 2 million babies being born each year.


Almost all restraining orders applied for, are granted, because judges like to “err on the side of caution”.

At this rate, eventually everyone will no longer have any right to keep and bear arms.

I believe that politicians who propose gun control laws, and I believe those politicians who have voted for gun control laws, and that police who enforce gun control laws, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for civil rights violations.

One of the best organizations that I have found that advocates for gun rights is:
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership


  1. Been thinking on this topic,, have noticed that the children ‘news reporters’, all say, ‘this has been a 20 yr struggle’. Point of fact,, 1st laws outlawing various types of gun ownereship began in the 1960’s. What is the result of al these various laws ? MORE GUNS, and much worse, in the hands of violent criminals. The Fed Gov does almost nothing right. Even if all gun sales were banned today, there’d still be approx 400 mil guns in private hands. Many would say, that is the only thing which keeps the Fed Gov at bay.

  2. If I am not mistaken … the ‘first’ “gun laws” were passed shortly after the ‘War of Northern Aggression” in order to keep freed slaves from owning and carrying guns.

    Further, any, AND ALL, “gun laws” are in direct violation of the Constitution (no, ‘judges’ may NOT make law, or “interpret” the Law) and constitutes TREASON and is, clearly, an attempt to abrogate a Right that is GUARANTEED under the Constitution – again, a ‘federal’ crime.

  3. You made this statement that I would like to correct. “I believe all “gun free zones” should be abolished because they are unconstitutional, and that they trample on the civil rights of the people to keep and bear arms.”

    A “civil right” is one that government grants to the people like voting rights or welfare rights. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a Constitutional Right (Natural Right) that government can not take away. It can not be taken away unless you violate the law. And/or you are in prison.

    Under your “civil rights” statement government can create “free zones” and grant businesses a “civil Right” to create free zones. These are “equity laws” that started showing up in the 1930’s. Equal protection under the law now means that governments have an equatable interest in all that you do. Equity has nothing to do with your Constitutional Rights. Governments and the Courts avoid Constitutional arguments by forcing you into an equitable situation where the “Law” under the Constitution does not go. BJ

      1. Wikipedia is not a good source and can be edited and change to propagandize a political point of view. Notice that these “civil rights” were Proceeded by “the Declaration of Independence”. This changes the Fundamental Law of Inalienable Rights to a privilege granted by the State. BJ

    1. That’s why they try to trick you into Maritime law (contract/commercial Law) because they know they have no juridiction in Natural Law! Right?

      1. Right. I haven’t heard the Maritime Law argument for many years. Very difficult for many to understand without going “huh”. The Equity argument is easy to prove and understand. Just check out the Wiki quote above from Jason. It is also part of all the state statutes and regulations and is applied in every court whether state or federal. They all rely on equity in issuing there decisions. Been there and done that. BJ

  4. The United States; is a country of privileges, you have the privilege for almost everything ; Heath care , parental leave, vacation, etc, in almost all the rest of other countries in the planet earth all those things are your rights. So , Is it most important for the USA society to have the right to carry handguns and assault guns, than the right to have healthcare, parental leave etc ? The USA has the highest gun ownership per capital rate in the world, USA residents are 10 times more likely to die as a result of firearm than any other country in the world, as per the world bank, the question is are we rally an advance society? I understand the fact of the rights to carry a gun for personal protection, but I don’t understand the need for anyone to protect himself carrying several assault AK -47 style guns. How to deal with the mass murders carried out by people in possession with assault guns like the last one in El Paso , Texas ?.

    1. I disagree with your statement that the USA “is a country of privileges”. Yes, we are a welfare state now and the Government does hand out a lot of freebees but we are a nation of Laws. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Calling freebees a right is not a Constitutional Right or Natural Right. When you are born you have all the Natural Rights necessary for you to grow and survive on this planet. This includes all the Rights listed in the Bill of Rights which are nothing more than a guarantee of your Natural Rights. The second Amendment is there to protect all of the Constitutional and Natural Rights. Government giving you free health, free schools, free vacations, etc. is nothing more than politicians buying your vote so they will stay in power. Oh, and these FREEBEES, as you should know, are NOT FREE. Someone always pays. Usually the poor and middle class with a loss of jobs and personal incentive to improve your own station in life, etc. Just like the shooter’s in these acts of insanity, you are responsible for your own decisions of your life choices. While they are in power you stay in your place in society.
      These mass murders are terrible and we all should agree with that. Weapons used in these horrendous acts are NOT ASSAULT GUNS. The AK-47 is semi-auto rifle which means you pull the trigger once for each shot. Many hand guns are also semi-auto and kill more people each year than rifles. Yes, they are deadly tools to that can protect you from harm. Military style assault rifles have been outlawed for years and takes a special Federal License to own one. Self protection by any means necessary is the reason for semi-auto guns and both hand and rifle guns are used this way. These guns are also used to protect our Rights from government abuse and overreach which I hope never happens. This is in fact how the USA was created.
      Finally you asked, “Is it most important for the USA society to have the right to carry handguns and assault guns, than the right to have healthcare, parental leave etc ?” YES. I can purchase healthcare and make arraignment for parental leave by myself. When politicians promise you something for FREE, it comes at a cost you can not afford. BJ

      1. Concise and well stated response to the ‘not the assault rifle’ argument and all the other points Javier brought up.

  5. The quantity, ‘quality’ and type of defensive apparatus must be relative to balance the offset of the threatening offensive implements. In a domestic argument, if verbal comment does no restrain abuse, then ‘protective’ outstretched palms might deter. Escalated physical retribution then requires more severe action to dissuade an assailant. This increase of retaliation grows until war and nuclear action grows into oblivion for all. So, at some time, there has to be conservative, mediating, conciliatory, forgiving considerate understanding about the unnecessary, greed, hatred and fear from both sides, but particularly from the aggressor! Otherwise, peaceful negotiation is irrecoverably lost!

    1. The best way to win a fight, is to avoid the fight, and make a friend. But some people simply have to be stopped with very fast moving bullets.

      1. Jason Hommel is correct again. Think of “drug crime” related shootings. Its all distorted because use of drugs should not be deemed illegal.

  6. The most important reason this right to bear was highlighted by Thomas Jefferson himself…to restrain the tyranny of the Govt itself once it goes too far off the tracks…………..

  7. I am a Portuguese citizen. Having said that, I must tell you, AMERICANS, that USA used to be from the last century, the BEACON of the world… Everybody turned to America for Moral issues, for Human Rights and Spread of DEMOCRACY in the world, for technologies and new social experiments, etc, etc.
    But since you elected as president a CLOWN, without sufficient IQ for making even a normal State speech, someone that brags to be the TOP of Intelligence but at the same time hides his School Marks from every school he attended ( including the N.Y. Military Academy ), a guy that presents himself like a traitor to USA, befriending with ENEMIES of USA and DEMOCRACY, like PUTIN ,
    Xi Jin Ping and lately KIM JONG UN, making the most ABOMINABLE Speeches in his frequent rallies with the so called “BASE” DEMONISING anyone from other racial and intelectual comunities, a guy that after each new SHOOTING MASSACRE only says that his “thoughts and prayers are with the victims”, never going to the CORE PROBLEM of America, the Gun Ownership Laws and that STUPID 2nd Amendment, made more than 2 centuries ago, in a very different social and political stage of american life, all that , make AMERICA a best example of a 3rd world country… Plus, a country so RICH, but cannot EVEN CATER TO HEAL AND TREAT MEDICALLY ALL HIS CITIZENS [ the Rich USA don’t even have a National Health Service !!! ], the MAFIA GOP that rules there calls it SOCIALISM, it is the hit od being RIDICULOUS. We, in Europe, are just happy citizens, compared to the USA citizens, ravaged by the drugs and Opioids Epidemy, citizens that even GO BANKRUPT for trying to pay for their own Pharma bills. Do know, you americans, that in PORTUGAL, Insulin vials and Metformin pills for DIABETICS is COMPLETELY FREE, whereas the citizens of the “country” that makes ‘citizens bearing arms’ as a Law, is the same country that makes DIABETIC TREATMENT a cause of misery to the general population, not the High Class people, that pay less taxes than normal working people. JUST a SHAME, that AMERICA !!!

    1. Hi Mr. Fouto,
      If you listen to network news (NBC,ABC,CBS,CNN, MSNBC, and NPR, you will be taught to hate Trump. Instead, try TruNews, Glenn Beck, Hannity, InfoWars. Why? Because the deep state government in America owns all the network news stations and are free to speak propaganda to the masses.

  8. A reader writes to me: Every State-Sponsored genocide of the 20th century was preceded by Gun Control laws that disarmed the targeted population, preventing resistance. source:
    So…. the choice isn’t “shooting sprees vs peace and safety”, the choice is “shooting sprees vs “holocausts of millions”.
    All the “safe, nice” European and East-Asian nations to which America is negatively compared in the gun debate, were WITHIN LIVING MEMORY ruled by, invaded by, or threatened with invasion by genocidal dictators.
    (For those who claim that ragtag rebels with a few guns, can’t resist a superpower — tell that to Afghanistan.)
    That said —
    the goal of the right, in defending gun ownership, is the prevention of tyranny and genocide via widespread gun possession — thus facilitating guerilla resistance should it ever become necessary.
    the publicly professed goal of the left, in pushing gun control, is to reduce street crime and shooting sprees
    YET several other nations (including Switzerland and Israel) combine widespread gun possession with very low crime and shooting spree rates. So…..why does nobody ever ask, what are those nations doing right? Most conservatives could settle for a Swiss compromise — especially since the Swiss have the “well regulated militia” that our Constitution declares as “necessary”, and were thus deemed uninvadable by the Nazis. Why won’t American liberals consider the Swiss path?

  9. Self-defense is an inalienable right provided by God.

    But how can you expect that there be no zones where the Beast has control, when in fact most people have fallen away from the Lord’s warning in 1 Samuel 8. These people get the evil government they deserve.

    When operating in the Beast’s zones, expect to pay tribute, as Jesus said render unto Caesar what is his.

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