My commentary on “The Great Hack” on Netflix

I watched the Netflix show, “The Great Hack” on Cambridge Analytica. The bias was incredible. There was nothing but a string of continual false accusations against the company, most of which were totally false, as follows: They “stole democracy” “hijacked the election”, “stole facebook data” started a “data war”, “lied to voters” “threatened democracy” and so on.

With regard to lying to voters, no lie was ever mentioned, and no lie was even debunked. The closest they got to the details of that was, a question and answer: “How do you know they lied?” Response by pink haired pierced, ultra liberal dude: “I worked there.”

None of those things are true. What they did was use publicly available facebook data, that could be seen by anyone, such as your likes on your own facebook wall, put that into a computer, and tried their best to determine the swing voters in the swing districts and swing states, and then deliver targeted advertising to them.

This was no scandal. It was a fake media scandal. The real scandal is that facebook is now ostensibly working to prevent Republicans from engaging in targeted advertising on their platform.

The real voting scandal is Democrats using illegals to vote, opposing voter ID, etc.

While Cambridge Analytica has since been forced to go out of business, there are other companies out there trying to do the same thing.