Political Wish List for Increasing Freedom

1. Make only gold coin and silver coin the currency. Along with that, end the Federal Reserve, end the IRS. Ban income taxes. Ban government debt. A government in debt has been overthrown, and is a slave to the moneylenders, and is no longer a servant to the people.
2. Stop funding Satanic Communism in all its forms. Stop federal funding to Universities, and stop all research grants. Stop funding planned parenthood. Stop all Medicare and Medical, which funds toxic medicine. Ban property taxes at the county level. Ban civil asset forfeiture.
3. Prosecute real evil. Doctors kill more people than any other source, by far, about 1 million people each year. They police themselves through their own licencing system and medical boards. Put vaccine companies and pharmaceutical companies out of business for violating basic poisoning laws.
4. Prosecute fraud in the media. Prosecute fraud committed by FB fact checkers. Prosecute first amendment violations as civil rights violations.
5. Prosecute all pedophiles immediately, and seek the death penalty, starting with everyone at the top.
6. Prosecute all extortioners of politicians, giving them the death penalty.
7. Make gun ownership a duty, like selective service registration. End all concealed carry fees. Ban disarmament in cases of restraining orders, ex-felons, and the mentally ill. Eliminate all background checks, waiting periods, gun free zones, and eliminate all 25,000+ gun laws across the nation whether by city, county, state, etc., so that the only gun law is the second amendment, and all who infringe it, and all who passed laws against it, and all who violate the second amendment should do ten years in jail for violating Americans’ Civil Rights.