Why I’m Taking Iodine

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Iodine (Lugol’s 2% iodine at amazon.com) and Selenium are probably the most powerful and yet most neglected and forgotten mineral supplements. Ironically, iodine boosts memory and IQ! Iodine kills fungus, it’s also a broad spectrum antibiotic, and so it fell out of favor in the 1950’s with the rise of more expensive and more profitable fungal based antibiotics. Iodine and Boron both detox fluorides; and iodine fixes and cures 180 conditions (listed below) associated with both fluoride toxicity and iodine deficiency. Iodine is an oxidant, (selenium the protective antioxident), and nourishes every cell in the body, especially the thyroid gland. Iodine cures goiter. Iodine concentrates in the sex organs of both sexes, boosting testosterone, regulating female hormones, and cures breast cancer.

Iodine also cured diabetes in half the people on the “high iodine protocol”. (I go over the protocol, and extended protocol later in this article.): Proof of iodine curing diabetes: See https://www.optimox.com/education/ and See Iodine Study #10, and see the following quote: “We since have done a study of twelve diabetics and in six cases we were able to wean all of these patients off of medications for their diabetes and were able to maintain a hemoglobin A1C of less than 5.8 with the average random blood sugar of less than 100. To this date these patients continue to have excellent control of their Type II diabetes. The range of daily iodine intake was from 50 mg to 100 mg per day. All diabetic patients were able to lower the total amount of medications necessary to control their diabetes. “

This report on iodine reveals the fraud of the medical establishment’s recommendation of less than 1mg iodine/day, the fraud of MRSA, the fraud of fungal based and fluoride based antbiotics, and the fraud of water fluoridation.

Update: since the effect of iodine on boosting IQ is so important, I’ll start with that.

The effects of iodine on intelligence in children: a meta-analysis of studies conducted in China. (2005) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15734706 “Furthermore, there was an increase on 1.15 SIQP of Binet or 0.8 SIQP on Raven Scale (17.25 or 12 IQ points) for children born more than 3.5 years after iodine supplementation program was introduced. “

Jorge Flechas Total Body Iodine Sufficiency (2011)


Flechas: “Babies born to mothers on the High Iodine Protocol, (12.5mg iodine) are genius level babies” At 14:25 in the video he states that babies whose mothers took high iodine have IQ’s 20-30 points higher than the parents.

The Cognitive Effects of Micronutrient Deficiency: Evidence from Salt Iodization in the United States (2013) https://www.nber.org/papers/w19233 “We find that for the one quarter of the population most deficient in iodine this intervention raised IQ by approximately one standard deviation. “

The 2013 study hit the news in 2013: https://www.businessinsider.com/iodization-effect-on-iq-2013-7

Higher iodine intake in the mother during pregnancy is associated with higher child IQ (2018)

Note: I am an iodine baby. My mother took prenatal vitamins with 1 mg of iodine during her pregnancy, which may have given me about a 15 point IQ boost. My IQ is about 130-135.

And conversely, low iodine is associated with mental disorders, such as Autism, and reduced education outcomes.



Even the corrupt WHO states that iodine deficiency may reduce IQ by 15 IQ points! (2013) https://www.who.int/features/qa/17/en/

If you get an “iodine induced headache” while first trying iodine, take a teaspoon of potassium chloride or salt in a large glass of water, followed by another glass of water. This is explained more below under the heading “sea salt” and “bromine toxicity”. The salt water should eliminate the headache in about 15 minutes. We no longer recommend sodium salt because it’s dehydrating. Potassium salt is a hydrating and far superior salt. But if you don’t yet have potassium, sodium can work in an emergency.

You can also back off the iodine a bit, or scale up slowly, as follows: The first day, I took 1 drop. The second day I took 2 drops. The third day, 4 drops, the fourth day, 8 drops, then 16, then 20. Or, back off, and increase again, as you feel. 20 Drops of Lugol’s 2% is 50 mg/iodine.

The primary food sources of iodine are seaweed, a salad of seaweed a day can give you about 12 mg of iodine. Another food source is cranberry juice, just under 1 mg of iodine in 10 oz. of juice.

On Feb 7th, 2016, I started taking iodine not for any specific condition, but just for general health, working up over 2 weeks to taking 50 mg iodine/day with selenium. 50mg/day is the standard “high iodine protocol”, which I did for about 6 months. I now take a lot more, as follows:

From Nov. 2016 until Spring 2017, I have been taking three times as much, 100-150 mg/day of iodine in Lugol’s 2% iodine, (40-60 drops) and 5 mg/day of nascent iodine, and 500 mcg of selenium.

Update: From June, 2018, to June 2019, I’ve taken an additional 1400mg/day to 2100 mg/day more of iodine through 100% fully saturated potassium iodide.


Mixing the crystals into water until no more crystals dissolve creates a 100% solution, which contains about 70 mg iodine per drop. I take 10 drops 2-3 times a day. Here’s why I take iodine and why I think everyone should, too:

1. 97% to 100% of people are deficient in iodine, as I explain below.

2. As of 2017, there are only about 100 “iodine literate” doctors in the USA, out of about 900,000 doctors, so the chance that your doctor is going to tell you about iodine in a positive way is about 1/9000.

Iodine is the most powerful supplement I have ever taken for my health. I first took iodine on Feb 7th, 2016, and I’ll never forget it. It was superbowl sunday, and I took just one drop before going to watch the game. I was not interested in the game at all though, but that’s not unusual, I never am. I remember just being extra calm, and especially calm on the drive home. I was able to think over several life traumas, and to my surprise, I was not feeling mad about them, which was very unusual. It was like I had regained control over my brain. The biggest change, I’m embarrassed to say but I know realize that I should not be, is that I was struggling with suicidal thoughts, over 100 per day, and that all ended with that first drop of iodine.

I was in shock at that. And I have been embarrassed to admit that, but it’s the truth. And why should I be embarrassed about a basic nutritional deficiency? Since then I have wondered, “Who am I, if I’m not even my own thoughts?” “Who am I, if my thoughts can change so much for the better, just from iodine?” I also had better focus, concentration, memory, and of course, I used this to start reading a lot more about iodine. Iodine also made my hemorrhoid go away within about a week. It also fixed my heel cracks. Iodine also made my foot fungus become less severe, and eventually go away. For about a year, I feared my foot fungus might still come back. But it has not! See a picture of my foot: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154438491124926&set=a.168459309925.122677.709369925&type=3&theater&notif_t=like&notif_id=1485636402883547 I used to have bloody heel cracks, but that heel is now so smooth!

I also feel iodine has improved my capacity for working out, and increased my libido.

I was not expecting those benefits. I started taking iodine because it was cheap, sounded good, and I was just looking for improved overall health in general. I did not have any major or significant health problems I was trying to overcome; well except IRS issues, which were causing depression. And, of course, a recurring foot fungus. I still have the IRS problems, but I’m not quite so depressed about it! What a shocking awakening.

I was probably iodine deficient. Goitrogens block iodine, such as some greens, and I had been drinking a lot of green smoothies. I was not eating any soy (another goitrogen), nor much broccoli and only a little kale (other iodine blockers). I did not have a goiter, and I was NOT diagnosed with low thyroid, but I never had it checked either. I was maybe just a little more tired than I wanted to be? Not overweight. I thought I was healthy. I was also low in zinc, low in copper, but high in iron, normal calcium/magnesium, etc., and a little low in testosterone.

Iodine is a vital mineral, and it appears to be the greatest nutrient we can take. Why? I have two ideas. Iodine acts as an oxidant, it reportedly helps the body make H2O2, hydrogen peroxide. (Selenium is vital to take with iodine, selenium is an antioxidant, and both are needed to make thyroid hormones, and high iodine can reportedly result in selenium deficiency and Hashimoto’s if selenium is not taken. You can take 200 mcg to 1000 mcg of selenium.) I believe in the story of Noah’s flood. The flood may have washed away most of the highly water soluble iodine in the earth’s soil. But also, prior to the flood, with a water canopy overhead, the air pressure might have been much greater, resulting in much greater oxygen in our bodies, almost like living in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber all the time. That might also explain giants, dinosaurs, big mammoths, big sabertooths, bigger animals might have an easier time in a more oxygen rich higher pressure atmosphere. So it may well be that we are all suffering from a bit of oxygen deprivation in our deep tissues, and iodine tends to fix that, at least, in part. As an aside, H2O2 is also reported to be a near miracle cure, in many different forms, from drinking a few drops of diluted 3% food grade H2O2 in a full glass of water, to IV therapy, to ozone therapy, to hyperbaric chambers. However, high iodine appears to be better than H2O2 therapy, and I don’t know how compatible these are to do at the same time. I would exercise caution when combining oxygen therapies. To protect, simply take antioxidants at the same time, such as selenium, Vitamin C, and especially cloves.

The iodine doctors say that 96% of people are suffering from iodine deficiency, and I believe it. Maybe 100%, if you believe in Noah’s flood. You are probably deficient in iodine, unless you are eating three seaweed salads a day, which can give you 12 mg/day of iodine like the Japanese get, and even then, you still might be iodine deficient. The US RDA is 150 micrograms, or 0.25mg, which appears to be absurdly low.

For a year around 2018, I took 10,000 times the RDA, 2000 mg/day of iodine after being on 50mg/day of iodine for nearly a year. I have been inspired to take so much by following the testimonials at curezone.com. Taking 100-150 mg/day of iodine, I’ve noticed the following: improved cognition, zero athlete’s foot, zero heel cracks, improved vision at long distances when driving, improved overall body feelings in my joints and muscles and especially my back, and increased libido. On 2000 mg/day of iodine, I noticed less joint pains, less body acne, no red bumps on my chest, but conversely, an increased need for calcium (to buffer the iodine and increased need for copper, for energy.)

As of 2021, I regularly take 100 mg of Lugols. I occasionally take a fully saturated potassium iodide that is 70 mg per drop, up to 10 drops at a time.

Enough with my testimonial, here’s what iodine reportedly does, based on the research:

1. Iodine kills germs; it kills bad bacteria without killing off the good gut bacteria, kills viruses, kills fungus.

2. Iodine boosts IQ, boosts testosterone, boosts energy, boosts thyroid hormones.

3. Iodine cures goiter at 3 to 9 to 18mg/day, cures breast cysts at 50mg/day, and cures cysts in general, and even breast cancer at doses ranging from 300 to 800 mg/day.

4. Iodine concentrates in the thyroid, and the thyroid hormones contain 3-4 atoms of iodine, so iodine helps the body make energy.

5. Iodine also concentrates in the sex organs of both sexes, and female breasts; explaining increased testosterone and libido. In women, iodine eliminates breast pain, regulates periods, and can reduce or eliminate PMS and period pain.

6. Iodine flushes through the body in about 5 hours, about 90% is excreted in the urine at “iodine sufficiency”. It takes about three months to reach and achieve “iodine sufficiency” at 50mg/day of iodine. It takes a full year at 12.5mg/day. This implies to me that 50mg/day is a low dose. The average person typically excretes only 50% (not 90%) of a high dose of iodine, meaning, their bodies are trying to hold on to it, showing a bit of a deficiency. So iodine is great for urinary tract infections, bladder infections, and infections in general. I believe iodine cannot be poisonous, because the more you take, the more you easily and rapidly excrete, preventing excess buildup. As with anything, I suppose it’s possible to take too much, such as over 9000 mg/day maybe, that seems to be the upper human limit.

7. Iodine sufficiency can be reached from a single 130 mg tablet, which is recommended to keep the body from absorbing radioactive iodine in case of a nuclear disaster (for approximately the next week), which primarily causes thyroid cancers from radioactive iodine exposure. Most radioactive iodine decays within a week, and in an emergency, people should be taking 100mg/day for that first week of a nuclear disaster.

8. Iodine helps the body detox from mercury, aluminum, arsenic, bromide, and primarily, fluoride.

9. Boron also helps the body detox from fluoride, and boron also boosts testosterone, also kills fungals, also boosts IQ, and is great for the joints, and boron concentrates in the parathyroid right next to the thyroid. See https://revealingfraud.com/2017/10/health/boron/

10. Iodine also helps the adrenals, helps the pancreas and diabetics, and the liver, and the muscles, and the skin, all the cells of the body, and on and on, too many things to list, but here is a bigger list below, centered around the topic of iodine deficiency and fluoride toxicity.


Iodine helps and cures 182 identifiable conditions of iodine deficiency which are all the same symptoms and conditions that show up with fluoride poisoning, as listed here, in 175 scientific papers and references: This is an absolutely amazing and very thorough list.

Source: http://poisonfluoride.com/pfpc/html/symptoms.html

Abnormal Sweating, Acne, ADHD/Learning Disorders, Allergies, Alopecia (Hair-loss), Alzheimer’s Disease, Anaphylactic Shock, Anemia, Apnea (Cessation of breath), Aorta Calcification, Asthenia (Weakness), Asthma, Atherosclerosis, Arthralgia, Arthritis, Ataxia, Autism, Back Pain, Behavioural Problems, Birth Defects, Blind Spots, Body temperature disturbances, Breast Cancer, Cachexia (wasting away), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cataracts, Change in blood pressure, Chest pain, Cholelithiasis (Gallstones), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Collagen breakdown, Cold Shivers, Coma, Concentration Inability, Constipation, Convulsions, Crying easily for no apparent reason, Death, Decrease in Testosterone, Dementia, Demyelinizing Diseases, Dental Abnormalities, Dental Arch smaller, Dentral Crowding, Dental enamel more porous, Dentral Fluorosis (Mottling of teeth), Delayed Eruption of Teeth, Depression, Diabetes Insipidus, Diabetes Mellitus, Diarrhea, Dizziness, Down Syndrome, Dry Mouth, Dyspepsia, Dystrophy, Early/Delayed Onset of Puberty, Eczema, Edema, Epilepsy, Eosinophilia, Excessive Sleepiness, Eye, ear and nose disorders, Fatigue, Fearfulness, Fever, Fibromyalgia, Fibrosarcoma, Fibrosis, Fingernails:Lines/Grooves, Fingernails:Brittle, Forgetfulness, Gastro-disturbances, Gastric Ulcers, Giant Cell Formation, Gingivitis, Glaucoma, Goitre, Growth Disturbances, Headache, Hearing Loss, Heart Disorders, Heart Failure, Heart Palpitations, Hepatitis, Hemorrhage, Hives, Hoarseness, Hyperparathyroidism, Hypertension, Hypoplasia, Immunosuppression, Impotence, Incoherence, Infertility, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Inner Ear Disorders, Irritability, Joint Pains, Kidney Failure, Lack of Energy, Lack of Co-ordination, Loss of Appetite, Loss of Consciousness, Loss of IQ, Loss of Spermatogenesis, Low Birth Weight, Lung Cancer, Lupus, Magnesium Deficiency, Memory Loss, Mental Confusion, Migraine, Monisiliasis (Candidasis), More fluorosis/high altitudes, More hypothyroidism/high altitudes, Mouth Sores, Myalgia (Muscle Pain), Myotrophy (Muscle wasting), Multiple Sclerosis, Muscle Cramps, Muscle Stiffness, Muscle Weakness, Muscoskeletal Disease, Nausea, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Osteosarcoma, Optic Neuritis, Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Otosclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Pins & Needles, Polydipsia, Polyneuropathy, Polyurea, Pyelocystitis, Premature Delivery, Pruritis (Itchy Skin), Pulminary Edema, Recurring Colds, Respiratory Complications, Restlessness, Retinitis, Rhinitis, Schizophrenia, Sceroderma, Skin Pigmentation, Secondary teeth erupt later, Sensitive to light, Seizures, Shortness of Breath, SIDS, Sinus Infections, Skeletal Changes, Sleep Disorders, Slipped Epiphysis, Sluggishness, Skin Irritations, Spondylitis, ankylosing, Stillbirths, Swallowing Difficulties (Dysphagia), Swelling in Face (Angioedema), Telangiectasia, Testicular Growth/Alteration, Thirst, Thrombosis, Thyroid Cancer, Tinnitus, Tingling Sensations, Visual disturbances, Ulcerative Colitis, Urticaria (Hives), Uterine Bleeding, Uterine Cancer, Vaginal Bleeding, Vas Deferens Alterations, Vertigo, Vitiligo (white spots/skin), Weak Pulse, Weight Disturbances, Zinc Deficiency

This is a large list. But it is an incomplete listing of the benefits of taking iodine. This list is exclusive to 1. What is known and identifiable in the scientific literature. 2. Restricted specifically to those things that mimic both fluoride toxicity and iodine deficiency. 3. Restricted to what the person who complied the above list could find. For example, hemorrhoids are not on the list above, but iodine cured my hemorrhoids and others have reported the same. Note, boron also helps the body eliminate fluoride.


Bromine is the other toxic halogen, like fluoride. Iodine helps the body excrete bromine. Chloride helps the iodine work to excrete bromine better. Bromine is found in bread, as a dough conditioner. Around 1980, they replaced iodine as a bread conditioner with bromine. Bromine is also found in flame retardants found in couches. And finally, bromine is found in brominated vegetable oils, added to Mt. Dew Soda. Dr. Flechas, in his video linked below, said that bromine in Mt. Dew can cause schizophrenia. I just about fell off the edge of my seat when I heard that, because my ex’s oldest son used to love Mt. Dew soda, he drank it by the case, and he came down with schizophrenia. Of course, I got him on iodine this year, and he’s feeling much, much better, and is now off schzophrenia meds and is better than ever!

Iodine is the only cure for iodine deficiency. Obviously true. (In my original iodine note, I wrote: “The body does not manufacture elements within the body, it must get them from what it eats, or from a supplement.” I have since learned that this might not be true. There is evidence that the body can convert one element to another, such as salt to potassium, and more, sorry for the lack of reference at this time.)

The reported co-supplements for the “high iodine protocol” are as follows:

1. Selenium. This is the most important. Without it, high iodine can cause Hashimoto’s. High iodine can cause selenium deficiency because both are needed to make the thryoid hormones. Selenium, I already noted above, is an antioxident, and thus also protects the thyroid from oxidative damage. Selenium is so important, I will link to the “Selenium Hashimoto’s article: http://jeffreydachmd.com/hashimotos-thyroiditis-and-selenium-part-one-by-jeffrey-dach-md/

2. Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, and Magnesium Chloride. Reportedly, the chloride helps with bromine detox. The chlorine helps the body excrete bromine. On my third day of taking high iodine, I was getting a buzz like headache, which I never get. Reading again, I found I should have been taking the sea salt. So, I took half to a full teaspoon of salt in a glass of water, followed by a second glass of water is the protocol. And yes, this made my headache go away in about 15 minutes. We no longer recommend sodium salt, as potassium is the far healthier salt.

3. B2 and B3 vitamins. Iodine will boost energy. So do the B vitamins. You need both. But I just take a B complex. Until Nov., 2017…: After a year and a half, I realized I might have become weak in my adrenals. B3 (niacin) is needed for the adrenals to make cortisone/cortisol, and it’s 500 mg of B3. A strong B complex, (B100) typically only has 100 mg B3. B5, pantothenic acid, is also good for the adrenals, and is known as a powerful stress B vitamin. B5 is not on the official high iodine protocol, but maybe it should be. We no longer recommend B6 and B9, the only two B Viamins with upper limits, and those limits are rather low.


Folate (B9) A Nerve Toxin!

4. 3000 mg of vitamin C. They also say you can take as much vitamin C until you reach “bowel tolerance” or just until you reach the point of getting watery stools, and then back off. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iodine, and should ideally be taken not at the same time; Vitamin C should be taken about 1 hour before iodine. Vitamin C converts iodine to iodide, but the body needs both. The prostate is specifically mentioned as needing iodine, and C will block this.

5. Magnesium. Magnesium is reported to be essential for 300+ metabolic functions, and most people are also deficient in magnesium. Up to 1000 mg/day. Magnesium chloride is most highly recommended, as the chloride form helps bromine detox. Some take baths in magnesium chloride salts; or you can apply a magnesium chloride solution right to the skin.

The following are less frequently reported as iodine co nutrients, but are often mentioned others who are enthusiastic about iodine.

1. Boron. As I noted before, boron is similar to iodine in many ways, and is taken up by the parathyroid. I take up to 30 mg/day of boron, off and on, as needed, for joint discomfort. https://revealingfraud.com/2019/06/health/boron/

2. Zinc. Up to 50 mg/day. Zinc is similar to iodine, as it also boosts testosterone, kills germs, is great for infections. Zinc also helps sleep, and reduces histimine (allergy and rash) reactions. Reportedly, 1/1000 people are ‘allergic’ to iodine, but they may well just be zinc deficient, and not able to properly handle the toxin release. I take my zinc at night as a sleeping aid. If you take zinc, you need to take copper, as excessive zinc can deplete copper.

3. Copper. Up to 30mg/day. Copper gives me energy, fixes adrenal fatigue, and with copper there is almost no need to nap during the day! Copper kills germs, boosts testosterone, and DHEA, improves the ability to tan, stops excessive sweating. Copper is needed if you take zinc and vitamin C. Taking zinc without copper can result in copper deficiency. Update!!!! At 9mg/day, I was copper deficient, perhaps from taking vitamin C my whole life, and from taking zinc recently. Increasing my copper from 9 mg to 20 mg/day started resolving my low copper symptoms: excessive sweating was the biggest. (Iodine can also make you sweat too much!). I was also stronger physically and mentally. And I’ve been much less tired on more copper. And finally, my recurring sore neck healed up very fast when I increased the copper.

4. Colloidal silver. Silver is like iodine, in that it is reported to kill 650 different pathogens. Why try to kill pathogens with only one mineral, when many minerals will obviously work so much better together with a synergistic multiplicative effect?

5. Baking soda, sodium bicarbonate. The alternative health industry loves this stuff too.

6. Vitamin K is are needed for mineral absorption and utilization. https://revealingfraud.com/2020/07/health/im-skeptical-of-vitamin-d/

7. Omega 3 oils as found in grass fed butter, fish oils, and coconut oil, and walnuts. Oils help the body absorb minerals.

8. DMSO or MSM is a sulfur compound. Sulfur in these forms is a solvent helping the body absorb everything, a pain reliever, relieves headaches, and oxygenates the body.

9. Chromium and Vanadium appear to be helpful for insulin and diabetes. Chromium is more for energy, and vanadium is calming, so I’m going to start taking the vanadium in the evening.

10. Silica helps detox aluminum. Silica is found in Fiji water, and in diatomaceous earth.

11. Molybdenum helps copper and sulfur work better.

12. Colloidal gold appears to help the brain.

Now, I organized the list of supplements above into “common iodine co nutrients” and then the rest, which are less common. But it may be more useful to see a list of when to take them and in what amounts, which I list here: https://revealingfraud.com/2019/04/health/minerals-and-vitamins-im-actually-taking/

I know this looks like a lot of supplements. It may appear overwhelming. I still don’t always take everything. One time, over a year ago, I realized I was not taking enough magnesium, and sure enough, when I added them, it stopped my cold hands, and I was not having cold sweaty hands.

How I take iodine:

The first day, I took 1 drop. The second day I took 2 drops. The third day, 4 drops, the fourth day, 8 drops, then 16, then 20. 20 Drops of Lugol’s 2% is 50 mg/iodine.

I first took iodine in water. But it tastes horrible. Next, I tried lemonade, but lemonade every day is too much. I initially tried iodine in my coffee, and it ruined it. However, iodine in coffee with milk, and I can tolerate that just fine. When I have tried to quit coffee, I put iodine in milk directly. For my kids, I would just put a day’s dose of iodine and selenium into a gallon of milk. This also helps preserve the milk!

I also put iodine, Lugol’s 2%, directly on my skin, in one place at a time. I combine iodine with coconut oil. The oil helps to prevent the skin from drying out. Also, I typically avoid putting it on my skin in the same location for more than two days in a row.


Iodine stimulates. It is best then to not take it at night, so avoid taking iodine past about 5pm. Again, most iodine will pass through the urine in about 5 hours, so adjust the time, as needed.

Some people find they start getting tired in the afternoons while taking iodine. There are two solutions that I found for this. First, take iodine 2-3 times a day. Second, take more copper. Copper appears to be the strongest “adrenal” stimulant that I have found. I believe iodine might deplete copper, but these kinds of interactions are difficult to prove, and hard to find in the research.

Vitamin C reportedly converts iodine to iodide. The body needs both forms. So it might be best then to probably separate the timing of taking Vitamin C and iodine by at least an hour.

HIGH IODINE FOODS: Seaweed, cranberries. (Cranberries are reportedly good for urinary tract infections, and the iodine may help explain why.) In case people want to avoid taking a supplement, even home grown tomatoes will take up iodine if they are grown in iodine, but I’m not sure how you would control for dosing.

IODINE CONTROVERSY: The standard medical establishment will say that anything over 1 mg. of iodine per day is “dangerous” because it might cause hypothryoid, because a sub clinical level of low thyroid was observed in rats on iodine. As usual, they have no valid, non fraudulent evidence for this position, but a single discredited rat study that could not be duplicated. I honestly think there is a deliberate conspiracy to mislead doctors by the medical establishment, to discredit iodine, because it is so successful in keeping people healthy, and not in need of medical help. I don’t necessarily think most doctors are deliberately lying about iodine, instead, I think they have been misled about iodine by their training.


1. The medical establishment thinks that 5 mg of aluminum in the Va–x schedule is perfectly non toxic, but over 1 mg of iodine is highly dangerous, and yet, there are no known aluminum deficiencies, no known tissues or any bodily function that needs aluminum, and aluminum is only noted as toxic in all life forms. I explore this argument further at https://revealingfraud.com/2019/06/health/4mg-aluminum-vs-1mg-micronutrients/

2. The medical establishment knew that taking up to 6 grams, or 6000 mg, or 6,000,000 mcg of iodine was fine for when you were sick in the early 1900’s, but now, anything over 150 mcg is unsafe? How is that change realistic?

3. The medical establishment insists that there is no easy cure for MRSA (antbiotic resistant bacteria), which infects 2 million people per year, and kills from 30,000 to 60,000 per year, and yet, refuses to prescribe iodine and colloidal silver, which bacteria cannot adapt to, because iodine might cause low thyroid. So, according to modern medicine, death is better then than “maybe low thyroid”? Or is it “patient death is better than proving our modern antibiotics are worse than iodine/silver”? Or are doctors just brainwashed and ignorant, never even considering iodine?

4. The medical establishment’s top three classes of medicines most commonly prescribed are (1) antibiotics, which cause yeast infections, cause brain damage, and cause MRSA and kill people, and (2) antidepressants half of which contain fluoride and cause brain damage, and (3) pain killers. Iodine is not only a viable substitute for all three, but is vastly superior, and is cheap, and requires no prescription, kills yeast infections, improves brain function, kills MRSA, relieves depression, and heals the body which relieves pain, and 180 other positive things.

5. It is no wonder that the medical establishment has waged, and will continue to wage, a purposeful propaganda war against iodine, starting after WWII, beginning with the age of antibiotics which were much more expensive and thus lucrative for doctors and drug companies.

6. The last irony is, of course, that if you can’t emotionally process these ideas, or the information in this article, it’s probably further evidence that you are iodine deficient. Try taking iodine, and then re-read this article, and you might just be amazed at your improved memory and ability for understanding everything.


Taking iodine actually helps to wake you up to be able to emotionally process these mammoth frauds, which are, of course monstrous and horrible to contemplate.

FURTHER RESEARCH: look up “iodine doctors”.

But first, here are my complaints with the iodine doctors.

1. The modern day resurgance of interest and advocacy of iodine among doctors started around 2002 with Drs. Abraham and Flechas. http://www.optimox.com/iodine-research

2. In 15 years, they have managed to “convert” ONLY about 100 doctors, out of about 900,000, practicing doctors, to become “iodine literate” doctors. http://www.breastcancerchoices.org/ipractitioners.html

3. In the iodine articles I’ve read, no offense to Flechas or any one in particular, they say things like, “get your iodine levels tested…” “under the supervision of a doctor” and so on. But iodine literate doctors are very few, and doctors in general are a very untrustworthy group, see point number two. Furthermore, they admit that iodine is excreted very fast, in about 5 hours. They also admit that once you are iodine saturated, which takes about 50 mg of iodine/day over 3 months, a person will excrete 90% of the iodine they take, (instead of a low 50% when a person is iodine deficient) indicating that iodine is very safe, and easily excreted, and does not tend to excessively build up in the body beyond what one needs. 

In other words, iodine is very water soluable like vitamin C. And levels of iodine being excreted throughout the day will, of course, vary. But nobody says you should take vitamin C under the close supervision of a doctor, so why should people have to take iodine under supervision when Lugol’s iodine forumula has been around for 150 years? 

4. Iodine should be taken with selenium, otherwise, you can develop a selenium deficiency, and/or hashimotos from oxidative damge to the thyroid, but selenium protects this as selenium is an antioxidant. Well, vitamin C can also create a zinc deficiency. Therefore, I believe they are about as safe as one another, and the two were among the original deficiency diseases discovered to cure illnesses, goiter cured with iodine, and scurvy cured with vitamin C. Also, both can be taken in super mega doses without ill effects, except for what I just mentioned.

5. On some iodine forums I’ve joined, there is zero tolerance for questions or discussion. They resort to banning/blocking at the slightest disagreement. They say with regard to B vitamins that you only need vitamins B 2 and 3 as co supplements, and I said I just take a B complex, which was supposedly intolerable levels of both disagreement and misinformation. I also mentioned Brasil nuts as a source of selenium, but since the selenium content of Brazil nuts varies, again, I was somehow in need of being banned, as if it would be impossible for me to learn or something.

6. In claiming that people should get tested by doctors and take iodine only under supervision, and in banning alternative viewpoints, they end up scaring people away from iodine, and preventing information about iodine from being more widely spread, thus hurting their own cause.

7. I understand the desire to increase their own business, and thus tell people to see them for testing, but isn’t there a much more important need to help everyone learn about iodine, rather than lining their own pockets? A group of 100 doctors cannot service the entire nation or world anyway. Furthermore, I hear the prominant iodine doctors are very successful and wait times to see them are very long. Well, good for you guys. But lighten up! Take your iodine. Calm down. There is a world out there besides your own business success.

8. Very sick people will always seek out doctors, especially the original iodine literate doctors who pioneered a movement. But do they really need to warn people away from the very thing they advocate? They should think of the bigger picture.

9. As a final example of their hypocrisy over warning people to take iodine only under the supervision of a doctor… they say to take 50 mg/day for 3 months to reach saturation, then back to 12 mg/day for maintainence. And yet, these same doctors recommend 300 mg/day to 800 mg/day to cure cancer. Seems that if the upper levels are safe for very sick people, a healthy person can easily take 12 to 50 mg/day without seeing a doctor.

10. I believe the iodine doctors have neglected to mention that we need also to take copper, and boron as co nutrients for the high iodine protocol. Copper, I believe, is the antidote to potential adrenal fatigue that can be brought on by a high iodine protocol. I have also heard of several people who ended up with a boron deficiency while on high iodine. These discoveries also led me to take “all the minerals”, not just some, or a few. There is a great benefit in synergy. https://revealingfraud.com/2019/06/health/why-i-take-all-the-minerals/


optimox.com — This is the site of research that started the modern day resurgence of iodine discoveries within the medical community, pioneered by Dr. Abraham, who died about two years ago. His co researchers were Dr. Flechas and Dr. Brownstein, below.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcNNKzsUIT0–This is a great 42 minute video by Dr. Flechas, one of the original iodine doctors with Dr. Abraham. Iodine: The Most Misunderstood Nutrient Presented by David Brownstein MD

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_I9PLUg0lM–That is an hour long video from Brownstein, one of the original iodine doctors with Dr. Abraham.See also his book: https://www.amazon.com/Iodine-Without-Brownstein-Bottle-Fashioned/dp/B000I2MMSI

http://www.breastcancerchoices.org/ipractitioners.html –This is a list of about 100 iodine literate doctors.Lynne Farrow:The Iodine Crisis


The iodine debate:


Another iodine debate, this one rebuking Dr. Mercola:


There are over 1000 testimonials for iodine at amazon.com for Lugols 2%, the twin pak. https://www.amazon.com/J-Crows-Lugols-Iodine-Solution-Pack/dp/B00E3B49R2/ref=sr_1_2_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1485632713&sr=8-2&keywords=lugols%2Biodine%2B2%2Bpercent&th=1


Is iodine dangerous? The lethal dose for me, a 210 pound man, based on the lethal dose for rats, is about 3 pounds of iodine. It’s 4 times safer than table salt. Reference: http://www.sciencelab.com/msds.php?msdsId=9924378

A source for fully saturated iodine, a kit where you can mix potassium iodide crystals (SSKI) yourself to make your own 5% to 95% to 100% saturated iodine solution: https://www.morgellonsdirect.com/

Article originally published: https://www.facebook.com/notes/jason-hommel/why-im-taking-iodine/10155000071394516/ And this article has 160 comments posted at the facebook link.



  1. Fire Your Doctor: How to Be Independently Healthy
    The title of this book by Andrew Saul says it all!
    They always say to do everything “under medical supervision” to avoid lawsuits, much as people who discuss financial matters routinely say, “This is not financial advice, and you should consult your professional investment advisor.” It’s commonly just a routine disclaimer.

  2. You have really matured after leaving Colorado Liberal Boulder. What do you think about the silver status today. My silver stock has increases.

    1. Thank you Marv. I have been wondering and exploring why truth does not easily go viral in our era. The truth about silver, and iodine, should be going viral. I wonder why not. …

  3. After reading all this, There is no 3 line summary on what a typical person like me, who has Tinnitus should take daily. The name from a drug store, and amt, and any additional supplements to Iodine. Name from a drug store, and amt. There is to much info in article, to conclude anything. Nobody can fathom all this info including me. Be precise so I can get with a program. Presently take daily Vitamin C, 500 mg. Ralph

    1. The shortest summary of what I’m taking, and actual amounts, which I believe to be good for overall health is here, which was linked in the article: https://revealingfraud.com/2019/04/health/minerals-and-vitamins-im-actually-taking/ I do not have any specifics for tinnitus, but I have heard that magnesium is the most likely to be of benefit. The first line of the article says “Lugol’s 2%”. It’s not a brand name, it’s a formula, various different manufactures make Lugol’s 2% iodine. Search it on amazon.com, they sell it. Take 1 drop is 2.5 mg. So the full dose of 50 mg is 20 drops. A person should work up to that gradually, and take other supplements, as listed, to be able to handle any detox effects initiated by the iodine.

      1. I’m ordering the Lugol’s 2% iodine. Should I also order selenium? I don’t want to take the whole list that you have in your link, not yet anyway. So what would you say is essential for just starting out with iodine? Iodine, selenium and Vitamin C?

        Also I don’t drink coffee, and I wonder if these can be put into a protein shake?

        1. Selenium is the next most important nutrient if you only take Iodine. Next would be Vitamin C to make sure your body absorbs the iodine through the “iodine symporters” which transport iodine into the cells. Next is Magnesium and the B vitamins. Next is copper and zinc. Good luck.

      2. How many mg’s of Iodine do you get in one drop of the 100% fully saturated potassium iodide from the fine crystals or does it take more than one drop to make one mg? And, if you take the 100% fully saturated potassium iodide, do you need to supplement Iodine also from Lugol’s Solution of Iodine 2% 2oz or vise versa?

        1. It’s 70 mg per drop of 100% saturated potassium iodide. Yes, I also take Lugol’s for the iodine, because the body needs both.

          1. I ordered and received the Potassium Iodide, USP Grade 100 grams. Fine Crystals from the supplier on Amazon that you linked, but it didn’t come with any directions on how to mix it. Do you mix all 100 grams with a quart of water? And should the water be distilled or is regular drinking water okay? And do the crystals dissolve better is the water is warm or does it not matter?

          2. I fill a 1 oz. bottle about half way with crystals. Then, I add boiling distilled water about 3/4 of the way. Then mix and shake. If all the crystals dissolve, add more crystals. You want about 1/10th of the bottom to remain as crystals. That is proof that the solution is “fully saturated” at 100%, like the liquid can’t take any more. A quart would be way too much.

    2. I had tinnitus apparently as a side effect of systemic infections (HPV and Tuberculosis were confirmed), NAFLD. and severe chronic gut dysfunction. I also had chronic fatigue. MRI confirmed cysts all over my spleen and liver.

      I found that even mild dosages of iodine (via Kelp tablets) a significantly increased my energy and restored my lost libido. Together with eating oatmeal, more raw tuna, liver (for copper), intense exercise, and copious daily sunshine (with my shirt off) for vitamin D3, my good health is returning after 5 years of chronic hell. My crazy athleticism is also coming back at age 54.

      Based on my anecdote, I fully endorse Jason’s health recommendations w.r.t. to minerals, although I personally want to obtain them via food (and the sun) rather than supplements. Also I am not taking the extreme dosages that Jason has.

      I think Jason may also been correct that copper was the missing link for curing the ulcer pains. Note I am only a couple of months into the iodine supplementation and a couple of weeks with the bi-daily consumption of liver for copper. Liver has 10x the minerals of non-organ meat.

      Cooking oil and oily meat seemed to very deleterious to my health. My belly fat would increase and I would have a lot of health problems including insomnia. Oatmeal has much more minerals than rice and also seems to clean out excess fat my liver.

      Our immune and endocrine systems seems to be integrally linked to our liver and gut/digestion.

      We have an epidemic of medical malpractice and modern eating/lifestyle habits which are making us ill.

      Kudos to Jason for his efforts in educating the public.

  4. Learned about IODINE 7 years ago thru Dr. David Brownstein while exploring my bad thyroid and cancer prevention.

    1. Most of the research on iodine that I’m familiar with, at optimox.com, is on Lugol’s iodine. However, nascent iodine supporters rave about it being superior, better absorbed. But it costs a lot more. I keep reading the body needs both kinds: iodine and iodide. There’s nothing saying you can’t do both. I did for a while.

      1. Thank you for such a detailed description of your iodine journey. I am hypothyroid, suspect I was very deficient for most of my life. Myself and my adult son with autism are both taking 8 drops of lugols 2x a day with selenium. Noticably feeling so much better. My son also takes Norwegian cod liver oil 2x a day at least an hour apart from iodine, this has also been helpful. Very nice to see brighter eyes, thoughtful responses. We also take fresh tumeric shots, 16oz of fresh beet juice daily, vitamins and minerals. Your info helped dispell that iodine fear that many websites seem to promote.

  5. Hi Jason,
    I’ve begun taking iodine now, too, based on your recommendation. I chose the ZenHaus product that uses their tweak of the Lugol’s formula (with iodine and iodide both), and adding selenium and a couple other trace minerals too.
    I’ve fought depression and found nothing very effective against it, and having recently noticed I’m chronically deficient in electrolytes, it seemed iodine was not a bad route to try — so far so good. I’ve already upped the dose to 2 a day, and no headaches or odd symptoms, and I feel great. I’m going to go to 3 a day very soon, and this amount will approximate the daily amounts in the ‘high iodine protocol’.



  6. Gob bless you Jason, this is such a great article on Iodine. I am currently on high doses of Iodine protocol, most of the health concerns i fought all my adult life is almost gone in a few weeks. Its a miracle cure people, keep educating your self . To my surprise , i tried Lugol Iodine long ago but it did nothing for me as the dose was so small. It was only effective in high doses for me, again i am not a medical doctor, i am just a regular citizen educating my self to heal myself as the medical system failed to resolve my issue.
    I know for many people the list of supplements mentioned in the article might sound overwhelming but its not, take notes as you go and write it down or print it, and take it from there.
    I was so inspired by many people who took time to write and comment on amazon that certainly gave me courage to ramp up the dosage and accelerated my healing. Love and light.

  7. Hi Jason,
    Thanks for such a great article. I tried just one drop of Lugol’s 2% iodine on and off for one year and it seems my body can’t tolerate it. It is the most discomforting feeling I have ever experienced, so I finally gave up on it and started Nascent Iodine.

    I have no ill side effects at all with Nascent Iodine, so my question would be, for every drop of nascent iodine, how much selenium should I take with it? Also, what form or selenium would you personally recommend? I always take my iodine with a glass of water after first having a meal and it doesn’t have any bad effects on me.

  8. 2000 to 3000 grams is the toxic limit for iodine. That’s 20,000 to 30,000 mg. So me taking 100 mg to 150 mg daily is perfectly fine.

  9. While I published this article 2 years ago, today it’s getting traffic on FB. 800 views so far. So I have updated the article to a new date, which turns comments back on.

    1. Excellent article! I’m wondering if I could add iodine to my thyroid meds I take. I’ve heard it’s counterintuitive… currently on generic Synthroid ( L- Thyroxine)/150 mcg.

  10. Jason, I read your eBook “Beyond the Arthritis Fix.” Great information. I working on that for both knees. I was also wondering if you had any idea if any type or dose of iodine to help with abscess in teeth? Not sure how the infections get into teeth but the dentist only fix is root canal or extractions. Antibiotics seems to knock down an abscess so I cant’ figure out why a natural substance can’t do the same. I don’t want a root canal as I’ve learned they can cause many other issues in your body, including arthritis. Maybe that’s how I got my arthritis.
    An extraction of a tooth isn’t so bad but I have 2-3 that have some type of abscess shown on some kind of 3D x-ray machine and my natural dentist wants me to get rid of the other 3 teeth that had root canals in years gone by. Any thoughts?

  11. I was reading happily until the rather jarring claim the human body might be able to create elements, like, for example, turn ‘salt’ (a general term used to describe any number of individual compounds) into potassium (an element, arguably one that could be part of a salt, such as potassium chloride).
    For an element, either as a pure elemental substance or part of a compound, to change to another element, there is by definition an atomic change required, usually one referring to a change in pro ons, but sometimes in neutrons. Such a change is either going to be a fissive or fussive change. Excluding nuclear fusion going on within the body, the fusive concept of decay remains. Radio active decay (assuming of atoms of a particular element in the body) isn’t going to be unusual or precluded but to say the body precipitates or even assists this seems extraordinary to me, and to be believed, extraordinary claims should require extraordinarily evidence.
    Until then I was mostly fine! I just think the article would read better with what’s explained and/or backed up by fact. If I’m misinterpreting what you meant maybe you could clarify in the article. Otherwise, an excellent read!

  12. Hi Jason
    My lugol’s iodine is a 5% iodine…you were talking about a 2 % …should I be taking less then….I’m taking 5 drops a day in my coffee. Thanks for the great article,

  13. Very convincing read. I especially liked the reference links which helped confirm all that you said. I have already ordered Lugo’s iodine drops as well as a good selenium supplement from Life Extension. One thing I am cautious about is the possibility of copper toxicity, especially in women. Short acute and chronic long term stress can increase estrogen levels (in both men and women). High levels of estrogen can increase the amount of copper retained in the body. Though copper is essential, if it is super high in levels, it becomes a toxin to the body damaging the liver and kidneys. I had read about this years ago when I was researching cooking with my old copper pots and pans.

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