Will Copper heal my rare Chronic Disease?

We get this question a lot. Please understand we are humans, and do not know the details over well over 20,000 different rare diseases.

Please read chapter 1, listed at the beginning of the quick start guide. Copper heals us in nearly 200 different ways!

Many times, we have never heard the name of the rare disease you are asking us about. But copper does seem to heal every single system in the body in so many different ways.

We suggest you look up each mineral we talk about, and your rare disease diagnosis. Read and scan at least 20-30 different articles at any search engine. Knowing what to look for is 99% of the battle. Look up each of the good minerals we recommend and your disease!

Another way to find information is to look up each of the good minerals and the organ or the generic name of your disease. For example, let’s say you have a rare kind of rash with a specialized name. Many times, minerals that heal rashes will heal the rare rash, too. Or minerals and vitamins that are good for generalized “wound healing” will also fix rashes, which are like minor wounds that don’t heal. Another thing similar to a rash is an ulcer. Ulcer and wounds that don’t heal are also a problem with diabetes, so minerals that are good for diabetes can also help to heal wounds that don’t heal. Don’t be afraid to consider that kind of overlap when you are searching.

In my book, I covered copper and saw how it related to popular symptoms and the most common causes of death.

A large part of my book looked at how copper helps to heal every single thing that people die from, but only the top 14 things or so.

Another section of my book looked through all the popular drugs, and the symptoms that people take those drugs for, and we see that copper helps resolve all the symptoms of all the top 50 most popularly prescribed drugs out there. This is an amazing discovery.

I was considering going over at least the top 10-15 most popular chronic diseases, but many of them were already covered in the book: diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, etc.

Besides, my book is supposed to be about copper. Not about diseases. In fact, I split up the things that copper does, from the list of copper deficiency symptoms, even though in many cases they are like a reverse match.

IE, copper deficiency causes anemia. Taking extra copper increases red blood cell counts, to levels above normal.

The mere fact that taking copper gets red blood cell counts above normal has two implications.

  1. It should heal nearly all cases of anemia, because anemia is not “low iron”, anemia is low red blood cell counts that are thought to be from low iron.
  2. The bigger implication: the vast majority of people are copper deficient. In fact, the government says that 80% of people are copper deficient. This would likely include all the sick people. IE, if you are sick, you are likely 99% certain that you are copper deficient.

In other cases, copper deficiency and taking extra copper seem less related. For example, copper deficiency causes osteoporosis. And copper does build strong bones, and detoxes fluoride, which weakens bones. And fluoride is implicated in skeletal fluorosis, which is diagnostically indistinguishable from arthritis and osteoporosis.

Fluoride causes well over 180 different health problems. Copper, and Iodine, and Boron, just from detoxing fluoride, thus cure well over 180 different forms of degenerative health conditions, just from that one method of action alone. But they all do so much more!

What heals when you have more ATP for energy? Everything!

What heals when you have better nerves firing? Everything! The entire system of Chiropractic is built around better-functioning nerves.

What heals when you have more red blood cells? Everything!

What heals when you have better hormones? Everything!

What heals when you have better digestion? Everything!

What heals when you take things that are known for “wound healing,” such as copper, zinc, and Vitamin C, all three of which help wound healing, and build collagen? Well, healing is healing, of course!

So, does copper heal everything? Well, of course, it heals everything because everything heals more when you get all your other systems up and running.