Copper Heals in 200,000+ different ways, just from Detoxing

As I was writing my book, “The Copper Revolution”, one of the hardest tasks was compiling chapter 1, which grew to nearly 200 things that copper does for the body. The difficulty lies in the fact that the short-term memory of a human is somewhat limited. It is hard for most people to keep 7 things in mind at once, which is why most phone numbers were set at 7 digits. (now we just all use cell phones). Back in college, I managed to remember 18 words from a list of 30, which was about the most in a class of 500 people. But fortunately, as I continued to work on the list, things start moving from short-term memory into long-term memory. But again, the task becomes increasingly difficult to add to the list, because I had to keep the list in mind (working memory) as I re-read my book several times.

I think this list does not get the traction or recognition it deserves. But then again, it is hard to read because it’s a long list, and unlike regular text, there are no transition words between items, and nobody else can keep a list this big in their heads either.

My list is, by far, the longest list that I know of. So, it is an accomplishment. Of a kind.

However, after learning so much more in the forum over the last 6 months since I published my book, I have a nagging feeling of the gross inadequacy of my list. Allow me to explain.

One of the items on my list is that copper “detoxes fluoride”. Great. 1 item. Sounds like one item, doesn’t it? But it’s not.

In my iodine article, I quote another researcher who lists 180 different health problems that can be caused by both fluoride toxicity and iodine deficiency, and the point is that the lists are mirror images of each other, found by completely different researchers! Their list was designed to prove the point that fluoride toxicity causes iodine deficiency. But even that list is limited in several ways. 1. Their list of 180 items is limited to what they found. 2. Their list is limited to things that they could find under both categories of fluoride toxicity and iodine deficiency. 3. What about fluoride causing copper deficiency, or other mineral deficiencies?

One of the items on this fluoride list is that fluoride causes weak bones, called “skeletal fluorosis”. But how many “weak bone” diseases are there, that might be partly caused by excess fluoride in combination with other factors which might slightly alter the description of the essential disease? Some researchers say skeletal fluorosis is indistinguishable from arthritis. And/or osteoporosis. But osteoporosis can also be from low copper, or vitamin A toxicity, mercury toxicity, aluminum toxicity, or other causes. But the low copper could also be from the fluoride! It kind of depends on what the researchers know, and are looking for. And then there are a wide range of diseases of the bone, ranging from Lupus, bone spurs, bone cancer, anemia, easily broken bones, and over 100 different forms of arthritis that all likely have fluoride as one of the key factors, perhaps differentiated based on whether it is combined with other toxins or vitamin and mineral deficiencies! And we know fluoride is a key factor, given that the average person has 2600 mg of fluoride in the body, which is a level just barely below that needed to cause skeletal fluorosis. And fluoride is bioaccumulative…

So, as we see, “detoxing fluoride” is not one health effect, it is not one item on a list. It is well over 180 items, and just one of those items, (skeletal fluorosis) can explode into over 100 other items. What if each item of fluoride toxicity is really 50 more other items? 200 x 50 = 10,000 health effects / items!

Next, let’s drill back up the tree.

Copper detoxes mercury, lead, and arsenic because copper is a key ingredient of metallothioneins, along with selenium and zinc also being key ingredients to make it.

And I did not even put those three things on my list! Or is it four, “making metallothionein”.

And then there is the question, how many symptoms or diseases can mercury toxicity cause?

A quick list by the EPA shows there are 18 key symptoms of mercury toxicity. But that’s the shortlist. What if it’s really potentially 10,000 health problems like fluoride? One of the effects of mercury toxicity is copper depletion. Another is selenium depletion. Another is likely zinc deficiency. What about other minerals depleted by mercury? What if just one mineral depletion creates, on average, 200 more problems? It is said that mercury is toxic to all cells, all forms of tissues, and all forms of life, and is never used in any enzymatic processes.

So, why didn’t “detoxing mercury” make my list? Because in all my “copper research” I simply did not find anyone who was analyzing copper to make the connection that copper detoxed mercury. I got close when writing the book, mentioning copper’s role in making metallothionein, but that appeared somewhat theoretical since there are no clinical studies of people on “high copper / high selenium / high zinc” who would be making more metallothioneins with the specific intent to detox mercury. But we have seen success several times in the group as mercury toxic people seemed to find us and join, and get healed. We also have one rat study where copper rises 7-fold in the kidney when rats are exposed to mercury.

Next, “detoxing lead”. The Mayo clinic has a list of 23 symptoms. Again, I’m sure this is a short list. And interestingly enough, most of the symptoms look like copper deficiency. So while in some sense, my list can explode in size as you drill into just one item, there is a lot of overlap.

Next, I can’t just go through each toxin. One study said that Superoxide Dismutase detoxes hundreds of chemical toxins. This SOD enzyme is made with both copper and zinc. What if each of these chemical toxins similarly causes from 20 to 200 bad things? Are there 300 chemical toxins? A thousand? 1000 toxins x 20 to 200 potential symptoms and disruptions from each one = up to 200,000 different “cures” just from copper?

And so far, this just covers “toxins”. Copper does a lot more than that.