Godly Prosperity

Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, May 20, 2006 Who prospers more: honest men or liars?  A nation of honest men, or a nation of liars? That is the question when determining whether a society will be more prosperous if it uses honest weights and measures of silver and gold as money, or paper as […]

Clyde Harrison’s Speech: Tomorrow Will Come

Governments and Central Banks are Completely Incapable of Keeping Tomorrow from Coming by Clyde Harrison, April 2006 This page can be read online at:silverstockreport.com/email/Clydes_speech.html Introduction:  I’ve met Clyde numerous times as a fellow panelist at the Chicago natural resources show.  Clyde sent me his latest draft of his speech, which he continually revises, as he […]

Usury Enslaves

Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, Jan 19, 2004     Luke 6:35    But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without    expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great…     Even in ancient scriptures, there is allusion to the fault of lending for the purpose of receiving back […]

Gold and Silver in Bible Prophecy

Gold and Silver in Bible Prophecy I’ve been studying the subjects of Bible prophecy (prophecy is the Bible’s predictions of the future) and the precious metals market for the past several years.  Interestingly, both subjects are quite related in that they focus on what the future will bring, and both subjects require a dedicated search […]