Silver: There’s Never Enough!

(There’s Always Enough) Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, January 15, 2008 Mr. Dines of the Dines letter which I recommend and subscribe to, has provided me a good occasion to write today’s letter.  Mr. Dines writes of Thomas Malthus: “This British economist was ostensibly the first to link human growth to the limits of our planet.”  […]

Global Economics from a Biblical Worldview, by Doug

Silver Stock Report by Doug Tjaden, September 8, 2007 The comfort with which most Americans have lived their lives is likely to end within this decade–due to global events that are now manifesting themselves. History shows that there are definite cycles that our economy experiences. Certain classes of investments are held in high esteem, while […]

Fraud vs. Truth

Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, May 17, 2007 Major Frauds of the U.S. Monetary System. The dollar is a broken contract to repay with gold or silver. Unrestrained creation of money increases an already unpayable debt to the public. Banks don’t possess the fraudulent paper money they say is in your accounts. The FDIC […]

Why Silver will Soar above $230/oz.

Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, May 14, 2007 “The CPM Silver Yearbook 2007” was released today. To summarize CPM’s press release: They conclude that net silver investment demand was about 60 million ounces for 2006, up from 2005, and expected to continue to rise into 2007. Investor demand is from India, the Middle East, […]

Why I believe the Rapture will happen before the Tribulation

by Jason Hommel, May, 2007 Understanding true prophecy is a protection from false prophets, and brings comfort to the believer.  For 11 reasons why prophecy is important, see: I have been comforted and encouraged in my studies of prophecy, and I hope you will be, too.  This is my testimony. I created in 1998.  […]

Silver Price Manipulation 101

Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, September 16, 2006 I think Ted Butler has let his imagination run wild in his article, “Blatent Manipulation”, If I understand what he’s saying, then, the dealers are manipulating because: When prices rise, the dealers don’t sell. And when prices fall, the dealers don’t buy.   So, when they are, […]

Godly Prosperity

Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, May 20, 2006 Who prospers more: honest men or liars?  A nation of honest men, or a nation of liars? That is the question when determining whether a society will be more prosperous if it uses honest weights and measures of silver and gold as money, or paper as […]

Clyde Harrison’s Speech: Tomorrow Will Come

Governments and Central Banks are Completely Incapable of Keeping Tomorrow from Coming by Clyde Harrison, April 2006 This page can be read online Introduction:  I’ve met Clyde numerous times as a fellow panelist at the Chicago natural resources show.  Clyde sent me his latest draft of his speech, which he continually revises, as he […]

Usury Enslaves

Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, Jan 19, 2004     Luke 6:35    But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without    expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great…     Even in ancient scriptures, there is allusion to the fault of lending for the purpose of receiving back […]