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Supporting Silver and Gold as Money

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by Jason Hommel, May 19, 2007

We have a rare chance to increase liberty and freedom and support the use of gold and silver as money by supporting, and electing, Ron Paul as President in 2008.

It is so encouraging to see that Ron Paul has been voted by the public as first or second in the Republican debates so far, and appears to have a realistic chance of winning the Republican nomination!

Ron Paul has a long track record as a Congressman of voting against any piece of legislation that is not constitutional, which means he votes no on nearly everything.  Yet Ron Paul has introduced many pieces of legislation designed to help us return to our constitutional roots.

I’ve met Ron Paul at two liberty shows near San Francisco, run by Bert Blumert, coin dealer, and publisher of  

At the first show, I asked Ron a hard question:  On the issues of immigration restriction, patents, and tariffs, the constitution allows these to be regulated, but libertarian ideas suggest these are all limits on freedom.  So, when there is a conflict between the Constitution, and libertarian ideals, how do you vote?  (At the time, I was wrestling with this question myself, and I was looking for leadership on these issues.)

Ron Paul admitted it was a very hard question.  But, in essence, Ron Paul said that when we get the money situation fixed, by abolishing the IRS, and returning to gold and silver as money, then the other issues could be addressed.

Ron Paul is for limiting immigration, and wondered whether most people understand the concept of tariffs, but in essence, Ron Paul believes in the free market, and free trade.  

Personally, I have come to believe that to maximize freedom and prosperity, any nation should allow immigration, but not patents and not tariffs.  

In thinking about my own question over the last year, I realized that the constitution does not conflict with liberty.  Although the constitution allows the government to restrict immigration, issue patents, and levy tariffs; a constitutional government, especially a freedom-oriented one, need not exercise those powers. 

But Ron Paul is right.  It is far more important to return to using gold and silver as money, than any other issue.  

And, of course, this ought to be especially important to us, who own gold and silver.

In the debates, they seem to have pinned Ron Paul down on his anti-intervention, anti-war views.  And that’s just great, too!

But more importantly, I’ve discovered how important it is to support another man’s ministry, even if I don’t agree 100% on every issue.  I’m just so happy that a man of Ron Paul’s character and integrity is even an option for us all this time.

One of the points Ron Paul made at the last show was that fundraising is particularly difficult for a candidate who is so dedicated to freedom.  The reason is that those who would benefit by Ron Paul’s stance on a particular issue, already know how Ron Paul will vote, and so they feel no need to contribute.  And the enemies of freedom also know that they cannot bribe him with a contribution, so there’s no money from that block either.  Most of Ron Paul’s contributions come from people like you and me.

I have long known about this difficulty a candidate dedicated to freedom would have–being incorruptible, and thus, finding it difficult to raise money.  This is one reason why I work so hard to help you, my readers, make money–your prosperity is freedom’s best defense.  Please consider making a donation to freedom, by donating to Ron Paul.

And if you can’t contribute money, there are other ways to support his campaign, such as organizing local meetings, or posting messages on the internet.  

But perhaps the most important way to help is through prayer.  Some feel that Ron Paul is risking his life even to run for Congress, given the extent of the evil he is battling.  But we cannot pray unless our actions match our beliefs.  It does no good to pray for a good corn harvest if we have planted wheat!  So let us support Ron Paul, and pray for his protection, and victory.

But, even if Ron Paul does not win, more people will hear the positive message of freedom, and it appears as if people are listening, and that they like what they hear!  

Invest in freedom.  Invest in Ron Paul.

So please donate to Ron Paul at  Contributions are limited to $2300 per individual contribution.  


Jason Hommel