California Election Fraud

They did not count one vote!

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by Jason Hommel, February 8, 2008

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.” –Romans 8:28

This is truly frightening.  I’ve not been more concerned and upset than I was in 1998, when I first learned about the biochip implants that exist that could be used to enforce the mark of the beast of Revelation 13.

The California Election results are totally fraudulent, no question about it.  They did not count one vote!  And it’s easy for anyone to see, look at the election results by district, in all 53 districts:

I don’t believe the election results, because the results are essentially the same in every district in the entire State of California. 

It is impossible that every district voted the same, and that the candidates ranked the same in every district!

Just as the nation has red and blue States, with blue, Democratic, States in the cities on the coast, and red States in the Heartland who lean more Republican, similarly, California has red leaning and blue leaning districts. 

I mean, come on, how could McCain win California, in every district, so similarly?  McCain got only 13% in Iowa, and only 12% in Nevada, the freedom-loving neighboring State next door!

We, in California, should have at least one district that went like Nevada, or Iowa.  At least one!  

I’m from the 4th district, which is heavy Libertarian leaning Republicans up here in the foothills, with lots of support for Ron Paul up here, but the election results show no significant support for Ron Paul up here, no different than anywhere else in the State of California, which is clearly false.

If they are going to fix an election, they should at least merge the fake results with real data to make it more believable, more plausible; so that Libertarian districts should lean more heavily towards Ron Paul, but instead they only have fake results; exactly the same, every district.  I don’t think that they counted even one vote in the entire State of California!

This is it.  Unless those who have fixed this election are found, and put on trial, it’s the end of the Republic, and the beginning of tyranny.

If voting no longer counts or matters, then it’s OVER.  There would never be any hope of reviving the Republic of the united States.

Personally, I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know how to fight this fight, other than exposing it, like I just did, and encouraging all of you to buy silver.

But I don’t think we can get back to restoring the Republic of the united States.

I believe the united States must come to an end, and that there will be a North American Union; which will be one of ten regional governments, one of “ten kings” of a coming world government, the “seventh beast” of Revelation 17-18.

I believe that a world government is coming; and that it is predicted in scripture.  The 7th world government or “beast”, I believe, will use gold and silver as money, and will be controlled by the great harlot, who will use usury, or moneylending of gold and silver to rule it.  During that time, I believe the world will see relative peace, and great wealth in gold and silver will come to Israel, as shown in Ezekiel 37-38.

Then, the 7th beast turns on the Harlot, to destroy her, and then it hands over power to the 8th beast, the antichrist government who brings in the mark of the beast cashless goldless money system, in the last half of the coming 7 year tribulation, which begins with the rapture, the removal of faithful Christians from the earth, to heaven.

So, for me, moving to another nation is out, if world government is coming anyway. 

If Hilary is to be our next queen, so be it–WHATEVER!  She will probably spend paper money on debilitating social programs like a drunken harlot, which will cause the masses to go to sleep, while gold and silver prices to soar to the moon.

Hilary will quickly bankrupt the U.S. and help usher in the North American union, that much faster.  

I think the criminal bankers who are orchestrating this conspiracy have made a critical error.  They have monopolized the media, universities, and oil, most organized religions, and monopolized governments, but they have failed to monopolize gold and silver; they forgot to buy up the gold and silver!  When they crash the currencies, as Hilary will surely do, only gold and silver will be left, and the vast majority will not have any gold and silver, and be entirely dependant upon the world rulers. 

Except us who have gold and silver.  We will become enormously wealthy during the time of peace and prosperity of the time of the next world government, and we will be able to fulfill the great commission.  That’s why I invested in gold and silver in the first place, from my study of Bible prophecy.  I just never realized that things would happen this quickly.  I didn’t realize that the end of the United States would happen with the scale of election fraud we are currently seeing.  I thought the North American Union, and the new currency, the Amero, would happen first.

When they try to link regional currencies together, that, will really be the end of paper money.  Why?  Because the currency traders trade $2 trillion daily.  When they cannot trade currencies, where will they go?  Gold and silver!  Gold and silver will explode, as they are exploding in price before the bankers can fulfill their plans.  Hey, if even one major banking group bought silver, with a few billion dollars, silver’s price would be $150/oz. before tomorrow morning!

Why would we gold and silver investors support Ron Paul in the first place?  He surely wouldn’t destroy the dollar as fast as Hillary; but Ron Paul would do the right things, by restoring free markets, and restoring freedom, and we precious metal investors know a few things about freedom.

My brother, Theodore Terbolizard, who is running for Congress in the 4th district, was able to look into this clear case of vote fraud, by calling the Ron Paul campaign headquarters.  Someone said that only Ron Paul could sue the state for a recount, and that it would cost Ron Paul $350,000 to $500,000 to sue.  Further, they would need photograph evidence as well as testimony.  So, here it is, both photos and testimony (I’m sure we can gather much more):

Here is photo evidence of ballots in California getting crunched in non-working machines:

Regarding my email yesterday, here are three comments:
They Say You Don’t Count! February 6, 2008

Thank you for this commentary.  I, too, am stunned and amazed.   And I am even more stunned by Mitt Romney’s withdrawal (suspension) just announced.  
I am a California native, resident of the South Bay area of LA County.   For months now, Ron Paul signs and banners have been all over the ‘hood.    Barrack Obama  rallies have been major events – even at my alma mater of UCLA.   Most of my friends and associates are passionate supporters of one or the other.   Although I believe that Ron Paul is the right man for the job, I certainly respect the buzz that Obama has generated.    I don’t know of anyone who has such enthusiasm for McCain or Clinton.   I thought the South Bay and Westside of LA must be flukes.  
Remember the old Lilly Tomlin line – “No matter how cynical I get, I just keep falling behind?”   Seems rather appropriate at the moment.  
Although I certainly wish no pain or suffering on anyone, perhaps the accelerated deterioration of our economy and the spreading financial disenfranchisement of the American people will contribute to increasing support for and attention to Ron Paul.   But first, how do we break through the media blockade?   I also hope that Dr. Paul has the best security possible and I pray for his safety without ceasing.   The more his message is spread, the more danger he faces.  
Thanks again, Jason, for your commitment.  
Mark Hunter
Redondo Beach, CA


Hi Jason, Amen! and Amen! Just saw the news that Romney has dropped out. The fix is surely in. Everybody I know in Arizona voted for Ron Paul. The ballots were hand marked , but machine counted. John McCain is not well liked here, and I haven’t been able to find anybody who voted for him. So how are they manipulating the vote count? The lines were long at the poles all day  and it took about 20 to 30 minutes to vote. Very unusual for our area. The voter turnout here is usually about 18 to 22 %. I have heard figures for this primary in the 60% range but have not verified it. As you know, the return of Christ is certain, we just don’t know when. I do believe that we are seeing end times playing out before our very eyes. Lord Jesus come quickly! Persecution of Christians in this country can’t be far off in the future. I am glad to see your strong stand for Christ in your writings. Keep up the great work and may God richly bless you and your family.

Gary Cipponeri
Tucson, Arizona


Hello Jason! Loooved your latest E-mail! I too am seething with rage over this blatant injustice! I’ve made the exact same observations, and come to the same conclusions. I live in Point Arena/ Gualala/ North coast Ca., formerly from Tahoe. You may recall I,ve E-mailed you before about Income Tax issues. At any rate, the election fraud that is going on nationwide is a hideous disgrace! There is every type of shenanigan/skulduggery happening everywhere. My entire family experienced bizarre treatment from the election officials. All of us recently changed party affiliation so we could vote for Ron Paul, just as most people I know have done. We all voted at different places. At each place, some were told that our voting status was suspended, and others, that they could only vote Democrat. No kidding! Only after vehement insistence, were we allowed to vote Republican, or at all. In some cases we were made to vote on provisional ballots. It all seemed suspiciously arbitrary to say the least. After that, we started hearing the same things from numerous people. That’s not even to mention the voting machine issues that are so voluminous it’s staggering.
 Have you seen “Hacking Democracy”? These Diebold machines have been proven to be unbelievably hackable in open court and in multiple open hearings. Subsequently, this has been made into the aforementioned documentary featured on HBO. This begs the question “why are they allowed anywhere at all?!” Some estimates put the total at 80% of the nation are voting on these corrupted machines! This whole sordid affair demonstrates just how leviathan the entrenched, and corrupt Establishment has become. I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at that. Google “election fraud” and see how many hits you get.

 Almost all my wealth is currently in silver and gold. I am an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment Hopefully this will be enough to get me through the tyrannical nightmare on the horizon. Our monetary system is in full scale collapse right now. It will be quite interesting to see how this all pans out.

 Depending on just how cynical you are, there is a great documentary by Alex Jones available at entitled “Endgame”. It’s pretty radical stuff, but unfortunately it fits the picture all too well. There are also many other videos there which are along the same lines, all of which IMO are good. Keep up the good work!   Erik Segelstrom


If you would like to learn more about gold, there is one man who knows the Gold market better than just about anyone, John Embry.  His latest report is here:

For all those fools who think politics and religion have nothing to do with silver, let me explain something.  I believe in freedom.  I have free speech.  If you don’t like it, unsubscribe.  And may the chains of darkness rest on you lightly.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and He has called me to refute foolishness, to expose the works of darkness, and he has called us to occupy, and fight the good fight, and to make peace with all men, where ever possible!  Remember, let’s pray for our enemies!

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