They Say You Don’t Count!

& You Won’t Do Anything About It!

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, February 6, 2008

I’m so filled with anger that I can hardly contain it.  But at least I know what to do about it! 

It’s one thing when they lie, and say that inflation is 3% when it’s really 17%.  That, I can take.

Sources: CPI is supposed to be 3%:

Proof:  Money Creation Inflation is 17%:

I can take that, because I know what to do.  I can buy silver, and I’m making a killing off of their lies, as silver has moved up from $5 to nearly $17 now in the last few years, and stands to soar far, far higher due the fact that silver is moving up so strongly with nearly non-existant investor interest, and the silver shortage caused by soaring industrial demand. 

But when they say that Hilary Clinton and John McCain won the election in California, I’m about ready to lose my mind.  No way!  No way! 

I’ve not seen any support for Hilary or McCain, and I was thinking that the direction of the 2008 election would change after the California primary.  The support for Ron Paul is extremely strong in the Northern part of the State of California around Sacramento, Auburn, Grass Valley and Tahoe, and Ron Paul should be showing winning some of these precincts, no question about it.

I’d like to share with you some comments by my brother Theodore Terbolizard, who should know what a lot of people in California think about politics, since he is running for Congress, and has actually spoken, and listened, to a lot of people.

In the wake of the events of yesterday, I must commit some observations to words for public display. Yesterday, February 5th, 2008, was a day in which 24 states held their presidential primaries.

As someone who has been campaigning for office for much of the past year- which includes reaching out to various different politically-minded individuals, groups and organizations with discrete and disparate beliefs- I must trust my own observations as having credence from focused study.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain surged to unexpected victories a day ago; we will see them in a general election nearly a full year from now in November and Clinton will be the next president. Period. Get used to it. Somehow, this is exactly what the election looked like over a year ago before the whole process of debates and campaigning began. This spectacle should be stultifying to endure in the seasons ahead; Hillary is widely hated- almost as much as President Bush is today- and McCain is woefully out of touch, the unelectable 2008 version of Bob Dole.

The difficulty I have in reconciling the Clinton/McCain showdown comes from what I see on the ground in physical reality, and what I see online.


I got an excited myspace message that said in Truckee, California, there were huge Ron Paul signs all over I-80 in the snow.

I got a text message saying to vote for Ron Paul. Later that day I did.

The Union paper in Grass Valley, which dates back to the 1860s, had a bold headline declaring that the races were wide open and that there was large voter interest in Nevada County. I know this to be true from watching swarms of people descend on the Nevada County Elections office weeks ago for the voter registration deadline.

Driving across the State during the day, which is normal for me, I passed through Berkeley on the I-80 freeway. The footbridge near University avenue, over the freeway, was clogged with excited, waving people with signs reading OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL OBAMA RON PAUL and so on; it was enough to create a small traffic jam. Motorists honked gleefully. Love it or hate it, Berkeley is impassioned about its politics.

In San Francisco, in the Mission District, heart of the Latino Community and near the site of the first Spanish Mission settled centuries ago, the 16th and Mission intersection was fully ringed with supporters walking along with OBAMA signs; some homemade, others of varying designs. People were shouting and honking; it was almost as if the war was over. There was an electric buzz in the air.

In Oakland, I went to vote at the same polling station I’ve used for years, at a small church in West Oakland. I’ve never ever had to wait in line there; but yesterday, I did, as solemn lines of young African American men proudly gathered to vote in what was likely their first primary election- or any election- ever; guess who they were there to vote for. A broad smile was on my face; to see these disenfranchised young men suddenly show at the polls- even if we disagree on candidates and politics- was inspiring. Standing in line, we silently nodded at each other out of respect as people do when passing on the street in Oakland, and it had more of a sense of community and brotherhood to it than ever. For a moment, I was prouder than ever to be a U.S. citizen walking out of there with my ‘I Voted’ sticker. We voted on paper ballots that were fed into an electronic machine.

It is clear that on the ground, there has been a strong pattern pointing to the two candidates mentioned repeatedly above. Obama/Paul.

If we look at the internet, this race has been purely Obama/Paul for a half year now, easy. Places like youtube, myspace- enormous mainstream social networks with many tens of millions of users- this has been as evident as can be. If we look at that perplexing ‘Yahoo Buzz’ quotient, it says the same thing, Ron Paul and Barrack Obama have been runaway favorites online. In my entire lifetime, I have never seen anything as remotely intense as the unprecedented grassroots outpouring of support for Ron Paul online; it was real enough for his campaign to set fundraising records. I find it hard to balance the idea that the GOP fundraising leader in the last quarter- ended just a month ago- was placing far behind other candidates who have already left the race.

Northern California has always been my home, and I regularly traverse from the mountains through the foothills through the State Capitol to the Bay Area and back, taking me through wide demographic regions, from urban decay to lush wilderness to vast farmlands; from historical districts to glistening new shopping malls. My friends are rich, poor, young, old, conservative, liberal and so on, across much of what we understand to be our national political spectrum. California has approximately 30 million inhabitants.

As a Republican politician, I have met many different folks from my party. I know of many Mitt Romney supporters; I expected him to win the state, with the key California Republican Assembly endorsement; I see his signs around, his bumper stickers proudly displayed. I encounter Huckabee supporters. I know folks who are Tom Tancredo fans. I know people who deeply respect Duncan Hunter. Rudy Giuliani is huge in our state. And, of course, I know many, many Ron Paul supporters; for months, the California Ron Paul meetup groups had larger attendance than the GOP county committee meetings; I see more Ron Paul signs than all other candidates combined. I don’t know any folks who have been pushing McCain; I never see McCain signs or bumper stickers or buttons or anything. When people speak of McCain, it’s like they’re talking about cold, coagulated and unsalted mashed potatoes with no gravy; he even looks like that sometimes. And he won our state solidly. Did I miss something? Hello? Everyone’s had enough of the war in Iraq and the guy who wants to expand the war on terror wins? I can’t wait to pour over the precinct polling data. Do all of my travels through Tahoe, Gold Country, Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco and so on deceive me? Is there another Republican Party in the state that I’m somehow unaware of?

I watched over an hour of evening news last night after the polls closed, on the local Fox News affiliate. Ron Paul was never mentioned by name or in onscreen data, he did not exist, he was an unperson. John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani, who have already dropped out of the race, had their images and vote counts flash by fairly frequently. Camera crews at the local Barrack Obama campaign party showed a large but slightly dejected crowd milling around anxiously in huge ballroom; they lost unexpectedly in California, despite showing huge, openly perceptible foot support and strong pre-election polling numbers. Get this- the Grateful Dead played a sold-out reunion benefit concert this past Monday in San Francisco to endorse Obama- and they’ve never endorsed a candidate like that ever in 40 years. Camera crews at the local election night Clinton rally showed a handful of folks standing around some non-event space, nothing at all like a crowd; I saw more people at the polling place in West Oakland. The same phenomenon was evident when the camera crews were at the McCain party, which had about a dozen people and looked like it was in someone’s small, private office. I am unable to demonstrate any legitimate following for Clinton or McCain in California that would justify their dominant victories yesterday; indeed, months ago I once stumbled by accident into a Clinton fundraiser party in San Francisco that cleared out an otherwise busy nightspot, it was like people repellent, go figure.

As I said at the beginning of this message, prepare for a Clinton administration.

You can take my comments as you choose, please, exercise your freedom and come to your own conclusions based on your own perceptions. I do not want to discourage people from taking part in our voting process, yet it seems that from what I’m writing above, it would be hard to have faith in it at this time; my mood is dejected, baffled and cynical today. Somehow- from the other reality I see on the television and in the large newspapers, the reality that isn’t the one I see on the street- I had this sinking feeling lurking in the shadows: Clinton/McCain, no choice.

Going forward, we need to continue pushing our political process. We have to come up with a vigorous, transparent, citizen-driven recount system for every election at every precinct level, our future demands it. We should not wait for losing candidates to sue elections officials, which is apparently how our system works at this time.

I also must speak specifically to the Ron Paul rEVOLution, of which I have- like many of you- put so much faith and effort into. Our candidate has been swept under the rug, it’s over. There will be no way to climb out of this hole, even if it was built on fraudulent media deception. For those of you who took the incredible inspiration of this time as motivation to make your first step into politics, please, see it as just that, a first step. Keep going and sometime in the future we will not just be making wobbly steps, but running. We’ve learned through Dr. Paul what messages are enormously empowering to young people, people who will grow up to become our future leaders. The freedom message is popular. The liberty message is popular. The Constitutional message is popular. Republicans shouldn’t just say ‘lower taxes,’ they should say ‘end the IRS.’ We know Republicans can publicly oppose a policy of deficit-funded war that last forever. We know that sound economic policies are what we really want from the Federal Government. We’ve learned how to create political websites, profiles, signs, groups, mailing lists and more. All of these things will benefit us tremendously in the future if we remember and learn from and build on them. Keep going. Keep communicating your political insights with all of your new friends. Use and exercise your freedom or we will all lose it.

Oh, and once again, get ready for President Clinton. It kinda sounds familiar.

——end Terbolizard’s commentary——

Now, let’s compare Ted’s observations with that of a reporter for the New York Times.  You can read the lies dripping off of nearly every sentence!

Published: February 6, 2008

LOS ANGELES � Hillary Clinton and John McCain scored decisive victories in California late Tuesday night after heated skirmishes for the state�s opulent troves of delegates to each party�s national convention.

Most significant for Mr. McCain on the Republican side was his strong showing across a wide swath of the state�s 53 Congressional districts

No way!  There is NO SUPPORT for McCain in Northern California.

� with three delegates at stake in each � including areas in the southern portion of the state where a strong anti-immigration sentiment appeared earlier to poison his chances.

Look at that, they admit there should have been NO SUPPORT for McCain in Southern California, either!

Exit polls showed that Mitt Romney was favored over Mr. McCain by two to one among Republicans who were principally concerned with that issue.

For his part, Mr. McCain dominated among voters who were focused on the war and the economy.

What?  What?!  You have to be kidding me?!  That’s totally crazy!  Romney also supports the war, and Romney was outpulling McCain 2 to 1 in exit polls, so war supporters should be split!!  Besides, who in California supports the war?! hardly anyone!!  Nationally, it’s less than 30%, in California it would have to be much less! 

And then, and then! — They are saying McCain is finding support by people who are concerned about the economy?!  That’s insane!  McCain’s weak spot is understanding of the economy!  His career is the military, and congress, not business!  McCain wouldn’t know how to buy his way out of a paper bag!

Although this is all enough to make me livid, here’s the truth.  Are you ready?

I don’t believe in Democracy.  That’s right.  Even if the voting results were not rigged, that wouldn’t make it right.  Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on who to eat for dinner.  
The right to bear arms is what keeps the wolves at bay.  The U.S. is supposed to be a Republic, with the rule of law, not a democracy!

I’m just particularly upset right now, because it’s clear that the sheep far outnumber the wolves, and are voting for freedom, but the votes of the sheep in our Great Republic are not being counted!

It is abundantly clear that those people who are in control of the United States government and media are so clueless that they are openly rigging elections with their controlled media now to try to desperately maintain control of the value of the fraudulent dollar.  And they are losing control, badly.

The most effective and most peaceful solution to this problem is to buy silver.  Buy lots of silver.  Buy all the silver that you can. 

Silver is the achilles heel, the great weakness, of the bankers. 

Bank of America, one of the largest banks in America, who has no industrial use for silver, used to be a member of the “Silver User’s Association”, whose stated goal is to keep the price of silver low so that silver is available for users, and not investors.  B of A is no longer on the member’s roster, but they were replaced by other financial houses: FideliTrade Incorporated, Mitsui Global Precious Metals, Prudential Financial Derivatives, LLC, and ScotiaMocatta.

The bankers hate silver; they have hated silver for decades.  The bankers are short silver in the futures markets.

The best way to destroy the control by the bankers, and to stop the current form of government oppression, is to buy silver.

If you own bonds, you are funding your own enslavement, and losing more than 10% per year to the oppressors who are rigging elections, and controlling the media.

If you buy silver, you are purchasing your own freedom, as well as setting yourself up to gain real wealth that actually creates freedom.

And then, people occasionally tell me there’s no relation between silver and politics, when bankers control the government?  They are either idiots, or they are in on it!

Look, sorry to get all worked up, and share my angst with you, but I’m an adult with a voice and this is happening on my watch, and I can’t remain silent about such things. 

I’m normally an extremely positive person, and I’m positive that we will do just great by investing in silver, and for me, personally, my future looks very bright.

I’m angry, in part, that I have to even risk my life to bring such opinions to you, because these evil people are clearly so evil that killing people is what they have been known to do.  But with my trust in the resurrection and in the Lord Jesus Christ who rose from the dead, I’m willing to take such risks.

Father in heaven, your law states that people are supposed to be slaves for no more than seven years, or fifty at the most, unless people have willingly made themselves a permanant slave with an ear piercing!  I pray that you free your people, set your people free from this crazy oppression, let them see that they can buy their freedom and end the control of the bankers by selling bonds and paper money, and by buying silver!  In the name of Jesus Christ in heaven I pray and plead my case!  Readers, if there is anyone who agrees, say Amen, and let our agreement move God to intervene on our behalf to open the eyes of our Christian brothers!  Please God, let people find the peaceful solution to stopping the crazy wars, let them see that buying silver is the peaceful way to oppose the oppression, and support the real revolution.