4mg aluminum vs 1mg micronutrients

More circular reasoning in Vaccine Science: The FDA says 4.2 mg of aluminum in the CDC’s vaccine schedule for infants is safe, because the “Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry” says it’s safe. I finally went further down the rabbit hole, and found out that this is an agency of the CDC. So to check the CDC’s schedule’s safety, the FDA refers right back to the CDC. Is that not circular reasoning?



I mention this, because it’s great evidence of a great lie. And one of my best arguments.
Always toxic aluminum, always toxic to all cells, always toxic to all tissues, always toxic to all plants and animals and always toxic to all humans, is somehow safe, when injected at 4mg?

But there are 4 vital nutrients that have recommended doses for an adult that are less than 1mg: iodine, selenium, molybdenum, chromium.

Injected things are “absorbed at up to 100 times higher rates than oral doses”. (Thus, 4mg becomes like 400 mg oral.)

And a 200 pound adult is 20 times bigger than a 10 pound infant. (Thus, 400 mg oral becomes like 8000 mg oral.)

Thus, infants are really getting over 8000 times more toxic aluminum, than adults are getting the 4 vital minerals, if an adult were to supplement them, directly.

And how can they say the aluminum is safe, because it’s in small doses? Small compared to what? Why is it a small dose when it’s 8000 time more than the upper limit of 4 other vital nutrients?

And how reliable is their information, when it’s not independently confirmed, or studied, but simply, the FDA saying, in essence: “we believe the CDC”?

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