How to Get Out of Jury Duty

by anonymous, June 26th, 2019

Best way to get out of Jury Duty is to tell them you believe in Jury Nullification, which is the right to vote your conscience, and nullify the law by voting not guilty if the law itself is unjust. Judges hate that. The might not only throw you off the jury pool, but start over entirely because the very concept, verbalized out loud, could “taint” the entire jury pool. The reason why jurors have this right is to stand against tyranny. The reason why jurors have this right is that they can vote any way they wish, and there can be no legal penalty against any juror.

I am not advocating getting out of Jury Duty! I believe people should step up, and fulfill their duties!

In college, one of my professors (Class Title: The Psychology of Judgement and Decision making) also said how to get out of Jury Duty: Simply wait 10 seconds before answering any question. The delay drives other people nuts.

But the best reason to try to get on a Jury is because you believe in Jury Nullification, and you want to stop the unjust railroading of your fellow citizens who violated no real law, and to stop the runaway jailing of up to 1% of our population who never injured another human.

Best way to get on Jury Duty.

  1. Work for the Government. In my experience, government workers are far more likely to be called for Jury Duty
  2. Admit no bias. Admit no opinions. Say you are open to review the evidence fairly and objectively, and only consider the evidence that the Judge rules is admissable.


  1. Better yet…don’t tell anyone in the system, get on a jury and use your jury nullification right for just results!

    1. Yes, get yourself seated on the jury. Then vote not guilty if the law is unjust.

      Don’t avoid the jury duty. Use the jury duty to make change personally.

  2. The problem with telling them you believe in jury nullification is that you don’t allow yourself to help others who are being railroaded by government.

    1. The second paragraph shows that yes, to actually apply jury nullification, you need to keep it to yourself to get on the jury. The title is simply the “lead in” since most people are looking how to get out of jury duty. A headline “jury nullification” does not draw interest, since that’s a term people don’t know about. I might as well say “Jury dullification”. Boring title. Any suggestions on how to reach more people are always welcome.

    1. There are quite a few anti tax guys out there. Most get prosecuted. Most of their arguments have been ruled “frivolous” by Tax Courts.

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