Why We Take all of these Supplements

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We are taking mineral supplements for quite a few reasons:

1. The soils our food is grown in are notoriously deficient in minerals.

2. Sugar has no minerals, and uses up the little minerals we have.

3. My wife and I have noticed more benefits from minerals than vitamins.

4. Taking a few minerals can lead to depletion in the other more trace minerals, so it’s better to take them all.

5. Many trace mineral supplements don’t have nearly enough.

6. Even a multi mineral supplement does not have nearly enough, they have things in the wrong ratios, and they contain things we don’t want to take.

7. I have discovered that you have to take the minerals at different times to avoid nausea, especially taking zinc by itself at night.

Copper is our most favorite supplement. It stops bleeding, boosts red and white blood cell counts, improves collagen formation, kills germs, kills parasites and fungus, boosts hormones, is a great detoxer of poisons such as fluoride, and boosts ATP and gives energy, and heals the nerves, aids sleep, and boosts intelligence, calms emotions, and gives joy.

Copper helps boost the adrenals, makes collagen to prevent wrinkles, makes melanin to tan and create color in the hair, boosts testosterone and T4 and T3 hormones. Copper is blocked by iron, calcium, sulfur, vitamin C, zinc, and iodine. Copper is depleted through sweat, toxins, and pain medicines.

Zinc helps the body make testosterone, perhaps more even than iodine and boron and copper do. Zinc also aids sleep, and is thus best taken at the end of the day. Zinc, like copper, helps keep histamine from being excessively released. Zinc especially is good for skin rashes (caused by histamine). Zinc blocks copper, and copper blocks zinc, but they also work together; we need both.

Vitamin C helps the body make collagen, and stop bleeding. Lack of C causes scurvy. Too much Vitamin C can block copper. Copper is also needed to stop bleeding. Too much vitamin C, or the wrong kind, can cause “rebound scurvy” if you suddenly stop taking C, or if you run out. Bioflavonoids help keep C in the body longer. Vitamin C also tends to strongly detox the body, and demineralize it. Vitamin C appears to help stop headaches from detoxing with copper. For whatever reasons, whole food Vitamin C does not work for us.

Selenium also boosts testosterone, and detoxes mercury. Selenium is needed with iodine to make thyroid hormones.

Colloidal Gold boosts the mind and increases metallothioneins. Dr. Abraham, who pioneered the modern high iodine protocol, was also into colloidal gold.

Boron also detoxes fluoride and also boosts testosterone, and also boosts the brain. Boron has a pH more basic than baking soda. Many of the minerals do the same things. Boron is best known for fixing the joints, and healing arthritis. Boron makes the bones stronger. Boron helps the body hold onto and use calcium and magnesium.

Potassium helps the body keep the other minerals, and sodium, in balance, helps the body stay hydrated, and helps the body avoid muscle cramps, and is also great for the nerves and muscles.

Molybdenum helps the body detox and helps the body use copper. Moly also assists sulfur detox the body. Personally speaking, Moly helped relieve a few spots of pain in my body. Moly helps detox mold, warm cold hands and feet, and relieve nausea.

Silica, in diatomaceous earth (DE) and ionic silica is “glass”, but is really a mineral. DE is a powder, and is the main part of the skeletal remains of one celled organisms. DE cleans the gut and kills parasites. Silica is great for the bones, and the heart. It helps put calcium into the bones, and makes the back stronger.

Niacin, a B vitamin, can be taken alone in higher doses to get a flush, to aid detox, or to get blood to the skin, or to carry vitamins or minerals like copper or zinc to the skin to help the skin heal.

Pantothenic Acid, a B vitamin, is great for helping the body have endurance in the cold. It also boosts the adrenals, but copper boosts the adrenals more.

B Complex: The B vitamins, in general, are needed to make energy. They also prevent a whole host of vitamin B deficiency diseases. All the vitamins and minerals do. The B’s are used up by eating too much sugar, or carbs. They work well with magnesium, which is also used up with eating sugar. We avoid B6 and B9, as they are nerve toxic at high doses.

We have discovered that 5 B complex vitamins a day provides the following increased benefits (while on the high iodine/copper program): better sex, better blood flow, better mental health, better mood, more laughter, better healthier nerves so less peripheral neuropathy or hands falling asleep, better digestion, better HCL production which greatly helps digestion, far smoother skin all over, better vision, and all that in the first 5 days! Taking extra B vitamins seems to create an extra demand for zinc. Both are used together to make HCL, hydrochloric acid.

B12 is needed to help the body convert iron into red blood cells, and B12 can also help stop nerve tingling. So can iron, and calcium, and copper, and sulfur. Many minerals do similar things, or just one can be the key to help the others work properly. There is a B12 deficiency induced anemia problem. Anemia causes nerve tingling from low blood supply. B12 can be thought of as a mineral, cobalt. It’s called methylcobalamin or cyanocobalamin.

MSM Sulfur: Sulfur is a key detoxing mineral. It’s a solvent, and anti inflammatory, diuretic, and pain reliever. Sulfur is a vital nerve regenerator.

Iodine is our next most important mineral supplement. Iodine fixes 180 conditions that are linked to iodine deficiency and fluoride toxicity, and iodine detoxes fluoride. Fluoride also induces iodine deficiency. They block each other. Iodine makes us smarter and fixes about 14 brain conditions, including depression. Iodine is an anti fungal, and anti bacterial. Iodine boosts testosterone. Iodine can be difficult to take, as it detoxes so well, some people develop allergic reactions from taking iodine. It is thus best taken after getting through detox with copper and zinc.

Chromium helps the body make insulin. I also find it to be a brain booster.

Manganese helps make collagen and neurotransmitters, and helps copper and zinc and sulfur work better. Some have said that manganese is a neurotoxin, but the research is often associational, or blames “welding fumes” and not manganese supplements, which have plenty of testimonials.


  1. Lithium is also an essentiell mineral for us. As nutritional supplement e.g. 2 – 3 mg Li-orotate/day. I read it is neccessary to make serotonin.
    Book: Nutritional Lithium, A Cinderella Story by Greenblatt & Grossmann

    1. I would suggest H2O2 therapy, other oxygen therapies, the high iodine protocol, and calcium. Calcium surprised me. Low calcium can cause difficulties in breathing! Who knew?!

      What are the signs and symptoms of hypocalcaemia?
      Many people with hypocalcaemia will have no symptoms at all, especially if they have had the condition for some time. Most people who do have symptoms will note tingling around the mouth and pins and needles or numbness in the hands. Muscle stiffness and cramps commonly occur, whilst confusion, difficulties in breathing, heart problems and locking of muscles in a fixed position (tetany) occur only when the calcium level is very low.

      Iodine can help clear out the lungs, and get more mucous flowing. That might be the opposite of what you want, but at the end of it, it’s fantastic.

      I would start with oxygen therapies first, and check calcium levels.

  2. You may wish to fix a small error in your copper paragraph…it is melanin, not melatonin, which is produced during tanning-

  3. Hi Jason,
    Nice article, I am very new to this. Do you endorse any brands? My worry is supplements can also be money making industry, I want to know about brands that truly help ..


    1. Yes, in capitalism, other people make money. The opposite, socialism, is a far bigger worry.

      1. Jason, You probably explained this but why do you distinguish between “Vitamins” which are combinations of minerals and “Minerals” You take the latter but not the former. Have you found any sources where one can get most of the minerals and then maybe have to get a few more individually? Would a Whole Food Plant Based – organic diet supply all one needs? Have you looked into the minerals promoted by Dr Ben Fuchs?

        1. I take Vitamins C and all the B’s. I don’t like vitamin D much, nor vitamin A much. I take those very seldom. You can’t get a whole lot of iodine from food. Nor boron. Most of the all the minerals must be in the ground to get into the minerals. If not, then the plants are deficient, too.

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