Copper Toxicity In Perspective

As I have personally enjoyed many benefits from taking 20-30mg of copper for about 6 months, and then settling back to about 10mg/day, over the last three years, I have, of course, been cautious, because of the supposed claim of “copper toxicity” which I have been continuously researching for the past three years.

Before I get too far into it, for reference’s sake, here are two points.

Infants get 250 mcg of copper a day in breast milk. Extrapolated from 10 pounds to a 200 pound man would be times 20, which would be 5mg.

Second, liver is the highest copper content food. A quick search shows that 1 oz. of beef liver contains 4mg of copper. A 16 ounce, one pound steak of liver would give 64 mg of copper.

Oysters are the second highest copper containing food: oysters are a good source of copper, providing 7.6 mg per 3.5 ounces (16/3.5 x 7.6 = 34.7mg/pound)

The US government would have you believe that eating anything over 2.5 oz. of liver a day (containing 10mg of copper), for 3 years, would destroy your liver due to copper toxicity. But they never express it like that. They simply say the tolerable upper human limit is 10mg, and I will closely examine their reasons for that.

My main reasons I was not too concerned is that I had previously identified a list of about 13 things that lower copper, in my original copper article, and I did investigate the issue quite thoroughly in the second half of my article:

13 things that lower copper:

Vitamin C
having high iron
DMSO sulfur
sweating heavily
drinking distilled water
watermelon (glutithione)
curry chicken

I did not source each item on the list, but I was going off of my memory when I compiled that article.

There are other things that lower copper: fluoride. But the inverse should be true, taking more copper should induce fluoride deficiency (or detox and clean out the fluoride).

(I’m just playing with the words “fluoride deficiency) here, I don’t believe fluoride deficiency is any cause for concern. If you want strong bones, take boron, silica, and copper, calcium and magnesium, not fluoride. The other good minerals actually do what fluoride is falsely claimed to do, make strong teeth and bones. Fluoride actually rots bones and teeth.)

But this brings me to my next point, most of the “copper is toxic” studies actually studied “high copper” in people who got it from tap water. But copper enters the water supply in tap water because the fluoride (or other acids) is stripping copper off the pipes, because copper and fluoride bond so well together, and is water soluble. So this begs the question. Is the syndrome of “copper toxicity” really just “fluoride toxicity”? I think so. How could you excrete copper fluoride, if you are continually consuming copper fluoride? How can copper help you excrete the fluoride, if your primary source of copper in your diet is copper fluoride from drinking water?

Furthermore, fluoride is everywhere, even in many brands of bottled water. If 0.7mg per Liter of fluoride in tap water is bad, how much worse is chicken feed at 135 ppm fluoride? 1 ppm = 1 mg per liter So, chicken feed is 135 mg per Liter! Fluoride is also used as an antifungal agent sprayed on dried fruits. They should be using iodine! Fluoride is also in goretex, used in waterproof clothing, and teflon in non stick frying pans. (I threw out all my teflon pans around 3 years ago, and I threw out a nice $200 pair of leather ecco boots with goretex that mysteriously and continually gave me a foot rash, even though I sprayed the inside of the boots with antifungals. It was the fluoride! Even though I finally realized it was the fluoride, it was still painful to have to throw them out!)

So, I was recently given this wonderful article:

Excess Copper as a Factor in Human Diseases
Carl C. Pfeiffer, Ph.D., M.D.1
Richard Mailloux, B.S.1

I have fully read the document very carefully.. I could re-title it: “How Tap Water containing Fluoride binds with Copper in the pipes helping to create a false appearance of what we will call “copper toxicity” rather than “fluoride poisoning”.

There is no proof of copper toxicity in the entire article, if you understand that fluoride is the causal agent for leeching copper off of copper pipes into the water supply.

The CDC admits such, and says that silicates help prevent this problem. The CDC generally downplays fluoride’s role in stripping copper, but only if fluorosilicates are used. But often it’s sodium fluoride that is used in water. So there is a bit of slight of hand and disingenuousness, or lying going on there.

The American Cancer Society states:

“The types of fluoride added to different water systems include fluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride.”

The next big point is also great news.

When I first started taking “high copper” on my own, about 3 years ago, I had slight concerns because of the tolerable upper human limit on copper is said to be 10mg. And I summarize from my memory:

“At 30-60 mg copper per day for 3 years, one young man destroyed his liver and needed a liver transplant. But they make no mention of whether he was taking zinc or vitamin C.”

But I forgot my source. I found it again. This is the official U.S. Government’s recommendation on RDA and upper limits for copper, and a wide array of nutrients, it’s a 773 page book.

“At higher doses, acute liver failure was reported in one subject, who had no known genetic defect in copper homeostasis, after consuming 30 mg/day of copper from supplements for 2 years, followed by 60 mg/day for an additional but unspecified period of time (O’Donohue et al., 1993).”

In other words, they have ONE CASE STUDY. There is no large body of studies showing liver damage in humans who take copper supplements within a certain range. There are no large body of studies showing liver damage in humans who take copper at high doses with all of the other co nutrients that I’m taking that work to lower copper. There is literally nothing. In other words, the scientific method has never been applied to determine a tolerable upper human limit for copper.

In fact, since 1993, 27 years ago now, they have not followed up on their own recommendation on p. 252: “Define the adverse effects of chronic high copper consumption for establishing upper intake levels and to evaluate the health risks of copper supplements.”

So this one case study must be extremely important. It is either cited incorrectly, or simply unavailable, except the abstract, or I just can’t find anything except the abstract.


“Copper “supplements” taken in a dose of 30-60 mg/day during 3 years caused severe liver cirrhosis necessitating orthotopic liver transplantation.”

So, there is literally no other information. No information on what drugs he took, or diseases he had, or what other supplements he took, or did not take. No explanation as to why he took that much.

And utterly no follow up in 27 years; from 1993 to 2020; zero studies and no other case studies showing any harm in going over 10mg/day of copper.

Meanwhile, there are tens of thousands of reports of damage from vaccines, but the establishment refuses to acknowledge them!

Where are the thousands of reports of damage from copper supplements? There are none.

As Andrew Saul likes to point out, there are never any deaths from vitamins or minerals according to “the American Association of Poison Control Centers”.


I would like to refute Dr. Wilson’s article:

However, it is so poorly written, why bother? Except so many have read it. So… I will try quickly.

Dr. Wilson claims he was high copper, but he admits his own test came back Normal. That is a red flag, because he literally has no evidence of his claim. It could be that he is confused.

“I was full of copper 35 years ago.  I was depressed, my thoughts raced day and night, and I was achy, spacy, and foggy.  I went to at least a dozen doctors. 

No one figured it out until someone did a hair analysis.  Even then, the copper level was normal. “

Second, in his article, he sounds confused, or he is creating intentional confusion by the words “copper imbalance”. Neither his readers or him, has any idea if he is talking about high copper or low copper, and maybe he wants it this way on purpose, so you are unconsciously led to try his “copper balancing” program. Or perhaps, I understand the body can have high copper in the liver, and low copper in the blood serum in the rare Wilson’s disease (not named after this Dr. Wilson), and other conditions. How rare are they?

Third, from my opinion, he sounds copper deficient to me.

Fourth, he makes contradictory statements. He says high copper causes both no sex drive and high sex drive in women. That’s not how this works.

Fifth, he is not “all wrong”. That’s now how this works. He has many great insights, and I re-read his article from time to time. I agree that high copper lowers Vitamin C and Zinc. And conversely, high Vitamin C and Zinc can lower copper, and that the body needs all of these in balance. I also like his “high oxidizers” need more copper idea. Yes, intense exercise, and even too much sweating can deplete copper, as copper comes out in the sweat. Too much iodine can also increase sweating, and that may be one of the mechanisms of how iodine can deplete copper.

My own thoughts on copper discomfort and other issues.

Copper can often cause a lot of gastrointestinal distress. Literal pain in the gut, watery mouth, and the feeling one is about to vomit. This goes away with water. As I mentioned before, copper binds to fluoride, which is water soluble.

Copper also can cause burping. Why? Maybe fluoride? Maybe also because copper lowers zinc. We need zinc and B vitamins to make Hydrochloric Acid for proper digestion. So, the solution is more zinc. The copper and zinc have to be in balance. You will also need even more B vitamins if you increase the zinc, and you will need more zinc if you increase the B vitamins. This is not “an impossible fix”. Just find your right balance. B’s, like copper, increase energy. Zinc helps you sleep. If you can’t sleep, take a bit more zinc. I have taken up to 5 B complex vitamins a day on Dr. Andrew Saul’s public recommendation, and this fixed quite a few health issues, and was fantastic. Greatly boosted my mood. Back to zinc: Usually, from 15 to 30 or 50 mg is fine for me. Zinc is safe to take up to 150mg, and I never need that much. On rare occasions, I have taken 100 mg of zinc.

Copper is thus best taken with food, especially protein. Copper needs protein to help bind it in the body properly; there are a lot of different proteins that copper needs.

Copper is in “whole food Vitamin C”, so it may be best to take copper with Vitamin C or very close to taking Vitamin C. They are both needed to make collagen. Too much of one can lower the other. I usually take from 1000mg to 2000mg of Vitamin C to 6-10mg of copper. That seems about right for me.

Taking Vitamin C with meat also helps you absorb about 3 times more iron from the meat. Copper is needed with iron, but too much copper can also block iron. Copper helps the body convert iron to red blood cells, and there is a copper deficiency induced anemia, and a B12 induced anemia (low red blood cells).

I’m sure that copper can be toxic at very high levels. So far, there is very little evidence on what those levels might be. With enough of the balancing nutrients, a person might be able to tolerate up to 3000 to 20,000 mg of copper a day, as people have survived those amounts of copper, with no report of them taking any other counterbalancing nutrients. I’m sure the baby that was poisoned with 3000mg did not.

Further thoughts on safety.

The more copper one takes, the less is absorbed. This is a protective mechanism.

The more copper one takes, the more is excreted through the bile from the liver into the intestine. This is a protective mechanism.

There is no plausible biological mechanism for “copper toxicity”. One such proposed mechanism is “oxydative damage”. Oxygen is not inherently damaging, and I find that theory not only implausible, but also a deliberate lie. Athletes do not suffer from oxygen damage. Oxygen therapies have a wide array of positive testimonials, and nearly no negative ones. Oxygen therapy alone, whether from H202, or ozone, or hyperbaric oxygen is so successful against a wide array of illnesses, it is one of the banes of, and threats to, the medical establishment. Thus, I believe that oxydative damage is an invented theory to falsely accuse oxygen for the damage from mercury and aluminum and the toxic metals and to slander oxygen therapies. They also use it to slander highly healthful and effective copper. Whatever your opinions are on the topic of oxygen therapy “good or bad”, copper is also said to be an antioxidant. So, plausibly, one could say that copper prevents oxidative damage rather than causing it.

My bigger concerns are that people only take copper, without any vitamin C or Zinc. This is why I recommend all the nutrients.

I went looking for evidence that copper supplements could cause Wilson’s disease (supposedly a high copper problem), or that copper supplements made Wilson’s disease worse. I could not find any such evidence.


  1. So there is only ONE case study of one person where “excess” copper was being “associated with” not causing liver failure. But copper cures liver problems.

    Copper Deficiency in Liver Diseases: A Case Series and Pathophysiological Considerations
    Conclusion: Copper deficiency in the serum or liver occurs in a wide range of liver diseases. Given the biological essentiality of copper, the mechanism and clinical significance of this association require systematic study.

    Hepatic Iron Overload or Cirrhosis May Occur in Acquired Copper Deficiency and Is Likely Mediated by Hypoceruloplasminemia
    “Conclusions: Acquired copper deficiency causes a secondary ceruloplasmin deficiency which can result in hepatic iron overload and/or cirrhosis.”

  2. A reader gave me this link:
    30 Case Reports of “Copper Toxicosis”

    I break down, summarize, and categorize those 30 reports, as follows:

    Copper in tap water (likely fluoride) 1111111 (7)
    Copper from a boiler, post 1945 (likely fluoride) 1111 (4)
    Copper vessels and acid foods (apples, lemons) 111 (3)
    Copper contamination in acidic pickles: 1 (1)

    Copper Sulfate in suicide attempts: 11111 1111 (9)
    Copper sulfate, no suicide: 111111 (6)
    Total: 30 reports; many reports were multiple people (such as multiple reports of suicide with copper sulfate).

    Copper poisoning from knowingly and specifically taking copper chelate, copper glycinate, or any other copper supplement: 0

    Number of copper supplements made from copper sulfate: 0

    Copper sulfate Safety Data Sheet:

    Copper Sulfate sold at

    Copper Sulfate at the National Pesticide information center

    I note: It may be best to take copper supplements at a different time than MSM sulfur to avoid unpleasant interaction effects. This may explain why taking copper supplements, with a morning coffee with MSM sulfur, creates more nausea than usual.

  3. Another big part of the “copper is toxic” argument is that people have low cereloplasmin, a copper transport molecule. Elsewhere in my research I found that exercise boosts cereloplasmin, copper boosts cereloplasmin, and molybdenum boosts cereloplasmin. I had also heard that Vitamin A boosts cereloplasmin, and I found a source for that: “Vitamin A is necessary for the production of ceruloplasmin, a protein that binds to Copper to make it bioavailable. Unfortunately, Vitamin D lowers Vitamin A which lowers ceruloplasmin which makes copper bio-UNavailable.”

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    “Factors influencing absorption include chemical form of copper, competitive antagonism by other metals (zinc, iron, selenium, cadmium)”

    “There are no laboratory markers that are currently accepted as early markers of copper excess [22].”

    “Copper deficiency …Early recognition and replacement therapy with oral or parenteral copper may lead to reduced neurological deterioration [35].”

    “Copper deficiency in the cardiovascular system can contribute to hypertension, anemia, coagulation abnormalities, and arteriosclerosis.”

    “Human studies have suggested that marginal copper deficiency may lead to tachycardia, heart block, and premature ventricular beats [36].”

    “Laboratory studies suggest that the neuromuscular blockade by Cu2+ is through decreased release of acetylcholine from presynaptic nerve terminals [40].”

    My comment: what I was looking for: “reduced acetylcholine”. Does copper cause that? Yes. Why was I looking for that? 3. Anticholinergic drugs: can reduce sweating. I knew that copper reduces sweating, in me, and copper is used as an antiperspirant by at least one company. I wondered if copper was an anticholinergic. What is an anticholinergic? Anticholinergics are drugs that block the action of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. So, the answer was, “yes”, and I found the article above, with many other interesting things to say about copper.

    “6.5. Immune System
    Copper deficiency is associated with neutropenia and impaired neutrophil function.”

    “Copper deficiency can result in anemia” … “Red blood cell survival time is reduced in copper deficiency”

    “Coagulation and fibrinolysis are both affected by copper deficiency. Clot formation is delayed”

    “Copper is a renal toxin”

    Copper may enhance the effect of benzodiazepines (like niacin’s effect as a benzo)?

    “Benzodiazepines are used for their sedative-hypnotic properties and may interact with metal ions in vivo affecting their therapeutic actions. Copper-Lorazepam complexes are biologically active, have a rapid onset, and duration more prolonged than Lorazepam itself [80].”

    “Chronic copper deficiency is more relevant to the anesthetist because of anemia, immunosuppression, bleeding diathesis, and neurological deficits including myelopathy, polyneuropathy, and demyelination [85]. “


    “This is because sufficient copper levels are extremely important in the formation and/or activity of numerous other enzymes involved in the formation of,

    bone and connective tissue

    immune system

    cardiovascular and heart



    blood vessels


    collagen and elastin

    blood clotting factors

    all the glandular systems,

    …and many others. (Ref 4)”

    “Thus, it can be stated with certainty that copper is the single most important nutrient in the body. This is why copper is the target for deprivation and depletion.”

  7. Proteins and soluble carbohydrates tend to improve copper absorption and bioavailability by enhancing its solubility and intestinal bulk flow. Organic acids, other than ascorbic acid, or agents that form low-molecular-weight chelates, are likely to have a positive effect on overall copper absorption.

  8. Copper builds muscle, and reduces fat! Study from 2017. Very high levels of copper in rabbits tested. 5-45 mg copper/kg of food supplements tested.

    Note, I am NOT recommending that much in humans. I take no more than 35 mg of copper, never more than 12 mg at one time, which appears to me to be more than enough.

    “Our study showed dietary copper addition (5-45 mg/kg) increased body mass gain, but decreased fat and liver weights compared with those in the control group (P < 0.05). Copper (45 mg/kg) addition significantly increased the skeletal muscle weight, but inhibited cytoplasmic lipid accumulation in liver, skeletal muscle and adipose tissue (P < 0.05)." Effect of dietary copper addition on lipid metabolism in rabbits

  9. Fluoride vs. Copper. For the “copper toxicity” file.

    I just learned this week that people take Prozac in amounts of from 20 mg to 60 mg. Prozac is fluoride. It does not contain fluoride, it is a fluoride. It is a molecule with fluoride atoms in it, like all fluorides, such as sodium fluoride. Fluoride is toxic.

    Copper is not toxic, it is a known vital nutrient with many vital and known fuctions in the body. It stands to basic reason that the body can handle more amounts of a vital nutrient than a toxin.

    Therefore, people should easily be able to handle taking from 20 mg to 60 mg of copper, or far more.

    In fact, that’s what studies show. People can take up to 750 mg of copper sulfate without problems.

    This completely refutes the idea of a tolerable upper human limit of copper at 10 mg.

  10. You should look into Dr Dan Pulsers work on copper. There are people who do show high levels of unbound copper and its actually very easy to test for. He isn’t one of those HMTA people either. He uses the NCC ratio to calculate the persons unbound copper. Doctors treating Wilsons disease are even aware of the NCC ratio because its really where copper does harm if that ratio rises too high. Think not enough ceruloplasmin to mop up excess free copper. The person is making plenty of ceruloplasmin but it isn’t enough to keep copper bound to the degree that its healthy. Compare this work to the Dr Wilsons crowd or even the Morley Robbins crowd and it makes a whole lot more sense medically.

  11. From a friend: You may like this article discussing mineral issues including copper. Note that Metalothionen, the major storage protein for copper can be inhibited by heavy metals and so when you take copper it’s not absorbed.
    Also note that copper is lost daily up to 2mg. If you are low then going high is going to be essential. 2mg is not gonna cut it. Only after replenishing then you will see reversal. With processes like skin or join regeneration it may take a while to see results. But with neutrophils it should be faster!

    This proves your point that you need alot of copper in order to recover from a deficiency

  12. From a page on copper toxicity: “When you consider that copper is neuro-excitatory (think copper wires conducting electricity), it’s not surprising that too much is associated with muscle and joint pain, headaches, brain fog and other symptoms often associated with fibromyalgia. Too much copper can also interrupt the cell’s energy cycle and cause fatigue, ie. chronic fatigue syndrome. When you consider that copper promotes vascularization, it makes sense that many women with fibroids, excessive menstrual bleeding and even cancer very often have an abundance of copper (for tumors to grow, they need blood vessels – for blood vessels to grow, they need copper).”

    Nope. None of those symptoms can be from copper. All of those symptoms are from fluoride toxicity. “muscle and joint pain, headaches, brain fog and other symptoms often associated with fibromyalgia” — all fluoride. copper actually cures muscle and joint pain, eliminates brain fog. “Too much copper can also interrupt the cell’s energy cycle and cause fatigue, ie. chronic fatigue syndrome.” — all fluoride. Copper actually gives energy. “women with fibroids, excessive menstrual bleeding and even cancer very often have an abundance of copper (for tumors to grow, they need blood vessels – for blood vessels to grow, they need copper). ” — all fluoride, except growth of blood vessels. Copper actually cures cancer. Cancer is caused by fluoride. Copper stops bleeding. Fluoride causes bleeding.

    Same source admits that high copper comes from copper pipes. However, that copper only gets into the water from fluoride! “there are other exposures that can raise copper including … drinking water, especially if from copper pipes or well water.”

  13. Here is a short list of psychiatric symptoms and traits associated with copper overload:

    Hyperactivity, academic underachievement, learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, skin sensitivity to tags in shirts or rough fabrics, intolerance to estrogen and birth control pills, onset during puberty, pregnancy or menopause, white spots on fingernails, skin intolerance to cheap metals, emotional meltdowns and frequent anger, ringing in ears, sensitivity to food dyes and shellfish, high anxiety, depression, poor immune function, sleep problems, poor concentration and focus, low dopamine activity, and elevated activity of norepinephrine and adrenaline.

    Other medical conditions associated with copper overload include acne, allergies, Candida overgrowth, hypothyroidism, anemia, hair loss, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, migraines and male infertility.

    The reason that copper is linked with such a long and varied list of conditions is that it is absolutely essential to the proper functioning of the immune system, the endocrine system, and the nervous system.


    Again, all of that is wrong. All of those symptoms, or most of them are from fluoride. Again, in most cases, copper does none of that, but fixes all of that. The last paragraph is particularly disturbing, there is no logic in the statement whatsoever: “The reason that copper is linked with such a long and varied list of conditions is that it is absolutely essential to the proper functioning of the immune system, the endocrine system, and the nervous system.”

  14. At the LP article:
    It says: “There is some concern that the UL of 10 mg/day might be too high. In particular, men in a research study consumed 7.8 mg/day of copper for 147 days. They accumulated copper during that time, and some indices of immune function and antioxidant status suggested that these functions were adversely affected by the high intakes of copper (95, 96).”
    The actual studies cited do not show any adverse affects. That is only an interpretation.
    Nobody died. Nobody had liver damage. Nobody had kidney damage. Nobody got sick. No reports of nausea. No reports of being diagnosed as “copper toxic”.
    The “immune function” change was minor. There is evidence that copper increases the immune system. Copper also boosted antioxidant, superoxide dismutase, a copper enzyme that protects against oxidative damage. No oxidative damage was shown, and nobody got sick. There were no harmful effects, and no symptoms noted. There is no evidence that the researchers even asked any of the study participants how they felt taking the copper.

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