Does Copper Cause Alzheimer’s Disease?

A friend sent me an article saying copper causes Alzheimer’s Disease.

This is my reply:

That article has all the markers of disinformation. None of the markers of truth.

Marker’s of truth? Aluminum causes Alzheimer’s. Mercury causes Alzheimer’s. The article never mentions either which are both neurotoxins from vaccines.

The elderly are increasingly exposed to flu shots, with mercury in them.

The article tries to blame tap water. Tap water also contains at least two known toxins, fluoride and chlorine, both block iodine. The article does not mention fluoride or chlorine as possible toxins.

Without the mention of those 4 clear and present problems, the article paints itself as disinformation, or deliberate lies.

The other markers of disinformation are the blame laid on meat. The WHO blamed meat for cancer, and their causal mechanism was NO’s or nitrate and nitrites used as meat preservatives. This is a red herring, and provably false. There are 3000 times more nitrates and nitrites in spinach than in hot dogs or any preserved meats. Nitrates and nitrites are a tiny percentage of salt, and are found in salts, salts being used to preserve the meat. There is also a false blame on salt for health problems, whereas sea salt is a necessary co nutrient on the high iodine program. The WHO falsely blamed meat for causing cancers to take the heat away from vaccines causing cancer.

The final piece of disinformation in the article was the claim that copper causes problems due to oxidative damage. This is a canard, a false tale, used to take the heat away from toxic heavy metals causing problems.

Lastly, high copper is not the problem. It’s low zinc, and low vitamin C. Copper is antagonistic to those, and high c blocks copper and zinc.

Here is another article that bought into the myth that copper causes AD, but says zinc is the solution:
Alzheimer’s disease causation by copper toxicity and treatment with zinc

Alzheimer’s disease causation by copper toxicity and treatment with zinc

As you may know, we can’t live in a world of paper money without there being millions of articles singing the praises of paper money, and vilifying gold.

It is the same in the health industry and the poison industry. They make Trillions selling poisons, and they can’t do that without slandering true medicine, iodine, other minerals, and vitamins.

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  1. Jason, you are right on target with you information. Great job!!! Thanks for being so honest and open. Patrick

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