The Philosophy behind “The Copper Revolution”

As you may have noticed, our cover title contains the word “love” in red, in reverse, in the word “Revolution”. This appeared in the Ron Paul Revolution logos.

I have been advocating the ideas of liberty and freedom for a long time:

Understanding freedom means the understanding that I cannot be a dictator telling you exactly what to do, not even with all my research knowledge, because, at some level, we are all different enough in size and in toxicity levels, and in our tolerance to change, and in our activity levels, that there are too many personal variables in each person for me to possibly know and adjust for in any recommendation that I may make.

In sum, dictatorships do not work, and people do not flourish under systems of slavery.

In theory, a free market communicates which items should be produced by way of prices and price changes, and entrepreneurs use those price signals to seek to obtain the cheapest raw materials to produce the highest cost goods that they can sell, maximising profit by way of taking advantage of price differentials, which end up smoothing out and stabilizing prices, for the benefit of all.

Similarly, our bodies send us many signals to us to tell us what is working, and what is not working when we take supplements. Furthermore, we have this wonderful capacity to speak to each other to share our truthful feedback with each other to share what is working and what is not working, for the benefit of not only ourselves, but to provide better understanding for others. We used this proces in the first month of our fb group to increase our zinc and vitamin C intakes a bit higher, but not as high as they had been last year.

We believe that freedom provides the best framework to maximise not only the productive capacity of the economy, but freedom also provides the best framework for optimizing and adjusting the best protocol or protocols of vitamins and mineral supplementation guidelines for others to try out and experiment with following.

We believe it is far faster and more efficient to learn to pay attention to body signals and symptoms of deficiency and excess, and the truthful feedback from others, than it is to rely on expensive and unproductive and misleading blood testing.

We believe it is more important for you to learn to take full responsibility for your own health than to trust in any health expert, including ourselves. We are merely humans, like yourself. You know yourself far better than we could know you. You have to learn to trust your body, and to trust in your own sense of what is true.

And thus, in fulfillment of these higher purposes, we say things like “we are currently taking”, rather than “you should take”. We understand that everyone has unique circumstances and diseases that thay they may be working to overcome. Some might be trying herbs, or other vitamins that are specific to their underlying conditions that they are trying to treat.

We know for certain that there are many people who are experts in the world in various things that we know very little about. There are hundreds and thousands of useful herbs and foods that can all act as medicine.

We know and understand that some people are vegetarians, and others are carnivores, and thus, they have different needs for zinc, yet both may well benefit from more copper. For example, strict vegans have trouble getting 1 mg of zinc, because it’s hard to eat an entire cupfull of pumpkin seeds daily, while carnivores may well get over 30 mg of zinc.

While the average person is heavily poisoned with 2600 mg of fluoride, no person is an average person; meaning, some are more heavily poisoned with fluoride than others. Fluoride accumulates over time, older people are more at risk. So, too, are kids visiting any dentist who may inadvertently give a fluoride rinse to kids, that they may inadvertently swallow, even though you may specifically request “no fluoride treatments”!

We understand that the needs of a non athletic woman of 88 pounds is probably going to need less than 1/10th of an 888 pound sumo wrestler who not only is ten times the weight, but has higher metabolic demands. It would thus be foolish to try to invent a one-size-fits-all protocol.

However, all humans are also very similar. We all need oxygen to breathe, and we all turn oxygen into energy. No human runs on nitrogen. We all use oxygen in the mitochondria, which need certain nutrients for the conversion of oxygen into energy, chifely among them, are copper, magnesium, and B vitamins. We all need copper to live, and copper deficiency causes a wide array of disease and death.

Fluoride is a toxin to everyone. Nobody has a cellular metabolism that has any enzymatic process that runs on fluoride. That goes for aluminum and mercury, too.

Of all the nutrients, I believe copper is the most useful, most important, most slandered, most misunderstood, most unreasonably feared, and most beneficial to take. In second place, I would put iodine. Then maybe boron. Then maybe zinc. A few years ago, I would have put iodine first, boron second, and copper third or fourth.

I leave room for your changing opinion, as well as my own.

That being said, there are people who do not seek to discover truth. They use lies for their own evil ends; whether for mischief, or to sow confusion and doubt and/or just to spread the misery of their own lives. Liars and slanderers have no place in a discussion of truth seeking. There is equally no use in trying to play chess with someone who refuses to abide by the rules of the game and continually kicks over the board.

I look forward to learning more on our continuing upward spiral of health.


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