The Safety of Copper Sulfate

A quick note about the safety of copper sulfate.

1. Copper sulfate is the most well studied form of copper supplement. Read all the studies in the book, most of them are on copper sulfate. Copper glycinate is second, but far less well studied.

2. Copper sulfate is used in the Olivares study of 800 people taking 6 mg per liter of water, up to 20 mg per day, showing no liver damage

3. It is toxic at the 20,000 mg level in attempted suicides in remote impoverished India, that fail 85% of the time, showing it is safe.

4. It is recognised as safe in us law, with the GRAS “generally recognised as safe” rating, specifically for use as a nutrient supplement.

5. It has been extensively studied for possible cancer causing effects, and none are found.

6. It is used as a safe organic pesticide in french wines, which may well explain the French wine diet paradox, and ends up in concentrations ranging from 0.5 to 1 mg per wine bottle.

7. The body has about a half pound of sulfur in the body. While we often think of sulfur as noxious, its not likely. People take DMSO and MSM sulfur as a supplement.

8. Magnesium sulfur, known as epsom salts, are safe.

9. Zinc supplements as zinc sulfate is safe.

10. Cobalt sulfate is the safest form of cobalt supplements for animals.

11. There are no studies showing that copper sulfate, used as a supplement, is harmful.

12. Copper sulfate has a history of use by humans to heal them going back thousands of years.

13. Copper sulfate is currently in use by African Doctors for an array of conditions.

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