Stages for Increasing Copper & Minerals

This Stages Guide is Chapter 3 of the book: “The Copper Revolution: Quick Start Guide and Companion Journal”

You have to slowly scale up. Each of the following stages can take from 1-3 weeks. You don’t have to follow this exactly. There is plenty of room for changes, going slower or faster, and wide room for variance.

It takes a month for the body to adjust to new copper levels and to learn to make many copper-containing enzymes, such as the metallothioneins, that, in turn, detox and transport copper.

You have to go up slowly so as to not overwhelm the kidneys with fluoride detoxing.

You have to go up slowly to avoid puking.

Stage Minus 1:

In this stage, 15% of the population are taking multi-minerals that contain 1-3 mg of copper, but those same supplements contain so much iron and so much zinc, they are actively blocking their copper, and they are becoming copper deficient faster than the rest of the population. Or, people may have tried various high-dose vitamin and mineral protocols that block copper even faster; such as a high iron program, or iron infusions, High vitamin C, high niacin, or a protocol of Vitamins C and D and zinc. Many of our members started here. The plus side is that these people are at least willing to try supplements, and for them, copper is one more supplement they have not tried, and it seems right. Many of our biggest fans came from this stage. Their health was going backwards, hence the name: stage minus 1.

Stage 0:

In this stage, 81% of the American public take no supplements and get 0.6 mg of copper or less in their diet. There is a large overlap between this group and the 70% of Americans who have taken some form of toxic prescription medicine in the last year. They have a natural distrust of supplements, and they are mostly right, because they have seen the bad experiences of people in stage Minus 1; the health nuts who are unhealthy or who have wrecked their health from copper-depleting supplements. Stage -1 and 0 contain virtually 100% of the American public, and there is a lot of overlap between the two stages.

Stage 1:

In this stage, we begin our suggestions. Buy yourself some copper sulfate pentahydrate 99% pure, ascorbic acid form of Vitamin C, and any low-dose zinc supplement, zinc gluconate, or zinc sulfate or any zinc form. Also get a few 2 oz. glass dropper bottles. This prepares you for stages 1 and 2.

Also, buy baking soda, which is sodium bicarbonate. In case of kidney pain or swelling take 1/8th teaspoon baking soda in a large glass of water, it should eliminate pain and swelling and clear the kidneys within about an hour. If not, try a second and third dose. If not, try it for a second day. It might be wise for everyone, for the first 3-5 months of detoxing, to do this kidney cleanse once or twice a week.

If you have no copper, and are waiting to get copper, then at least stop taking the following copper-depleting supplements: Iron, Vitamin D, Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin C, B vitamins, and stop drinking tap water, and start drinking only distilled water or bottled water that is known to be fluoride free. Nobody can eliminate all fluoride exposure, but at least it will help greatly.

Read the quick start guide a few times:

When your copper arrives, here’s how to make it:

Start with 5 mg of copper per day, here is how, and why: Read this link:

A good start is 5 mg copper per day.

Optional: 250-1000 mg Vitamin C, and 5-10 mg zinc. If you know you are dealing with toxins or have allergies getting worse on copper, then add the C and zinc right away. If Vitamin C and zinc give you allergies, it’s the opposite, because you are likely too copper deficient. Stay on copper longer, and add them in smaller amounts more slowly.

We take copper in the AM. Vitamin C in the Afternoon. Zinc at night.

Why? Copper is energizing. Zinc is a great sleep aid. But we sometimes mix it up. We take zinc in the morning if we are sneezing, or if we forgot it the night before. We take copper at night sometimes to induce vivid dreams for fun and brain healing as we sleep.

Before you move to stage 2, remember, that it is perfectly ok to pause mineral supplements, go back down in dose, start again, etc. Nothing is mandatory. Everything is optional. Be flexible. Listen to your body. Listen to others. Keep learning. You can mix any supplement with any supplement, but taking too many things at one time can be difficult to absorb, and it is especially bad to do that on an empty stomach with just water. Taking things with food, and spreading doses out throughout the day also helps prevent nausea.

Stage 2:

Add zinc and Vitamin C, and begin increasing your copper intake. When you start taking more copper, many of the things that block copper will no longer cause problems. It is perfectly ok to take copper without zinc for up to 3 months if you have been taking zinc supplements to excess.

Stage 1 is 5 mg copper per day, 1000 mg Vitamin C, and 10 mg zinc.

Stage 2 is 10 mg copper per day, 1000 mg Vitamin C, and 20 mg zinc.

Yes, Vitamin C and zinc deplete copper, but the synergy is stronger. We need all three to form collagen. We need all three for detox. We need all three for immunity. We need zinc and copper for hormone production. We need all three to keep higher copper in balance. We need all three to reduce histamine and lower the allergic response from detoxing.

At this stage, you should be trying to wean off of most medications. Exceptions are thyroid medications, you will need to advance to iodine to wean off of them. Another exception would be medications needed to maintain organ transplants. There could be other exceptions.

OK, your energy is up and your brain is awake. You are eager for what’s next? Then you are ready for stage 3.

Stage 3:

Start reading or watching or listening to the book online for free:

Since you are out of the fear stage, and will no longer be intimidated, it helps to know where you might be going. My wife Jennifer and I take the following 13-14 supplements:

Within Stage three, try to increase your copper to around 20 mg oral, Add up to 30 mg topical copper, 1000-2000 mg Vitamin C, and 30-40 mg zinc. You might need more or less zinc, see the guide on zinc:

Ask yourself, “What is my biggest symptom or problem?” Start the minerals that target your biggest issues, in any order. Also, at this stage, people really do need a lot less guidance, they have been in the forum, they are helping others, and you really can figure out what to take next on your own. In that spirit then…

Stage 3: — Potassium Chloride

We all need salt, but sodium chloride lowers copper and makes copper deficiency worse. Copper helps us retain sodium chloride, so we don’t need to take extra. Potassium Chloride does many of the same things as copper and helps keep sodium chloride in check. You can buy pure potassium chloride. Another form is “Nu Salt” which is 99% potassium chloride, and a few other potassium sources in the remaining 1%.

Stage 3: — Selenium

Allergies and mercury/lead toxicity? Then add 200-400 mcg selenium, which is another antihistamine. And boost zinc a bit.

But we are all exposed to mercury in lightbulbs, and from coal emissions, and from teeth fillings, and fish, and the general food supply, it’s also in high fructose corn syrup, and everywhere. If you have not yet added selenium, now is the time.

Stage 3: — Boron & Niacin

Arthritis and stiffness? Then start taking boron, and scale up as you can.

Niacin is also great for relieving body stiffness. And the other B Vitamins are also good to add.

Stage 3: — B Vitamins & Magnesium

Lack of Energy? The three things for energy are copper, B Vitamins & Magnesium. And food, of course.

A source:

Why no B6? It’s a nerve toxin:

Sometimes, in the early stages of detox, people need more magnesium if they run low on energy. Magnesium does help detox. But copper and boron also help us retain magnesium, so if you are past most of the detoxing stage, you might realize you need less magnesium, or no magnesium at all. Magnesium is in the food supply. We rarely take magnesium, and if we do, only a little, like 50 mg.

Stage 3: — Silica: Diatomaceous Earth & Fiji water.

Most people have at least some aluminum exposure. Do a few months of silica to get rid of it. This will help the nerves and brain significantly because aluminum is a key nerve toxin. Diatomaceous Earth can also improve digestion. Start slow, 1/8th teaspoon with meals for better digestion and absorption.

Complete all of stage three, by adding each part, it did not matter the order, but by now you should have completed them all. potassium chloride, selenium, boron, B Vitamins, Magnesium, Silica.

Move towards 30 mg copper orally, 70 mg topically, 1000-2000 mg Vitamin C, 50-75 mg zinc.

You should have been on copper for at least 2 months by now.

Stage 4:

Start iodine! You have prepared well by this point. By now, you should no longer have allergies, or if you do, they are significantly reduced. Iodine causes increased detox, and can worsen the allergic response, when starting iodine.

If iodine creates too much histamine release and discomfort, stop, and give the copper another month. Then try iodine again. Or, if you are not mercury toxic, you can skip ahead and try MSM sulfur, and then come back to iodine.

On iodine, it can take 1-6 months to scale up to 50 mg, and then an additional 3 months at 50 mg to reach full body saturation, and that is the beginning of detox on iodine.

The prior stages of our program detox so well, that it makes starting iodine much easier. Read more about iodine here:

Stage 5:

MSM Sulfur 1 teaspoon daily. This is the most costly supplement in our program, about half the cost of our total of about $30/month.

Sulfur is a great anti-inflammatory, and a great detoxer, excellent for nerve health.

Sulfur is one of the more difficult supplements for many, especially those suffering from mercury exposure. It is more mainstream and more popular than iodine, but I list it last, for this reason. By the time people with mercury exposure can tolerate sulfur. We have had people with mercury toxicity graduate to MSM sulfur and sulfur foods, which shows that our program works.

Stage 6:

Add other micro minerals: molybdenum, chromium, vanadium, colloidal gold, Vitamin K & E, as needed. Experiment with Super Saturated Potassium Iodide, high dose. Teach us things. Help others. Save the world. Be the recovered hero!

Final notes.

For children and seniors, or if you are a caregiver for anyone. Please put yourself through the protocol for about 3 months first, before you start experimenting with others. I know you want to help immediately, but kids and seniors, may not have a choice, and may not be able to articulate problems, and may not have access to the forum to ask questions if problems arise, and may not have the ability to do their own research.

For children, cut the doses by the appropriate fraction of an adult’s weight. Child’s Weight / Adult weight = multiply by adult dose. Example: 50 pound kid / 150 pound adult = 50/150 x 5 mg copper = 1.6 mg rounded up to 2 mg.

Join us to ask further questions at the Copper Revolution Facebook Group:


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