B6 Causes Photosensitivity through Copper Depletion

Planet Fitness has tanning beds. We travel. We enjoy being able to visit a Planet Fitness in most of the cities we go to, in order to be able to work out and/or hit the tanning bed.

We tan because we know it’s good for us and far better than toxic hormone D supplements that cause a host of problems such as lower bone density, immune suppression, calcification of soft tissues, magnesium loss, copper depletion, etc. For more: https://revealingfraud.com/2021/06/health/im-skeptical-of-vitamin-d/

Please also read my comments below that article, and follow the links to many scientific studies if you are interested in more on Vitamin D.

In one of the Planet Fitness gyms we visited, there was a list of about 100 medications that are all known to cause PHOTOSENSITIVITY or, “sunburn”. I was shocked to see this rebellion and exposure of the medical establishment in a mainstream establishment. Kind of fun, actually.

We, of course, know the mechanism of action for this effect.

Toxic drugs cause photosensitivity by way of depleting copper, because copper is needed to make melanin, which causes the tan, or skin color, as well as hair color.

In fact, California Sun, another tanning bed establishment (no gym), sells tanning lotions that contain copper! https://www.californiatan.com/catalog_product.cml?cmd=view&ProductID=ba47ad86849b1e889e8857e56ef63243

Nearly all toxins deplete copper. Conversely, taking enough copper, and stopping taking poisons allows copper to detox nearly all toxins.

The medical system and the media commonly warn about the dangers of tanning beds, more than the dangers of pharmaceutical toxic poisonous medicines, and they never mention how medicines deplete copper.

It’s gaslighting. Blaming tanning beds for causing the damage the meds are doing. Or blaming tanning beds for revealing the damage the meds are doing.

Lost in the details of the discussion of B6, that continues on our forum, is this little gem that I put into my article:

Symptoms of B6 toxicity:

“…the sensation of an electric zap in their bodies (Lhermitte’s sign),[15] a heightened sensitivity to sense stimuli including photosensitivity (hyperesthesia),[4][25]… “

from https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megavitamin-B6_syndrome

Following the source at the wiki:

–The government’s NIH!

“Other effects of excessive vitamin B6 intakes include painful, disfiguring dermatological lesions; photosensitivity; and gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea and heartburn [1,2,32].”

That B6 causes photosensitivity is another big indication that it is a toxin, just like those other 100 or so toxic medications.

B6 causes a host of copper deficiency symptoms:
Nerve Damage

Nerve damage, of course, is going to cause brain damage. And of course, B6 causes all kinds of brain damage, listed as follows:

“Potential psychiatric symptoms range from anxiety, depression, agitation, and cognitive deficits to psychosis.[32]”

These are all cured by copper, as members of our forum are well aware. We get all the opposite effects from taking high copper: reduced anxiety, not just eliminating depression, but actual joy, less agitation and more patience, less cognitive defects as we move from brain fog to brain clarity and insights, and of course, no psychosis, which is just a catch-all term for people with brain deficits large enough to result in denial of reality.

I do see in the discussions, people claiming “they feel better” from B6. There is an explanation for that, and that does not refute the reality that B6 lowers copper.

B6 is also claimed to help mercury detox, or to help detox other poisons.

That’s the good side of B6.

But many other toxins do the same thing. They are called chelators, and they all lower copper, too.

But we have learned we don’t need chelators to eliminate toxins, when copper, zinc, and Vitamin C will do the job, by helping the body produce its own natural chelators such as metallothionein, without the negative side effect of leaving us copper deficient.

The hard reality is that most street drugs, alcohol, and prescription medicines which are toxic do help people to “feel better”. Especially pain meds, opiods and heroin that kill nerves help people “feel better”. But “feeling better” is not sufficient evidence that things are beneficial to the body long term.

It also does not mean that people’s biochemisty is “sufficiently different” that we all have different needs for vitamins and minerals, that some people “need” B6, and others do not. That, of course, is simply a “denial of reality” and a result of poor thinking, probably caused by B6 toxicity and copper deficiency. What a convenient argument of me to make, right?

But I didn’t invent the argument that B6 is an alcohol, and a brain-damaging nerve toxin that depletes copper. Advocates for B6 need to come up with a better argument than it makes them “feel good”, and must actually refute the evidence it’s a toxin, if they want to be convincing.