Pyrrole Disorder, Pfeiffer & Hoffer

There are NO large segments of the population taking 30-50 mg of copper, who then develop pyrrole disorder, thus proving that high copper is not a cause of pyrrole disorder, and thus the people theorizing that pyrrole disorder is from high copper are proven wrong.

And we few, who actually do take high copper, do not develop pyrrole disorder, which is further proof that the theory of pyrrole disorder, being caused by high copper, is twice proven wrong.

High pyrroles in the urine cannot be a “cause” of anything, because it is a result, not a cause.

Urine is an output. High pyrroles are a result of something else, and not just some “named Pyrrole disorder”, because that is circular reasoning.

It’s the same fakery as saying “SIDS causes death”, when SIDS is a name for “sudden infant death syndrome”, which is like saying “death causes death”. It’s circular reasoning and trickery. Similarly, you cannot claim that Pyrrole disorder causes high pyrroles in the urine, because you cannot claim that pyrroles in the urine cause pyrroles in the urine.

At best, they can correlate high pyrrole in the urine with other things, but the correlation is not causation.

Furthermore, they do not know the cause of high pyrroles in the urine. Without knowing the cause, how can they theorize, or treat? And why listen to someone who cannot identify the cause?

For all we know, it’s low copper that is the cause, or many potential toxins are the cause. Low copper is a cause of toxicity, and toxicity is a cause of copper deficiency, because toxins lower copper, and because copper is a necessary detox agent, needed to make metallothioneins and superoxide dismutase, key natural chelators, and antioxidants. IE, with low copper, toxins build up, because the body can’t excrete them. And with exposure to toxins, the toxins deplete the copper. Each can cause the other, toxins and low copper.

High blood copper, another “association” with pyrrole disorder is a misleading co-symptom, and cannot be a cause. High blood copper happens with copper deficiency, and high blood copper is not evidence of any copper toxicity.

In fact, copper toxicity hits at 20,000 mg, the same as table salt, or 12 teaspoons of the substance. Nobody accidentally takes that much.

At our high levels, copper helps to make many detox enzymes, which, in turn, help the body excrete copper, so it does not build up and become toxic. If copper is building up, that only happens in copper deficiency, and from toxins that block copper metabolism.

So, where did the idea of pyrrole disorder come from? Pfeiffer and Hoffer.

Carl Pfeiffer, Abram Hoffer, William Walsh on copper.

“In 1977, it was revealed that Pfeiffer was one of the researchers involved in behavior experiments for the Central Intelligence Agency.[2] Until the 1970s, under the project titled MKUltra; he administered LSD to inmates in the Atlanta penitentiary and in New Jersey Bordentown Reformatory.[2]”

“Working in Saskatchewan with Humphry Osmond (who coined the term “psychedelic”), Hoffer and other scientists sought to find medicinal uses for hallucinogenic drugs.[17] Part of the research involved Hoffer, Osmond and their wives consuming LSD in an effort to become better acquainted with, and better understand its effects, later joined by other experimenters and their wives.[18]”

Pyroluria: Fact or Fiction?

“Objective: The term “Mauve factor” (pyrroluria) dates back to 1958 when Dr. Abram Hoffer defined the condition as elevated levels of pyrroles in the urine”

“Despite an extensive history of practitioners diagnosing and treating a wide variety of mental health conditions associated with pyrroluria as well as clinical observations of elevated HPL being associated with psychiatric disorders, there was no clear research that showed the following: (1) elevated HPL is robustly associated with increased mental health symptoms, (2) elevated HPL in urine is associated with increased urine excretion of zinc and B6, and (3) high-dose zinc and B6 are an efficacious treatment for mental health problems associated with elevated HPL. Conclusions: Elevated HPL is a clinically observed, but poorly researched biomarker with unclear associations with mental disorders. Based on current evidence, HPL testing is not recommended as a screening or treatment tool. Further research is required in the following areas: establishment of which specific clinical populations exhibit elevated HPL, validation of the chemistry and validity of testing, and controlled trials to establish efficacy of high-dose zinc and B6 as treatment of elevated pyrroles.”

In sum, Pyrroluria a fake disease. There is no research associating it with low zinc and low B6. There is no defined cure, only a hypothesis.

Origins of Orthomolecular Medicine

Pyroluria comes from Pfeiffer’s 3 classifications of schizophrenics.

So, pyrroluria comes from both Pfeiffer, and Hoffer, both LSD users/promoters/CIA agents/Disinformation Agents.

It is useful to look up the term “controlled opposition”.

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries. Notably Vladimir Lenin who said ””The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Pyroles are high in the urine of people taking LSD, too.

In my opinion, Hoffer did not understand that niacin blocks copper. Or he did, and promoted it for that nefarious purpose. He also claimed that copper is a cause of schizophrenia, an idea that has been fully discredited by others, and our own experience, and the experience of many in our group.

Vitamin C, Hoffer’s and Pfeiffer’s other “miracle cure” also can lower copper.

Treated with an array of vitamins and minerals, including Niacin. Niacin also lowers copper.

In Chapter 75 of my book, “The Copper Revolution: Healing with Minerals”, I refute Pfeiffer’s article against copper, appearing in Hoffer’s Journal. In every case, he claims that copper is toxic when paired with a toxic medicine, or even when no copper is given at all. It’s completely fraudulent non-science or nonsense.

Pyrroluria is considered, by Hoffer and Pfeiffer, one of three main classifications of schizophrenia. (It isn’t, this is their pet hypothesis, so let’s review the bigger claim that copper causes schizophrenia.)

Copper does not cause schizophrenia. Copper deficiency is a cause.

1. Impaired copper transport in schizophrenia results in a copper-deficient brain state: A new side to the dysbindin story

2. The copper hypothesis of schizophrenia: A review “The hypothesis that excess tissue copper can cause schizophrenia is a relatively old theory that has never been compellingly demonstrated nor convincingly refuted.”

Never demonstrated. Meaning, they never gave anyone any copper who then developed schizophrenia. People in our forum also do not develop schizophrenia from copper.

3. Again, copper heals the nerves in 16 ways. See Chapter 1 of the Copper Revolution book.