Solutions to Bloating When Starting on Copper

Some people have reported bloating after starting copper. Let’s consider possible causes and solutions.

The number one cause of edema is excess sodium chloride, or table salt, sea salt, or Himalayan salt. Americans consume way too much salt.

Stop adrenal cocktails, stop salt loading, and stop eating excessively salty foods. Start eating more leafy greens and fruit, drink more distilled water, and increase sweating, and take more potassium.

The second most common cause of edema is when excessively increasing fluoride detox, and this happens with increasing intake of copper, boron, and iodine, which all can clog the kidneys with excessive fluoride. The fluoride can be cleaned out with a baking soda flush, or consumption of more leafy greens:

You can help detox your kidneys with 1/8th of a teaspoon of baking soda in lots of water, and/or with green smoothies. Take 1/8th of a teaspoon of baking soda per glass of water, several per day, until kidney pain is gone. This should work in about 1-2 hours. Take no more than 1 full teaspoon of baking soda per day, short term.

Some other causes of bloating might be temporary die-off of fungus or bad bacteria. Molybdenum helps to detox the mycotoxins released when fungus die. The fix, of course is the same as the cause, more copper, boron, and iodine, which kill off fungus and bad bacteria.

So, the main fix for bloat is time, and being patient with the process. But there are other things to do, as follows:

  1. The literature, and people here, have reported far better digestion from both copper and zinc. It could thus be that typical warning signals against overeating, such as pain, have vanished with improved digestion, and maybe people are eating more because they are not getting the “pain” signal to stop.

Solution: Learn to stop eating before pain sets in. Do not stuff yourself.

  1. Copper is required for growth and healing, and so is zinc. Both copper and zinc also increase hormones, required for healing, such as testosterone. Growth and healing also require food. So, increased appetite might be the natural result of the body’s repair process. Many people on the protocol report increased appetite.

Solution: This is likely a temporary part of the healing process because nobody “grows forever”.

In rehab at the Betty Ford Center, nearly everyone gained about 10 pounds in their first month. Why? Because they are getting healthier. Being gaunt from toxin abuse is not a healthy look.

  1. People report both increased energy, and also, energy crashes while starting on copper. People might resort to eating more to prevent low-energy moments. Copper also increases insulin sensitivity, so insulin works better. So, if we are reversing diabetes with copper, then this might feel like we end up with lower blood sugar values, at certain times.

Solution: Learn to detect, tolerate, and create low blood sugar moments. For example, after a workout, refrain from eating for up to 2 hours afterward. This puts the body into “catabolism” mode, where the body learns to burn fat. The body also responds with up to 2000% more production of growth hormone, which also helps the body to burn body fat.

Another solution to energy crashes: more magnesium and B Vitamins, & less sodium and more potassium.

  1. Sometimes people take all their copper in the morning. And then, they experience an energy crash in the afternoon, such as around 3 PM.

Solution: take 2/3 of the copper in the morning, and the remaining 1/3 of your daily copper in the afternoon, around 2 PM, for an “afternoon energy pick-me-up boost”.

  1. Constipation. Copper actually fixes constipation and can be used as a laxative. The reason why copper works so well is that copper increases ATP for energy which is also needed for muscle contractions. However, zinc stops this and fixes watery stools.

Solutions: More magnesium citrate. More B vitamins. Magnesium and B Vitamins also should fix the low energy problem, as all three: copper, magnesium, and B vitamins are required for energy. More salt. More potassium. More water. More fiber. More fruits and vegetables. Doing certain exercises like running, walking, or “the five Tibetans” that move the spine.

  1. Bodybuilder bloated gut. In recent years, bodybuilders have been accused of letting their guts get out of control as they pursue “monster mass”. As copper and zinc are testosterone boosting and muscle-boosting, a similar thing might be happening.

Solutions: As with any problem, it can be fixed by focusing on solutions to the problem. The bodybuilders started tightening their waists, and we can do the same. Eat less. Hold the gut in more regularly. More stomach exercises.

  1. Starting Vitamin C and/or lack of enough Vitamin C? On our protocol, I have tended to minimize Vitamin C, in favor of copper. While Vitamin C can cause bloating, this is usually a part of the process of adjusting to Vitamin C, and can partly explain some of the causes of initial bloating among our group. Vitamin C actually helps to burn fat.

Solution: Perhaps we need “optimal” levels of Vitamin C, just as we need to optimize our copper levels. What is “optimal”? Vitamin C advocates, who do not even take copper, recommend taking Vitamin C to “bowel tolerance” which is just before having watery stools. But increased bowel movements should thus also relieve the bloating, and Vitamin C induced bloating should go away over time. If they can tolerate that much C without copper, shouldn’t we be able to tolerate high Vitamin C even better than they can?

  1. Do not get overly fascinated by “pictures” of people with tight abs that are both held in, and flexed. These pictures are also taken first thing in the morning, when there is no food in the gut, and maybe the model did not eat the night before. Everyone’s gut bloats after a meal, even moreso when the body is exceptionally lean, because then you can see every little change being even more magnified. Furthermore, this “bodybuilding ripped” look is extremely unhealthy. To obtain it requires months of extremely strict dieting, plus attempts at dehydration, which requires flushing out all salts and minerals. They also take steroids and diuretics, both of which lower vital copper. Retired bodybuilders often end up with severe bone degeneration from abuse of diuretics and getting far too depleted of minerals.

Lowering both fats and minerals at the same time is extremely hard on the brain that needs both to maintain the myelin sheath, the fatty coating around the nerve. The brain is mostly fat. There are stereotypes and slogans of the “lunkhead bodybuilder” and of being “fat and happy”. Those are real observations backed by the science.

  1. I once looked into the Bible to see what it had to say about being lean and being fat. Becoming fat was associated with God’s blessings. Lean is associated with starvation and punishment. It was the opposite of what I expected.
  2. There are certain ways of lifting weights that promote greater fat gain, and other ways that promote greater fat loss. Lifting heavy like powerlifters or strongmen seems to promote greater eating to recover from greater damage to the joints and muscles. Lifting lighter weights with higher reps and more sets is more like cardio, burns through more blood sugar, and is much easier on the joints, and appears to stimulate fat loss.
  3. Many people also report losing weight on copper and our protocol.
  4. Coffee enemas, or any enema, seem to help.

13. Three things can be taken to “bowel tolerance”, meaning, watery stools, this will also fix any bloating:

–Magnesium. (Copper helps us retain both sodium, and magnesium)

–Vitamin C


  1. How you train and what you eat has a direct effect on how your body looks. Sumo wrestlers and marathon runners are both athletes, but look nothing alike.