12 Tips and Guidelines

Citrus, Calcium, Molybdenum, Rice, Magnesium, Greens, Boron, Zinc & Vitamin C, Tiny meals, Iodine & Selenium, Voluntaryism, Not just Copper and being moderate.

  1. Drink lemonade and citrus. (Lemon, lime and orange) This helps the body absorb copper better, and it also helps the body excrete copper better, as citrus thins the bile, and gets bile flowing. Copper is excreted in the bile through the liver, through the gallbladder, and through the intestines, and finally the feces.
  2. Moderate amounts of calcium (300 mg as found in a glass of milk), potassium (377 mg), zinc (20-30 mg), and meat, especially beef, all help the body absorb copper better. We eat beef almost daily. Some people say they can’t digest beef. This will change with copper, zinc, B vitamins and potassium chloride, all of which help the body to make more hydrochloric acid to help digest meat. In fact, copper helps digestion in so many ways! Some people ask, “Can’t we just do topical application only?” No, because the gut needs copper:


  1. Eat beans and supplement molybdenum. Beans are naturally high in molybdenum, an important cofactor on our program, about 350 to 400 mcg per serving. (Molybdenum supplements of 75 mcg are thus worthless, you should take 500 to 2000 mcg.) Molybdenum might be depleted by high copper. Molybdenum reduces nausea, warms the hands and feet, helps sulfur detox, and prevents racing heart problems, and assists mold detoxification by helping to detox mycotoxins released when mold is killed, and other good things. Beans are also on Grant Genereaux’s low Vitamin A diet, and the Karen Hurd bean protocol diet. Beans contain a fiber that is especially good for trapping and binding toxic bile, and many toxins will be coming out with copper in the bile.
  2. Eat rice. White rice is slandered as a low-nutrient food. Excuse me. Carbs are nutrients! But brown rice contains mineral binding/blocking phytates that also make it more difficult to digest. It’s no accident that the entire Asian culture of billions of people realized that white rice is the superior form. Rice is a staple carbohydrate, it does not suffer from the many toxic additives that the American government puts into the flour supply. Rice is also on the low Vitamin A diet. Some are afraid of arsenic in rice. Our protocol of copper / zinc / selenium detoxes arsenic!
  1. Magnesium. Beginners to our protocol will need extra magnesium, which is often depleted during the initial harder stages of detoxing. We don’t take much, if any, magnesium, but we used to. Copper and boron both help the body retain magnesium better. We also do not take Calcium and Vitamin D, which can cause magnesium wasting. So we retain magnesium better for those 5 reasons.
  2. Eat some greens, moderate amounts of greens, or green smoothies. 1-3 a week is good. Women tend to overdo the greens. Men tend to avoid greens. Daily greens are excessive. Greens are demineralizing and cleansing and detoxing. I knew two people who ate greens and took diuretics, and ended up hospitalized for dehydration due to lack of minerals. Greens help clear the kidneys, and are wonderful healers as they detox so much. But the drawback is that they also remove the good minerals. Sometimes, removing minerals is a good thing, for example, if people end up with excessive sodium (copper helps us retain sodium and magnesium). Greens also reduce edema which is swelling of the tissues, which can be from blocked kidneys that show up as mysterious lower back pain, or excessively dark urine. Greens also help trap toxins in the intestines. Greens help prevent toxins from coming out in the skin. So greens can help prevent hair loss, and can help prevent acne. I actually healed my arthritis with greens and isometric stretching.

Kidneys can get blocked up with too much fluoride detox from taking too much copper, too much boron, too much iodine, too much Diamotaceous Earth too quickly, all of which need to be slowly increased to prevent that from happening. One good solution is leafy greens to clear the kidneys.

Another way to fix aching kidneys, try the baking soda kidney cleanse. Take 1/8th of a teaspoon of baking soda per glass of water, several per day, until kidney pain is gone. This should work in about 1-2 hours. Take no more than 1 full teaspoon of baking soda per day, short term.

  1. Add boron for arthritis or bone pain or acne, which are both often from fluoride toxicity. Like copper, boron detoxes fluoride, kills mold, and kills germs. Slowly work up to 9 mg, then 20 mg, then 50-100 mg boron.
  2. Review zinc deficiency symptoms, and increase zinc as needed to make those symptoms go away. Rashes, sneezing, runny nose, allergies, insomnia, low libido, low testosterone, loose watery stools, “air hunger” and anxiety. Zinc is needed for digestion, and making hydrochloric acid to digest meat. Zinc also helps make “retinol binding protein” to detox Vitamin A. Low zinc symptoms, like low copper symptoms, also mirror Vitamin A toxicity symptoms, such as rashes, thyroid problems, thinning hair and nails, auto immune problems, etc.

Zinc is also an essential part of detoxing mercury through helping the body make metallothioneins. So some people will need more zinc.

People have asked for further evidence that copper, zinc, and selenium really detox mercury, since it seems so easy and new and unbelievable and hard to believe. Well, we just need to take enough to work, and it does. 10 sources compiled here:

  1. Eat many tiny meals during the day, about 4-6. This is what bodybuilders do. This prevents cortisol building up, lowers stress, and prevents energy crashes, keeps the metabolism going, helps the body stay in anabolic “muscle building” and healing mode.
  2. Iodine and selenium are key for fixing both high and low thyroid problems often caused by Vitamin A, fluoride, mercury, or other toxins. Iodine should be added last, as it is such a potent detoxer. Detoxing with iodine tends to create more allergic reactions than detoxing with copper. Copper helps to create so many antihistamines in the body, explaining why we start people with copper first, and iodine last. See here for more on iodine:
  3. The program is voluntary. You can start and stop at your decision at any time. In fact, that is called “pulse dosing” and can be quite good, as it helps the body to complete detoxing and can lower stress.

Also, and more importantly, you have total freedom. This is only a guide, only a suggestion. We bristle at questions like “Can I…”. Because, of course, you can do anything, because we believe in freedom. We do not know the exact price you may pay for a half-way bad decision or series of decisions, but you will ultimately be the only one to bear the cost of your bad decisions, and you will be the benefactor for all of your good decisions. We suggest the obvious, that the outcomes will be better to the extent that you make good decisions and worse if you make bad decisions.

Everything seems to be a sliding scale, also depending on how much you take.

For example, “Can I take turmeric with copper, because turmeric blocks copper?” Yes, you can do anything. Enjoy your tumeric. It’s not likely going to even be a problem, it was just noted by some researchers that I put into a book, and then into a list, and then into a webpage of that book. It might be a problem if you regularly eat many tumeric meals, and eat a lot of mustard and curry supplements, and never take any copper. It will almost never be a problem if you eat moderate amounts of tumeric and high copper which should overcome any blocking effect. But moderate turmeric might be a problem if you take too little copper and a lot of other copper-blocking substances also in moderation, because it all adds up. In fact, there are also syngergies noted where turmeric and copper work better together, and that can explain why turmeric might deplete copper, because tumeric helps the body use copper.

And it’s going to be like this with everything. To the extent that you overdo some copper-blocking substance or substances, you are going to be creating problems. One teaspoon of diatomaceous earth is probably not going to cause any problems. I do see people taking 8 tablespoons of DE, which then causes problems. And, again, how many copper-blocking substances are you taking? How many can you avoid? We can’t avoid everything.

Furthermore many mineral interactions are like bell curves, and I will note a few.

Low calcium blocks copper. High calcium blocks copper. Moderate calcium helps to absorb copper better.
Low zinc blocks copper. High zinc blocks copper. Moderate zinc helps to absorb copper better.
Low potassium blocks copper. Unknown if high potassium blocks copper. Moderate potassium helps to absorb copper better.

  1. People accuse this of being a “copper only” program. It’s obviously not, they have not read it.

People also accuse us of taking “extremely high amounts”. This is true for copper, only in comparison to other current advocates for copper. There is a historic advocate of copper that makes us look mild, he advocated copper in a much higher range:

We believe in moderation, not excess. We believe in optimization, not extremes.

We aim to be at the top of the bell curve in terms of optimization for each nutrient and mineral, and not at either extreme.

But we also aim to be the best.

We aim to be at the far right of the bell curve in terms of health and intelligence compared to other people.

We take 30 mg copper orally 70 mg copper topically, which is about 35 mg orally, so about 65 mg total. Rademacher advocated up to 260 mg copper. To induce vomiting, it’s 500 mg copper. The upper limit is around 1000 mg. People begin to die around 20,000 mg copper.

We take 50 mg zinc. This is about at the upper recommended limit, but some say you can go as high as 150 to 250 mg zinc. We are moderate.

We take 1000 mg Vitamin C. This is a normal amount; pills come in such sizes.

We take 200 mcg of selenium (0.2 mg) This is the normal amount on supplements.

We take 1 mg of molybdenum. This is a the nomral amount for supplements that range from 500 mcg to 1000 mcg.

We take 400 mg of iodine from potassium iodide. People historically took 3000 mg of potassium iodide in double blind studies to prevent thyroid problems, without taking any co-nutrients. Some people historically took 12,000 mg iodine for the common cold. Our levels are moderate.

We take 1500 mg of potassium chloride. Advocates say to take 5000 mg. We are moderate.

We take the normal amounts of B vitamins, as indicated on each individual bottle that they come in.

We take 1-2 teaspoons of MSM Sulfur. MSM Sulfur advocates say to take about 8 times as much, in 2 tablespoons.

We take 1 teaspoon of Silica powder. Advocates say to take up to 8 tablespoons, up to 24 times as much.

We take normal amounts of chromium and vanadium, sometimes.

We take normal amounts of Vitamin K, if any at all.

While we avoid B9 (folate) supplements, we continue to get 5 times more than humans historically received, and we do not avoid greens, which are naturally high in folate, and Vitamin K.

While we avoid B6 supplements, it’s in all foods, we are not deficient, and almost nobody is.

While we avoid Vitamin A supplements, it’s in all foods, we are not deficient, and almost nobody is.

While we avoid Vitamin D supplements, we do not avoid the sun, and people on our protocol get higher Vitamin D levels than they were able reach while taking Vitamin D supplements.

We avoid calcium, but our bones are strong from copper and boron and magnesium, and we do not avoid milk, which contains 300 mg calcium per cup.

We avoid the extremes of veganism and carnivore diets, and we eat both meat and veggetables, milk, eggs, cheese, and even grains and treats.

We exercise. We walk, lift weights, do stretching, and jog.

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