How to Get Started Taking Boron

Why? Boron fixes joint problems and arthritis, detoxes fluoride, boosts testosterone, is an antifungal and antibiotic, and helps the body retain calcium and magnesium. Some say 99% of people are toxic with fluoride, and when you start boron, you will see why.

How? Boron is taken up by the parathyroid which makes a hormone that helps the body retain and use calcium and magnesium for stronger bones. Fluoride hurts the joints and brain, and is also attracted to bind to boron, and is excreted in the urine, so drink water.

Proof: Jamacia has the lowest boron content of soils, the people get less than 1 mg boron a day, and 70% of people have arthritis. The people of the USA get about 1-2 mg of boron from the soil, and about 30% of people have arthritis. Israel’s soil lets the people get from 5-8 mg of boron a day, and less than 1% of the people have arthritis.

Source: Brand: 20 Mule Team Borax. It has one ingredient. Sodium tetraborate. It is pharmaceutical grade, 99% pure, which is better than food grade pure. I know, it says on the box to not injest. Right. Do NOT eat the powder as if it were food. It is a salt. A little goes a long way. Note the vomit problems, and mental problems, from taking too much in the beginning, below.

Dose: 9-30 mg of boron is the minimum in most scientific studies that is needed to show an effect. Most people, at that dose, can notice joint improvement in about 3 weeks. The amount most in Israel get is lower, but they were getting that over a lifetime. We are trying to catch up, so of course, it should be more. There is no US RDA for boron.

1/16th of a teaspoon of borax has about 25 mg of boron. But that might be too much to start. If you want to take less in the beginning, we suggest the following diluted solution. Take a rounded heaping teaspoon of borax that has 600 mg boron. (A normal flat teaspoon would have 400 mg). Add that 1.5 teaspoon borax to a liter of water that contains 202 teaspoons of water. Each teaspoon of that liquid boron water will have about 3 mg of boron. (600 mg divided by 200 teaspoons equals 3 mg per teaspoon of solution). This is thus taken by the teaspoon. You start with one teaspoon. Then, work up to 3 teaspoons for 9 mg. If that does not cause nausea, try 7 teaspoons for a total of 21 mg, and increase accordingly.

Dangerous starting dosages: Some people start out taking 100 mg of boron. This is too much. They put 1/4 teaspoon of borax in a liter of water, which is just over 100 mg of boron. I read that about 1/100 people in an online forum reported kidney pain (maybe 2-3 people). I believe this is from detoxing fluoride too quickly. Because Boron is actually good for the kidneys. If you accidentally take too much, and get kidney pains, you can take about 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in water to help clear out your kidneys.

I have personally worked up (over the course of a year) to taking a full teaspoon of borax once a day for a week in my coffee, and I had no kidney pains. Also, I had no anxiety when taking boron, or stopping boron. Another indication that my fluoride detox was mostly complete. So, boron is not likely the cause of problems. It’s the fluoride detox. I then backed off, and I currently take 1/8th teaspoon in my coffee.

The upper limit of boron for rats was 9 mg/kg of bodyweight, which was safe. At 13 mg/kg, mild reproductive problems first began to appear. For a 100 kg man, that is 1300 mg, or just about 4 teaspoons of borax. But for animal studies, they usually divide the dose by 30 to create a margin of safety. The safe dose was 9 mg/kg in a rat, divided by 30 (for safety) is 30 mg for a 100 kg man, or about 20 mg for smaller people.

I believed that 20 mg is overly cautious, as boron is a vital nutrient, and is safer than table salt. Nobody takes 4 teaspoons of table salt at once either.

Boron appears to work better when taking magnesium, iodine, copper, zinc, MSM Sulfur, and niacin. I recommend taking many nutrients, all throughout the day, but not all at once. If I put them all together at once, they are not absorbed (I vomit). Here is my list:

First Problem: the Candida Die-off Problem: Boron kills fungus. Most people have at least some fungus overgrowth from consuming some sugar. Things that make candida worse are heavy metal toxicity, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies, such as low boron, or low iodine, another antifungal mineral. When the fungals die off, they release mycotoxins. This can make a person feel sick. When I started boron, I got mildly sick for a week, from exactly this. At the same time, boron will be detoxing fluoride, that can also create problems. So, it’s ok to start slow, and do what you can handle. I think taking other minerals can help get through this process. Vitmian C is a good detoxifier, as is iodine. They are also both antifungals! Before taking all the minerals, I was getting sick about every 1-2 months, about 10 times a year. Now I nearly never get sick, and people who regularly take all the vitamins and minerals tell me they have not been sick in 30 years! Being “sick” is often just the body’s attempt to detox, and heal. Let it happen. It’s a sign you are cleansing, and things are working.

Second Problem: The Vomit Problem: Oh yes, there is a vomit problem. It is probably not a problem with ‘boron’. Again, I worked up to taking 1 teaspoon, 400 mg, no vomiting. This is therefore a detox reaction. I suspect that it’s from too much fluoride that can be attracted to the boron in the stomach too quickly, which then creates the vomit problem. This is from taking “too much boron” for your own fluoride toxicity level, or when being too dehydrated. It could start with as little as 9 mg of boron, or less! So start out slowly, and don’t mix too many minerals at one time. And never take zinc with other minerals. Take zinc with water by itself at night. This is a RARE problem. I have vomited from minerals about 4 times in 4 years. I used to vomit from alcohol, so I don’t consider this too bad of a problem. The vomit/nausea problem is usually described as, or listed as evidence of “mineral toxicity”. I believe that is slander. Again, how else is it possible to vomit at 9 mg when starting out, but be able to tolerate 400 mg after a year getting used to it, unless it’s a detox reaction?

To solve the vomit problem: WATER, WATER, WATER! Ideally, you should have been well hydrated with water BEFORE taking boron, just to be safe. You have about a 30 to 60 second warning if you feel like you are going to throw up. Watery mouth, saliva starts running fast. Stomach pains. Shaky. Icky feelings all over. During that time, you should rush for water which can stop the vomit problem about 90% of the time. If you have too much food in your stomach or too much water in your stomach to take about 8-12 ounces of water in 20-50 seconds, this might not work, and you will likely vomit. So, either get a waterproof bucket or trashcan, or get to the toilet, or go outside to the dirt somewhere to vomit. Bring your water with you.

If you vomit due to the fluoride, you should consider this a good thing. You just got rid of a lot of fluoride quickly.

Third problem: “mental anguish” problem: Watch your emotions! Anxiety. Anger. Depression. Suicidal thoughts. I believe these are not from the boron itself, but from stirring up fluoride, and not fully excreting it. Fluoride is a NERVE toxin, it is going to cause you “mental anguish” if you stir it up, and don’t eliminate it. More water helps, and/or not taking too much boron in the beginning may help.

This was humbling for me. That I was not nearly in control of my emotions as much as I thought I was. And that after detoxing and getting healthier, I was far more in control of my emotions than I ever thought possible!

To solve the “mental anguish” problem, there are several possible solutions. First, stop the boron immediately. The other approach, for the brave: Second, increase the boron and many other supplements (not at the same time, but maybe in the same day, see the vomit problem) to help with the fluoride detox and get past it more quickly, and/or take things to help repair and restore the nerves. One supplement that stands out above the rest for this process is copper. Copper helps repair the nerves, also good for the joints, and it also detoxes fluoride. Two other things great for the nerves and depression are magnesium and B vitamins. And finally, iodine also detoxes fluoride.

I have never had both mental anguish and the vomit problem simultaneously. Maybe because they are rare problems? Or also, maybe the fluoride is either rushing to the stomach, or rushing to the brain, but not both places at once? The vomit problem might also be an osmosis mineral problem. Fluids rush towards minerals in high concentrations. But if you are dehydrated and take too many minerals at once, the body has no fluids with which to dilute highly concentrated minerals. Bodybuilders who die from taking too many diruretics have this probem; they can’t rehydrate with electrolytes, because they have lost too much water and too much minerals. Interestingly, too much distilled water can lower your elctrolytes, and it is dehydrating. Other dehydrating diuretics are green smoothies and coffee. So be aware of your hydration levels and mineral levels. Salt is a hydrating mineral. MSM Sulfur is a dehydrating mineral.

I only mention the problems so you know of the solutions. Thus, the problems are not really problems, they are bumps in the road. If it seems like too much difficulty, you can stop all supplements altogether, claim you are allergic to vital nutrients, and take some more fluoride and go back to sleep mentally, and enjoy low testosterone and joint pain.

Or, just start slow. Some people who advocate boron stay with 20mg. They cycle on and off, about every 3 weeks, because of the anxiety and depression problem. But they never seem to get past the fluoride detox and mental anquish problem.

Fluoride is not just in tap water. (At 0.7mg/liter or parts per million, ppm) They also use a lot of fluoride in grapes, dried fruits, dental floss, non stick pans, and goretex waterproof fabrics.

There is also 130ppm fluoride in chicken feed. Chickens can actually survive fluoride at up to 3600 ppm. Maybe because they excrete a lot of calcium. Calcium was the way to “detox” a fluoride reaction back in a study done in 1985. Probably still works. They simply used milk and ice cream.

At some point, you have to decide for yourself what dose, if any, is most safe. It is safe to let that fluoride get partially detoxed, and cause mental problems, or is more boron and other supplements the more safe way to go? Whatever you choose, it’s your choice you will be living with.

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