The Depression/Suicide Awareness Note

Many people on facebook these days ask to promote or share about suicide awareness. From now on, I will forward this, “The Suicide Awareness Note”.

1. Are you aware that Doctors kill themselves at rates 2.5 to 3 times higher than the national average? Thus, they are not a solution, they are the problem. I suspect they kill themselves because they know they are the problem, or they realize too late that they are part of a profession that will oppress them if they try to change things from within. Doctors are dangerous “order followers” of toxic drug companies. Thus, calling a “suicide hotline” staffed by some under-trained “not even a dangerous doctor” counselor will probably not help much, and can even lead to harm. There are no stats available that say suicide call lines even work because they will let you be anonymous and they won’t follow up, so how do they even know if they help? With higher suicide rates among doctors, I advise looking elsewhere, or examining what Doctors do, and then do the opposite. Source:

2. Doctor’s interventions to “suicide” include the standard police response that if a person is a danger to themselves or others, they are detained for 3 days for “evaluation” purposes. Suicide is said to be “anger turned inward”. A great way to anger someone is to oppress them, or cage them.

3. If a person is determined to be suicidal (which is considered a brain condition) they are prescribed antidepressants that cause brain damage and suicide, so no wonder doctors themselves cannot solve this problem. Also, if a person who is thought to be suicidal then takes a drug and actually kills themselves, how do they know the rates of suicide among the “thought to be suicidal” vs. what would be caused by the drug, thus, they exonerate their drug toxins of harm.

New Study: Pharma Drugs cause 2.5 times more suicide!

New study: antidepressants significantly raise the risk of suicide in the treatment of depression for adults
by Admin on 25/06/2019 in News, Psychiatric drugs
Adults who start treatment with antidepressants for depression are 2.5 times more likely to attempt suicide when compared to placebo, according to new research published today in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics.

4. The real solutions, that the establishment will not ever endorse because they can’t make money on it: vitamins and minerals, sunshine and exercise, and ending oppression.

5. B vitamins are antidepressants, especially B1 and B3 and B5 and B12. B1 is specifically noted as an antidepressant. B3 (niacin) is noted to help schizophrenics, clearly a serious brain condition. B5 (Pantothenic Acid) is noted to prevent stress. In fact, all the B vitamins help stress. B vitamins are depleted from stress, from sugar, and from alcohol.

Adjuvant thiamine (B1) improved standard treatment in patients with major depressive disorder: results from a randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled clinical trial. (B3)

Vitamin B5 is widely known to be beneficial in treating serious mental disorders like chronic stress and anxiety.

6. Magnesium is a clear antidepressant. Magnesium also helps the muscles relax, which tense under stress, or which, when tense, cause feelings of stress. Magnesium is depleted from stress, from sugar, and from alcohol.

“Consumption of 248 mg of elemental MgCl2 daily for 6 weeks improved depression scores by a statistically and clinically significant mean of 6 points and anxiety by over 4 points. ”

7. Iodine is the strongest antidepressant supplement that I have ever found. I had over 100 suicidal thoughts per day before iodine, and after I had my first drop, that declined to around one per week. Iodine clears up about 14 different brain conditions, and even boosts IQ, intelligence. Lugol’s 2% iodine is found at and should be taken with selenium, and there are other important co-nutrients that make it more effective, such as the B complex vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, copper, boron, protein, greens, etc.

8. Sunshine, or a tanning bed in the winter, helps beat the “Seasonal Affective Disorder”, which is describes people who get SAD in the winter. The body makes more melanin (to tan) from the sun, if it has enough copper. If you are easily burning while tanning, try more copper.

9. Exercise is widely regarded as a great mood booster. People don’t like to exercise if they are in pain, or if their muscles are tight and painful (magnesium deficiency) or have low energy (B vitamin deficiency), so these things are all related. A great way to eliminate body pains, to work through it, is green smoothies and isometric stretching. Greens are high in magnesium, copper and boron, which are great for the joints and muscles.

10. Sunshine helps the body make Vitamin D, which helps the body absorb and use magnesium.

11. There is a saying: ” Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes. ” There are many oppressive people in the world, not just in government, but these people also have families. For example, Police Officers are far more likely to be domestic abusers at home, too. Also, make sure you are not living with an alcoholic, or are not an alcoholic yourself. Alcoholics and alcohol cause stress, and domestic violence. Stress and alcohol both deplete B vitamins and magnesium, and a wide assortment of other nutrients. Alcohol in amounts that create a “buzz” causes brain damage. Current alcoholics who are currently drinking, and former alcoholics who have quit have a far higher rates of suicide, up to 10 times higher than normal. Drinking to cope with another alcoholic, or abusive person is not the right answer. Get out, and quit drinking.

12. If you actually need help changing your living situation, or quitting drinking, that is when a suicide hotline or other resource can actually help and provide things like referrals to safe houses and rehab facilities.

13. And vegans tend to also have high suicide rates. Vegans tend to be low in B12 and zinc, and other things.