To President Trump

The biggest challenge facing our nation today is the 1 million people killed each year by our medical establishment. Source:

This is far more than the paltry 50-150 “mass shooter” gun deaths loudly announced by the fake media. Source:

I suggest a three prong approach. First, prosecute those pushing hard to limit guns, as “enemies of the constitution”, because they are also engaged in fraud. For example, media advertising is about 70% from big pharma. Big pharma also donates more money to congress than the next big industry, which is oil.

Second, ban medical advertising, as it used to be banned.

Third, begin policing doctors, and begin prosecuting them for the murders that they commit. There are about 1 million doctors killing 1 million a year. This works out to about 1 person killed per year, per doctor. They are the true serial killers, the true mass murderers.

Doctors are not engaged in prescribing health; such as vitamins and minerals. They prescribe toxic prescriptions that are toxic by definition because they are too dangerous for the public to have access to them.

1 million people killed by doctors multiplied by 77, say the length of a lifetime is 77/330 million people, or 23% of the population of America. And medical influence is growing, as 70% of people in America are taking prescription drugs, and 90% of kids are being poisoned by vaccines that contain toxic aluminum.

Do you really want to let 25% of America to continue to be killed, without trying to stop it?

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