Please Help Me

My main focus is typically how I can best help my readers. I do this by telling the truth; often uncomfortable truths: paper money is fraud, the government is poisoning you, but we can fix it with buying gold, taking iodine, etc. In the past, I’ve made big money simply doing this. But it’s no longer working. It’s far harder without owning the stocks.

Well, now I need to tell an even more uncomfortable truth:

I need your help.

In August, my website earned me about $300. I earned $999 in sales, and I had costs of $700 just to send out emails.

In September, my site has grossed $330 in sales so far. The amortized cost to send out the emails is 6/30 x $700 = $140, so the website has netted $190 so far this month.

I mention this for a few reasons.

First, I’ve had about 5 people hating on me for asking for money for stock picks. And I mean really hating on me. Swearing at me even. Like how dare I try to make money!?

Second, I’m obviously not even making minimum wage. It’s far below minimum wage.

I need help.

I’ve lost everything trying to help others by promoting the truth about money, and the truth about everything else.

Mark 10: 29“Truly I tell you,” said Jesus, “no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for My sake and for the gospel 30 will fail to receive a hundredfold in the present age—houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and fields, along with persecutions—and in the age to come, eternal life.…

I’ve even been accused of being being demon inspired to dare to preach to obey Jesus, to “believe it not” about Paul’s testimony, and to obey the commandments of Jesus.

I lost about $10 million in the crash in 2008. And I know my followers lost big, too.

I lost another few million bullion dealing, due to theft, and legal bills, and just lack of profitability and trying to hang on too long, until 2014. The personal betrayals around that were far more difficult for me emotionally.

I lost just under a million buying minting machines, losing about $850,000 on that. I failed to realize that the market manipulations in silver at the time creating potential profits from minting rounds were unsustainable, which, of course they would be unsustainable. And my machines never really all worked anyway.

I paid taxes in all the years except 2009, when I filed a tax loss, which was denied. But the IRS confiscated my home in 2011, while I was away in rehab. I’ve been sober ever since, nearly 8 years now.

And the IRS has targeted me, unfairly, throwing me into collections efforts since 2014, demanding far more in taxes than my net worth, and they refused all settlement offers. This was a third big loss on top of the market loss and betrayals.

To sum up a multi thousand page nightmare, the IRS denied my tax loss return of 2009, where I claimed I lost $800,000. Instead, they claimed, with no justification, just pure invention, that I made $4 million in my first year of bullion dealing, and they wanted taxes of $2 million. Their audit was done in bad faith, and undid a settlement offer into which I agreed to, while they were considering my tax loss. If they had accepted my tax loss, I would owe nothing, and would be due a refund.

Despite all my losses, 2009 was the only year I filed a tax loss so far.

The IRS looked at bank accounts that had about $10 million of transactions, and just wildly guessed that I made about a profit of $4 million, with zero costs of doing business. In addition, they took the $950,000 that I spent on founding the mint, and deemed that a gain, instead of a loss, with no explanation. They even visited the mint to see that I really bought minting machines. Truth didn’t matter.

I wrote letters, demanding to know how they arrived at their numbers; because they not only showed no reasoning, they showed no words on the papers they sent me. How do you refute a conclusion of theirs that has no words? How do you negotiate when they fail to respond?

So, I appealed the IRS’s determinations by suing them in tax court. It took me 2 years of waiting for a court date. Court trial was in spring of 2016.

I had fallen into a pattern of suicidal thoughts by Feb. 2016 that I could not shake. But my first drop of iodine in Feb. 2016, a few months before court, was a miracle that suddenly ended all suicidal thoughts. I write about that date in my iodine note:

I was super nervous in tax court, of course. But I was feeling near superhuman mentally all of a sudden from the iodine. By then, I had lost 2 years of income, being under collections efforts for 2 years.

Court was fun. I got the IRS auditor to admit that his audit was completely inappropriate to use for an audit, and that it was only a preliminary assessment and should not have been used for an audit. He admitted he never spoke to me, nor to my managers, nor my lawyer, nor my accountant, and that he had no idea what the businesses sold, nor who owned the businesses. Shocked at the admissions, I asked him how often that happens (and you are never supposed to ask a question you don’t know the answer to, as he could have said “we do that all the time”), the IRS lawyer objected to my question, the judge overruled, saying “I want to hear this”. He replied, “never”.

The judge said, “We obviously can’t use the IRS numbers”. I thought that meant that I had won.

I’ve still not gotten a ruling from the tax judge. I was under the impression that I would have gotten a ruling in January 2017 at the latest, or “any month” thereafter.

I believe the IRS targeted me because I offered $100,000 if anyone could prove that Obama was qualified to be President under the “natural born” clause of the Constitution. Or, the IRS may have targeted me because I was an original Ron Paul supporter. Or maybe both. Or maybe I was targeted simply for being a bullion dealer who founded a mint. Or maybe they didn’t like some other article in my newsletter.

How can I know? They never tell you why.

So, I stopped writing a newsletter. Why take the risk? And why bother if I can’t own stock?

In the meantime, for 6 years now, I’ve not been able to own stock. Or property. Or businesses.

That explains why I “disappeared”. And since I could not focus on wealth, I focused on personal health, and I have learned so much. And for some reason, I just can’t make money in that field. Not sure why.

I’ve never tried to raise money for attorney costs. In fact, it was probably better that I went to tax court without an attorney. Because lawyers cost everything, and are barely competent anyway. I know my trial went very well!

I’ve never raised too much of a stink about my situation. I’ve tried to bear it the best that I could. I merely posted my final post court briefs to facebook.

I posted them here, backdated, which effectively burried them.

You can also search up my case at the tax court, search by docket number: 023155-14

You can see that my case is open. You can find the date of court trial on page 2.

I don’t need tax advice. I don’t need arguments that have been ruled frivolous by tax court. It’s 3 years too late for arguments anyway. I don’t need advice to flee to another nation. I can’t afford that after waiting nearly 6 years.

My options are:

  1. Offer in compromise. To do that, I have to drop my case. And The IRS has refused all offers to settle.
  2. Declare bankruptcy. To do that, I have to drop my case, and admit that I owe them $2.7 million, which they could decide to try to collect at any time. That is a horrible option.
  3. Continue to wait to see the outcome of my lawsuit, where I sued the IRS in tax court for $8 million in personal damages, plus, and this is the best, I sued the IRS for punative damages so extreme, it could do away with the IRS completely.

I don’t think there are many cases that showcase IRS abuse as clearly as was seen by the judge in my case.

I think it would be selfish and foolish of me to withdraw my case, which presents an opportunity to either do away with the IRS, or at least, change the rule where we are subject to IRS confiscations and held guilty until we prove ourselves innocent.

I need money. Because I’ve run out.

I’m in the process of looking for work, where I may well have my wages garnished.

I’m in the process of looking for a very small apartment.

If writing a newsletter costs me more than I earn in a month, and it’s close, then you will probably never hear from me again. I simply can’t afford a newsletter if it loses more than it earns.

I don’t have the money for rent next month.

I never wanted to ask for money. I wanted to earn it. But I’m not earning it.

Please send me donations!

While I send emails out to 46,000, the open rate is about 5%, or 2300. The click through rate is about 300 to 1000 web page views. Fewer read to the end.

So, I might need like $1000 donations from the 2-3 people out there who actually care and can afford it, and a few more smaller donations.

While the IRS has drained my bank accounts to zero, multiple times, they have never confiscated money from my paypal account.


  1. The God that you profess to believe in says that he will never leave you or forsake you. He will provide for all your needs.
    If you went through a 12 step program in getting and staying sober, you know it would be only enablement for people to send you money.
    After reading some of your recent emails, I believe you can only benefit by asking, on your knees, for forgiveness and the spiritual growth and support that comes from that. Praying ONLY for God’s will for your life and the power (and willingness) to carry that out.
    A good Christian psychiatrist would go a long way also.


    1. Bob
      Jesus prime message is love. Love one another as you love yourself. Love God with all your mind, heart, soul and might. What does this love look like?
      Jesus in pain, mocked, disparaged, while in sacrifice on the cross for the benefit of us undeserving sinners. He leads by example of love, sacrificing self for the benefit of others.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. You were caught going against the deep state’s oligarchs, contradicting their official narrative. I believe you are a good, intelligent, libertarian, God fearing person deserving love and respect.

      While I am retired on a fixed pension I cannot send you thousands, I have sent you a couple hours pay hoping others with compassion also follow their heart.

      Thank you for your research on health and fitness. May the love of Jesus bless you and all brothers in Christ.

  2. Jason, I wish you Good Luck & Success. I’m sure things will work out for you, and All us good people, after this period of difficulty. If 300 people read your emails, that is a significant benefit you are bringing to the world, rippling out to create 300x300x300++ waves of influence. I appreciate your efforts. See you at the top!
    Nic Leobold

  3. Jason,
    I have always appreciated your input. You are in my prayers and I will contribute.

  4. That’s alot! I had a friend Ted that tried to come against the IRS claiming it had no authority to impose taxes… well that didn’t work out so well for him. I’ve also been in a similar situation with the Ca BOE. After auditing my business in 1992, they determined I owed the a sizable amount-I forget how much now something like 50K. It took me over 10 years to pay their claim down to 0. Any taxing authority, including the IRS are just a bunch of thieves, operating with immunity, created out of the bowels of hell. At some point it makes sense to move on and live your life the best you can. I had another friend that the Ca BOE did the same thing to him and he ended up owing some outrageous amount ($300,000+). He decided to relocate to Washington state after living overseas for years. Let the Lord take care of these evildoers as He says in his word- judgement is mine! I used to be famous for “beating the dead horse” for far too long. Unfortunately, you lost pretty much everything. I’ld be curious to know, what has God been showing you through out this season? The one thing you still have is life and life abundant in Christ. I used to but product from you at the mint. None of that matters when Jesus returns. He wants us to be in close relationship to himself and those around us. Seems like you are trying to scratch out a living with everything you’ve got. What is Jesus saying about your next step? I was in a similar situation that finally resolved itself with pursuing the plans that He had for my life in mission. I had to get terminal bone cancer before I realized this life is never going to be like the one we long for in heaven. I am fine now and able to function at almost 95% of what used to be normal. I’ve slowed my involvement in everything while I see many others rush through their lives as they succumb to busyness. Life’s too short to be wrapped up in the distractions and snares placed before us by the enemy. Break free and live!

    1. Thank you for your story. I see I’m a bit like Job maybe. I seem to like Gideon from Judges a lot. I can’t see behind the scenes on earth, nor in heaven. I put my faith in God. Maybe God likes to move at the last minute when all hope seems lost. It simply did not make sense to me to start asking for donations when I still had money. Jesus tells us to not worry about what to eat and what to wear; the nations worry about those things. We are worth more than a lilly or sparrow, and God takes care of them. If I win in tax court, and it seems like I’ve won, it could be an epic win for freedom in the USA. We will see how things turn out as time moves on.

  5. Vernon R Wall, Wanaka, New Zealand.
    Dear Jason,
    You re on the right track First trust in God and the wisdom of the holy spirit.
    In that you are on the right path, narrow but right. I expect you have some affiliation with a church. look within that group for a righteous few who would be prepared for a income that would supplement their super, to act as Trustees.
    Form a Limited Partnership in a tax friendly domicile outside USA. Having personally operated a brokerage (some years ago prior to my retirement) in the City of London, I personally recommend the “Isle of Mann” as the legal and banking services there are first class international standard. There is no great impediment to you being a administrative and market advisor to the Trustees of a Limited Partnership located in a sound jurisdiction. I would look at marketing a crypto product priced at the gold coin price and backed by physical gold bullion obtained at the bullion price. The margin you have to work with is the bullion (spot price) to Coin delivery price a within that you have to pay your Trustees, your services including accounting, audit, tax and Independent bullion storage, your own advisory fees. I believe that gold backed crypto is a must for every pension fund in the land. You may see an opportunity to advance funds on the crypto based on current banking interest to purchase gold stocks that have potential into a separate Limited Partnership as a basis for a high yield long term pension investment. You might want to open a conversation with former market trader turned crypto blogger, Bix Weir, (road to roota dot com). However the USA has some peculiar tax laws such as wanting tax on USA citizen’s foreign earnings, therefore you have to assemble a foreign family Trust that is not “you” to bypass these onerous impositions. As an advisor you can be compensated for foreign expenses and this can be transferred into a foreign visa account, which can be used anywhere in the world. If you use a foreign merchants Visa Card, such as a fuel card, that is Visa linked then you are less likely to incur troubles. Make sure that you only transfer “proceeds of loans” onshore to USA. Proceeds of loans are not income and dont usually incur any form of local tax. But be sure and check this out with your own tax attorney and always go through the proper channels including registration of the debt. No charge for these embryo ideas, consider them my contribution to your recovery, simply I wish you good luck. I might say that I did once work for a Trust that in two years assembled over NZD$10 million in predominantly real estate assets that had the development potential for $89 million, using the same Trustee investment type mechanism, employing Mom and Dad contributory investment through an independent superannuation Trust. And yes at one time I did own a one quarter share in the Republic gold mine interests in NSW Australia but relinquished the shares rather than have personal commitment to the operational mining aspect of recovering a NSW govt assayed AUD$49million in-ground gold. At todays market that gold value after processing would be closer to AUD $200 million, but the ground is hard and tricky, very hard, so let the Aussie professionals in mining manage that.
    We have always appreciated your commentary even from the days of Mom’s little gold shoppe. Great that you minted coins, but be aware that the minting of coinage (and marketing) does take on a whole legal aspect under treasury legislation and whilst you are not legally counterfeiting you may be making a dent in what these agencies consider to be their exclusive market. Me thinks you may have poked the Bear here, so it is no great surprise to find your court ruling frustrated. The fact that your ruling albeit justified might be so great as to impact negatively on the functioning of the IRS is no doubt a part of maintaining that frustration. Holding you in limbo is no doubt part of a plan to control you from participating in the gold market whilst they continue the final part of their game rigging. We certainly have no issue with your recommendations being professional researched advice for a research fee, in fact we see hat as innovative and of benefit to the market.
    We dont now, as it happens, directly invest in foreign company shares, the cost of remedy if things go wrong given our vulnerable local currency being too great a downside. As we are now retired this is simply a personal capital prudence provision since the global share market despite its pretentious watchdogs has always been a wild west show with insider knowledge commanding not just the buy timing but most importantly the sell timing.
    I hear what you say about relocation, but with your gold market knowledge you could establish in Australia easily where your IRS issues in the USA simply have no great bearing. Sydney has a thriving gold market and the climate is good and having lived in both Sydney and Surfers, the food is good and fresh. Health in these coastal areas is generally great. USA was once a country of great promise, it started with a sound Christian principled Constitution. Somewhat sadly the corruption of men that pervaded Europe transfered and has now pervaded USA. As a foreigner looking in, I am of the opinion that the Constitution has been undermined by the Fed and the process of money creation being privately controlled in a manner that discriminates against the citizen. Men’s failings namely greed and avarice linked with laziness and dishonesty have created the rest of the problem. Moses received the word to take his people out of a land of corruption, we are told to “come out of her” the corrupt land, corrupt church. Give serious though to relocating as following that command to leave corruption behind less like the folk remaining in Soddom, you are condemned to suffer alongside them as their troubles worsen.
    Whatever your choices we wish you good luck in finding a new life and personal peace along with your measure of success.

    1. Thank you so much for the tax tips. Australia, huh? I did flee CA for TX. The mandatory vaccines and no gun rights mean, to me, that Australia has fallen faster and further than the USA. No disrespect intended. I understand stock tips are not for everyone. And yes, the sector has its problems. Real physical gold and silver seem very prudent at this time. But most seem content to let the big bankers hold their metal for them. Sigh.

      1. re: Australia – vaccines are not forced on adults at all. But social security benefits are witheld from people who refuse to have vaccines for common communicable diseases such as measles etc. I was vaccinated as a 5 year old child for measles,whooping cough and something else. I remember thinking at the time – the quick needle jab was no big deal. I’m over 50 now, perfectly healthy, my kids are all healthy, no signs of anyone being dumbed down etc.

        And as for gun laws – of course you can buy guns in Australia. Millions of people legally own guns but they need a gun licence to be able to do so. getting a gun licence requires a background check by the police. So if they find you’re not crazy and not a criminal – you can get a gun licence. People mostly own rifles and shotguns: automatic and semi automatic weapons are reserved solely for the military (and some special categories of hunters culling feral animals in remote areas.). Some people belonging to sporting shooters clubs, security workers etc get special permits to own and use handguns.

        The penalties for armed robbery and illegal possession of handguns , semi-automatic and automatic weapons are severe. The result of this is – mass shootings are very, very rare; people don’t live in fear that if they go out they’re going to get shot by some crazy; armed robbery stats are much lower than in the USA.

        1. No sign of anyone being dumbed down and you write like an idiot who notices nothing.
          No offense intended.

  6. Jason, I created the Ron Paul Dollar during my time working with Bernard von Nothaus and NORFED Liberty Dollar. Unfortunately I do not always get the Credit and Profits I deserve, I still have billions $ coming to me, and I know how to spend it! :- ) Regards, Nic Leobold


        Note those who think cryptocurrency should be backed by something, don’t comprehend that backing and decentralization are incongruent. What gives cryptocurrency value is the permissionless, decentralized, immutable traits. IOW, the objective fairness we can’t get from fiat, combined with the (digital) medium-of-exchange that we can’t get from metals.

        Again as I wrote in another comment, fiat is backed by the power of the government to enslave the people in its borders, i.e. Max Weber’s theory that government exists because of a monopoly on violence.

        How can we possibly come out of fiat when the only permissionless alternative we have are metals which can’t move over a wire nor even be transported without being confiscated by thugs and eventually our own government.

        Gold and silver only have any liquidity because of market markers (aka dealers) which the government can shut down or regulate when the powers-that-be are ready to take us to a cashless society over the next decade. Then nobody will accept your gold and silver anymore, because they can’t get a medium-of-exchange in exchange for it. And nobody is going to be doing commerce in metals. Sorry technology has advanced.

  7. Jason, as a fellow AA member coming up on 21 years, congrats-
    I’ve followed you for quite awhile and always wanted to visit Mom’s shop as I used to live in Sacramento prior to escaping to God’s Country {Montana} back in the mid-80’s.

    I never have made a lot of money but have had my issues with the IRS also. A more evil group has never existed [though there are many just as evil in the world today].

    Finally decided that what they didn’t know about was not going to hurt them so have done a lot of different things over the past 20+ years including cutting firewood for a living. Cash is still king here in the sticks!

    I do see crypto as being a potential addition to PM’s not because of any real intrinsic value [and fiat has NO intrinsic value, either] but I’m not betting the farm on it.

    Praying that you will receive clarity about your next moves from the Lord-He WILL answer those of us who ask and are not locked into our own preconceived ideas of what His answer should be…

  8. First thing to do is get rid of a mailing service that you have to pay for and install your own mailing program on your website. If you need help with that I can install it for you. Here is the place to download the program and then you install it to your website

    Also you may want to consider having a youtube channel with at least once a week video about silver. Keep out the fraud because Youtube will demonetise your videos.

  9. Option 4
    Stay in honour at all costs.
    Acceptance for value. … do not argue accept the tax bill for its true value . Remember there is no money it ,s just an idea.. an entree of accounting on a balance sheet . If you are the bonded surety to the debt created thats traded around the world on your birth certificate number you are the creator of that value by accepting it the book balances and the debt is discharged. You simply say I owe you as the authority’s say to the people to find remedy in law

  10. Jason, I hope the suicide thoughts you had are forever gone. Regarding suicide, it crossed my mind once that the Bible makes it clear that we remain conscious after death followed by judgment (Hebrews 9:27), so suicide only results in the removal of alternatives. Life, however tough, leaves alternatives. Hang in there, and as scripture exhorts “pour out your heart to God…cast all your care upon Him.”

    1. I have cast my cares upon God. This is why I have not asked for help, until I truly needed it.

      1. And suicide just seems so ridiculously foolish now. It’s so hard to describe the difference in my brain before iodine, and since iodine. It’s wild!

  11. Jason, I followed your newsletter years ago because you legitimately know what you are talking about when it comes to analyzing mining companies. But as far as the rest of your opinions, well, let’s just say I can’t say I’m all that shocked to see you in the situation you are in.

    I highly recommend to hold physical gold and silver and some mining stocks in case something does happen with the financial system. But maybe 10-20% of your portfolio, not the whole thing! A lot of people lost money in 2008-09 but managed to make that back and then some since. When you say you lost $10 million, we don’t know the start and end point. If you practiced what you preached holding physical you probably went from something like $18 million to $8 million. A big hit, but likely still higher than where you were in 2004 and enough to recover from. If you went from say, $11 million to $1 million, you were either leveraged (going against your own advice back then) or loaded up 100% on junior miners. Poor asset management that you also led people down the wrong path with based on your clouded personal beliefs of how the world works and how it will come crashing down rather than solid investment advice.

    As far as your conspiracy theorist, anti-government, anti-science, anti-vaxxer stances, you people are a burden on society similar to Antifa on the left. I’m surprised you’re not a flat-earther too. The vaccine thing particularly irks me. It’s thanks to vaccines we don’t have to deal with polio. I don’t expect some 20 year old goofball to understand that but a man of your age should and should respect the ocean of good vaccines do compared to the teardrop of bad.

    As far as the anti-government stuff, yeah there is definitely some shady things happening and the debt is out of control (both left AND right politicians are responsible for that), but there is no other place I’d rather live for prosperity and freedom. Every dominant society before the U.S. did their fair share of shady things – British Empire, Romans, Babylonians etc. So do you really expect the U.S. to be perfect? Obama wasn’t my preferred guy either but the country is basically the same from 2008 to 2019 except a lot more prosperous with a little less wars going on and not worrying about the mortgage crisis and Lehman Brothers so he couldn’t have been all that bad. There is no need to insult the man any further with the birther nonsense.

    If you’re that bad off, go to a men’s shelter, collect some cans, run your blog from library internet and build yourself back up. But don’t share a sad story begging on the internet to try to collect soft words and mercy funds from pensioners who really need that cash. That’s such a Millennial thing to do. If that sounds like I’m kicking a man while he’s down, while sometimes people need a swift kick in the rear. There are a lot of people in society truly with nothing. You aren’t one of them. You have a following, some respect for your analysis and an above average brain. You need to think hard about your actions, your beliefs and why you landed where you are and maybe change your thinking a bit. There is definitely some hedge fund job out there waiting for you if you don’t come off as a conspiracy nut in the interview.

      1. Jason,

        The USG is a criminal enterprise. The people deserve an evil government because they have rejected 1 Samuel 8. You will never get justice by petitioning to the Beast or to the people who have asked for a King to rule over them.

        To Bible says the faithful are not one with them. To come out of the Great Harlot. You can’t serve two masters.

        Besides when you became a leader, chooing to lead naive people into very risky mining stocks, you became responsible for helping innocent people bankrupt their retirement. You involved yourself in the Beast’s fiat system when you started JH Mint. You wasted so much money at that time, defocused yourself, and even became an alcoholic. So much so that you entirely missed doing to the research to advise your followers to sell silver at the $45 peak. I was trying to talk with you. I even published (at marketoracle) the prediction of the coming $45 peak and crash months before it occurred.

        You’re not recognizing reality. Gold and silver are never coming back as medium-of-exchange. Therefore (as I explained in detail in one of my other comments), they’re not going to be that useful to Christians who want to come out of Beast’s system and flock.

        Here once again you have access to an expert in myself. But you are too blind to even leverage it properly. Cryptocurrency has the potential to provide a means for an alternative to the Beast’s system, but you’re still stuck in some fantasies from 10 years ago, which were already outmoded then and more clearly so now.

        Additionally you still have not recognized that the blame for everything rests on your own shoulders. Still hoping for some miracle to get your $millions back. God decided already that you did not deserve to manage those talents. So he had them grow wings and fly away.

        I wish you the best. We can lead a horse to the water but we can’t make it drink.

        Justin may be ignorant of the evil hell of our government, but he is correct about your poor judgment, wasting time on nonsense, and inability to get in touch with reality.

    1. The main issue with vaccines is that they were deliberately poisoned. Did you ever consider that angle, or do you just get your ideas from Penn and Teller and repeat them for laughs and nods in polite circles over an alcoholic beverage?

    2. Well, if Jason feels like Job, it will attract the miserable comforters. It’s a given.

      Jason, could you package your research on minerals as stapled copies and sell them on eBay? I don’t have money I can send. It seems the best thing is to look at the resources you do have… being knowledge and figuring out a superbly low cost way to sell it.
      It seems there is a way you could help people learn to invest in mining companies or just in gold and silver. There are apartment complexes that have a club house available to those living in the complex. If you can associate with someone there and charge $10 or $15 or $20 per person to speak 45 minutes on investing in gold. No need to tell your story, just stick to an informative lecture. Or bring your knowledge to a club or men’s group. The quickest way for you to make money is figuring a simple, grass roots way to start making $$30 or $50 bucks a day. Force yourself to leave the house and just act like your doing that. Just get up and go and God can make a way for you’re going…He sure did it for the children of Israel when they went over the Jordan at flood stage. I would say God is able still. Thats believing
      action. Faith without workd is dead, meaning believing without action behind it… has no results= is not believing).

  12. Hi, Jason, I followed your Silver Stock Report avidly back in the day, and also lost a lot of money since then. And just two weeks ago, I was let go from my job after 11 years, in a “right-sizing” following an acquisition. I’ll send you what I can.
    I suggest in your picks that you offer now that you also add the jurisdiction/country where the company/mine/properties are located. I lost sizable amount of money (for me) investing in a company where the “laws” were changed after the fact and their properties expropriated. Now, I only invest in safer jurisdictions. (I know that none are safe, but some are better than others.)
    I honor your journey and pray you find your way out.

    1. Thank you David for your donation, I just got it. Yes, mining companies that get expropriated… that happens. Even in America, where they just take your bank accounts for no reason except maybe you point out truthful things about a man’s birth certificate. HAHA

  13. Jason;
    I may have a solution to your job situation. Once you’ve been offered a job, ask that you be set up as a 3rd Party Contractor. The company will save money by you NOT being an employee, by not having to do tax paperwork and setting aside matching retirement funds (about 2% of your earnings). A company will love you for this because you will be less burdensome, financially on them than an employee.
    If they ask why you wish to do this, don’t go into a great discussion, keep it simple, tell them it helps you save money on your taxes.
    You benefit by not having to pay taxes. End of year tax information (1099) and the money you’re owed is sent to a third party… third party writes you a check and sends it in the mail. The third party takes a percentage (about 5%) They balance out that profit made off of you to almost zero through their own business deductions. You get to keep approx. 95% of what you make and remain invisible to the IRS. Take your check to a cash checking place to get federal dollars. You can also request to be paid with silver or gold coins by the third party if you wish.
    I have contact info I can send you, if your interested. I’ve been operating like this for 21 years. Never an IRS problem. Use the email I’ve provided if you wish to know more.

  14. Hi Jason,
    I just made a small contribution to your Paypal.
    Hang in there buddy, everything is going according to plan. Just not your plan. If the past is perfect then the future is perfect as well, as the future will someday be the past. God has not forsaken you and has a plan for you.
    I have been curious as to whether any of your recommendations are traded on the Australian Stock Exchange. If any of them are, I would gladly pay for the stock pick. The reason I say that is it is just easier for me to buy the Aussie stock.
    Celebrate Jesus!

  15. It was very nice of you to not jump on Justin with both feet, and I can kinda understand why…if one tries to take on that kind of industrial grade ignorance, it can be very taxing on the soul.

    I was thinking about buying a stock pick, but could not decide which one I might want based upon the info provided. Including location, as suggested by David may be all I need, but for now I’ll just send a donation.

    Hang in there and God bless,

  16. Jason Hommel is a thought leader, a thinker, a market mover. You may love what he has to say as many do, or not. Either way, love him or hate him, it’s important to see what he has to say about squandering millions and failing to apply all his lip service to faith in God.

    As your mom for a loan, Jason, so you can buy a Bible and some glasses to study further the power of faith.

    1. hmm. My biggest waste of money was in founding a Mint with machines that were second rate. As I said, $850,000 loss. My second biggest waste was in hiring lawyers to clear my name and prosecute thieves. I lost my cases, and the money spent on lawyers was completely wasted. I spend that, in part, because the Bible says a good name is important, and to protect my investment in the mint. After all, if I were to let my employees know that they could steal at will, what would be the point of continuing in that business? So, the mint was a double waste of money in that sense. I don’t see IRS persecutions as money wasted, even though that had a lot to do with my loss of money. I know people have their perspectives. Thank you for yours.

      1. Jason,

        As you know, unapportioned taxes (e.g. income taxes) are unconstitutional. The constitution prevents the 16th amendment, the 16th amendment was never constitutionally ratified, and the 16th amendment was only to apply to corporations never to individuals. (I have all the detailed research for them on my blog)

        Rome stood for a thousand years because taxes were ~5%. The government didn’t prosecute murders, citizens did and were armed.

        Romans clearly says we will receive the government we deserve. And Jesus said render unto Caesar what is his and to God what is his.

        Fiat is backed by the enslavement by the government of the captive labor.

        When you deal in fiat, you must give it all back to Caesar. Fighting the IRS is silly. Give all what is theirs to them and move on.

        If you want to be sovereign, then keep your sovereign activities outside of the Beast’s system. I grant you that for this, it’s unlikely that gold and silver will function for commerce and especially digital commerce.

        I believe this is why cryptocurrency has arrived as prophesied in the Bible where it says we’ll throw our gold into the streets.

        Note Bitcoin was created by the evil ones working for the Beast. They plan to destroy the official Bitcoin probably this May 2020 (which is actually the impostor Bitcoin). Then they will usher in their Facebook Libra global cryptocurrency which is not decentralized but instead run by a Foundation comprised of the largest multinational banks and tech companies. Remember for example Facebook was created by the CIA, not Mark Zuckerberg.

        The coming strong dollar backing Libra will cause world adoption of Libra. Then later when they’re ready to devalue the dollar, they will bring back the legacy (the real, non-impostor) Bitcoin to back Libra and we will have a world currency and world reserve system enslaving all the nation-states. I have all the technical details on my blogs. As you know, I am the main source and expert on this information.

        Justin is correct about one thing Jason. You have sometimes poor judgement.

        Note silver and gold will be on a multi-year upswing, but by no means are they coming back as a medium-of-exchange. That epoch has ended. Kiss it goodbye.

        Note I do believe it is likely that Bitcoin will hit $50,000+ before May 2020 when I expect a strong probability of Bitcoin Core (the impostor) being attacked by the legacy Bitcoin miners taking all the Bitcoin Core as “anyone can spend” donations. This is a complex technical topic that nearly no one knows about. Most of the exchanges will be destroyed by this coming event, if it comes to fruition.

        But that is because the legacy Bitcoin is immutable. It will not die in May. It will presumably continue to increase in value probably to $1+ million per Bitcoin no later than ~2026. But for a period of time, people will think Bitcoin died. Because remember the mass media is owned behind the curtain by the elites who managing all of this.

        So if you want to make money Jason, you need to understand on a more deep level what is going on. And then position yourself accordingly.

        What if for example I was working on the perfect cryptocurrency? What if you bought $100 of it at the inception and then it rose to a $100 billion market cap (quite reasonable for any Top 20 altcoin). Your $100 becomes $1 million.

        Don’t waste your time on nonsense.

  17. STAY POSITIVE, you will get through this. I had the same experience, medical bills sank my boat, received a heart transplant $6 mil, lost our house, tried a go fund me page and with a lot of work made $6k. Now we are retired, living full time RVers, spending 4 months with daughter and grandchildren in Michigan, 4 months in Reno, and 4 months in Paso Robles, wine country for the winter. Many friend and family hated me for asking for money, would NOT do that again. Like you I made a lot of money trading gold stocks until the crash in 2011 and lost it all back. Traded my IRA $35k back to $200k and now we live on Social Security and trading gold stocks. DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO, AND YOU WILL NOT WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE. If I was still worth millions I would help you out, but until I get back up there, I need to pass. Good luck ,YOU WILL SUCCEED, be positive. Dale

    1. Thank you Dale for your story. I know I’m not the only one hit by the price swings. And then other troubles, too.

  18. Thank you for sharing your story Jason. It’s not surprising that the IRS would target you, and not surprising that their claim is bogus.

    It’s quite fair for you to offer stock tips for sale. If people don’t want to buy it they don’t have to – they have no grounds to complain about your offer.

    I am not in a position to offer more than advice – my income is barely able to support my family.

    I concur with the comment that you should not have to pay to send out Emails and agree with the suggestion to make videos on YouTube. You can make money that way, but YouTube also demonitizes some of those that they don’t agree with.

    If you cannot fight the IRS anymore and need to escape them I suppose you could just walk across the border and join me in Canada. Unlike the thousands that do so to take advantage of us, you at least would be a productive member of society. 😎

    Silver Steve

  19. Jason, I share some of your past so understand some of the underpinnings of your difficulties. I”ve exchanged emails with you and I’ve purchased from Mom’s and still have the metals.
    I concur with a few others who observe that you do have a lot going for you- excellent cognitive, good understanding of finances, now about health, so you should be able to find a good job somewhere for now, and keep an eye open for the right person to help you turn things around. I’d say don’t avoid the job out of fear of garnishment. They can only take a certain percentage. You can live inexpensively as a roommate, sharing what you can. Its actually fun to take that as a challenge and see how little you can survive with- a modest cot, Plant Based Diet- potatoes, rice, lintels, greens, showering once or twice a week, minimal clothing, – minimalism in general. It’s liberating to detach.
    Some are taking the RV route after saving. The other thing I’ve benefited from lately is watching and reading the work of Jordan Peterson. I think he is good for those of us coming out of a period where we were deceived by religious dogma. He ties many of the beliefs back to their origins in human history- myths based on long told stories involving archetypes. Somewhat along the lines of Joseph Campbell. I’ll try to send a little money but hope you use the few bucks being sent to find a decent job and then pursue your interests and keep writing about finances, health etc at night or off hours using free platforms. We will follow you. Look into Crypto too if you haven’t already.

  20. Jason would you post your mailing address, so that those who are so inclined might send you a donation via snail mail.

    1. Jason Hommel, 820 Edmonton Dr., Plano, TX 75075. My postal mail address is required by the new anti email spam laws, and so its at the bottom of every email I send out. But thank you for asking for confirmation of my address.

  21. I suggest you put your knowledge regarding health to work and come up with some supplements that you can sell. Something that helps people. This has been very successful for others such as Alex Jones, Cernovich etc. If people buy them and like them, they will become repeat customers and provide you with a steady income.

  22. Jason,

    I had not been going to proffer any further comment or advice to you as it is fairly evident your conscience is seared against the truth of the Word and thus any Scripture-based advice will go begging, particularly if predicated upon the writings of Paul, the servant of God whom you have unequivocally labelled a “fraud.” But then I chanced upon this further and more recent blog in which you come seeking resources to attempt to defray the literal catalogue of ‘plagues’ and damages which have befallen you and from which you seek deliverance by virtue of the good graces of others.

    I am reminded of a homeless person, but not materially so but spiritually homeless. I dare venture the observation that to be spiritually homeless is far worse. And to take the analogy further, as in the case of many homeless persons who are there because of bad personal decisions, you are there by virtue of bad spiritual decisions.

    Without going into all of your essentially self-inflicted tortures, it strikes me as rather ironic you are seeking assistance from a group which includes many who eschewed the blasphemies you have uttered in your several attacks on the truth and legitimacy of God’s Word, given so much of the N.T. was written through that one, Paul, so trusted and endowed with so many of the foundational truths of Christianity but whom you have sought so thoroughly to discredit even though Scripture teaches in II Tim. 3:16 – 17, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” Of course, this will have no validity in your eyes as it was written by the much-maligned Paul to Timothy. It is not possible to reprove you, assuming you are able to be reproved, if your deny the truth used in the process.

    If a person is very ill and please be very certain that sin is as bad a disease as a spiritual body can contract, and the unique cure is denoted in John 3:16, John 14:6 and Acts 4:12, among many other Scriptures but expounded upon in other parts of Scripture such as Eph. 2:8 – 9, again, your denial of these expository truths places you in a position where you believe you can utilize your puny, error-prone mind to utterly deny these same, critical and eternal expository truths as you deny the credibility of their inspired author. This would be analogous to a physician’s advising a terminal patient there was a cure which could do away once and for all with the patient’s illness but the patient decided the physician had never gone to medical school, the patient’s assessment was more authoritative and more accurate, and so he believed he, the terminally ill patient, possessed superior knowledge and experience to allow him to conclude the physician’s cure was bogus.

    Who is it that is commonly referred to as The Great Physician?

    The ‘patient’ shall remain in his illness (his sins) until death if he throws out Heb. 2:3 – 4, “How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him; God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will?”

    When the great gospel preacher, Jonathan Edwards, preached his famous sermon almost three centuries ago (1741) at Enfield, CT, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” he based his revelation of the truth, his message that God hated sin and that sinners not accepting the free gift of salvation through His Son, the Lord Jesus, would face total destruction, he used a text in the 32nd. chapter if Deuteronomy, Deut. 32:35, “To me belongeth vengeance and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.”

    Bro. Edwards told the absolute truth and did not mince words. Yes, God most certainly is love but He is also altogether righteous and as a consequence, He will tolerate NO sin in Heaven. His love was such that He sent His Son to this sin-stained earth to pay the debt of our sins, all who would accept His Son as Saviour. Those who refuse(d) this incomparable Gift of salvation will be responsible for their own sins and as they cannot make recompense for them in the slightest, their lot will be eternal damnation.

    Those who would trifle with and obfuscate that truth by corrupting God’s Word in any way will feel the might of God’s wrath as surely as day follows night. That is why we are warned in Scripture NOT to change His Word in any way whatsoever.

    Jason, can you not see it is not money that you need but a penetrating realization of the fact you have repeatedly and over time grieved the Holy Spirit to the point now that God is perfectly justified in His hatred of your sin, vindicated in applying the vengeance and recompence to you and that your ‘foot’ has clearly slipped and the day of your calamity is at hand with all of the punishments that accompany them making haste?

    As I have said before, God is not mocked. Yes, He is longsuffering, He is love, He is the lover of our souls. BUT – he is also righteous, He will not tolerate sin which is why His Son paid the price for the sins of all who would accept Him as their Saviour and His patience is not infinite, which in Gen. 6:3 it is written, “And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: . . . ”

    It is no surprise to anyone who fears the Lord and believes His Word without doubt or application of vain philosophies or humanly-applied conditions and faithless caveats that His patience with you is running out. It is only by His grace that you are alive today, having resisted Satan’s demonic direction to take your own life as you related. Whether the halogen (iodine) was used of God as a therapeutic tool is a moot point. He is omnipotent. The “take-away” from that episode is that the Lord loved you enough to preserve you despite your repeatedly labelling His preserved Word in large part false and fraudulent.

    Many who have written comments addressing your vile sentiments have indicated they want nothing further to do with you. Be grateful for those faithful who have been touched by your plight and have attempted to guide you away from Satan’s demonic darkness into God’s marvellous light.

    All things remain possible with God. Is. 59:1 – 2 states, “Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.”

    His time to “reason” with you is what He will deem it to be (Is. 1:18). Your time to “kiss the Son” is far more limited.

    Choose correctly. Your opportunity is finite.

    1. I’m going to try to reason with you as gently as I can. The IRS denied my correct honest and true tax loss of 2009. I filed late, in 2011. The IRS denied my loss by 2014, falsely assessing me $2 million, denying my loss of $800,000, which if it was correctly applied, the IRS would have owed me a refund. They lied. They admitted in court, in 2016, that their audit was not proper to use as an Audit.

      Now, you, being so high and mighty and full of yourself, act as if this calamity fell upon me because I refuse to believe Paul, according to the clear instructions of Jesus in Matthew 24.

      Shocker of shockers, I came to this awareness and conclusion around 2015, because that is when it was presented to me.

      You have fallen into the error of Paul, who says a man will reap what he sows. Often this is true. But often it is not. Jesus explicitly rebuked this thinking when he was asked, “who sinned, the man or his parents, this man who is blind”. Jesus replied something like, “this man is blind so I can show the power of God”. The Bible also says it will rain on the just and unjust alike. And the Bible says bad things happen to good men, such as Job, and Daniel, and many prophets of God who are killed for their faith.

      You err so badly, it should be obvious to you why you remain unconvincing.

    2. Sir you are suffering from the following mental inferiority:

      Jason lost all his money because he refused to listen to those who were trying to for example advise him to get out of silver. I public predicted the $45 peak many months before it occurred:

      But Jason was apparently preoccupied by other matters and unable to pay attention to the most important matters. He may repeat that mistake again. People rarely change. We seemed doomed to repeat our prior patterns over and over again. I hope not because I would love to see Jason actually help others succeed and then make money doing so, instead of leading them in greater fool speculations.

      Had he allowed me to help him advise his readers to sell the top in silver at $45, he would be not only wealthy not but his readers would also be presumably wealthy. Instead all of them including Jason took a beating from mining stocks and lost everything. And Jason was punished further by the IRS.

      I am happy to see Jason communicating and allowing comments. I hope he will accept responsibility for what happened to him, just as I accept responsibility for being blinded in my right eye by thugs (because I made the decisions that put me in that place and situation where I should not have been). I am happy to see so many sympathetic people who appreciate Jason trying to help him get back on his feet. I hope he will accept responsibility for the karma he had coming to him, learn from it, and move on.

  23. We come into this world with nothing, – and we leave it with nothing!
    The only value is what we (and others) THINK there is!
    It’s so difficult for those who have enjoyed plenty and they feel it more when that is depleted. It’s all in the mind you know!

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