Copper for “the things that shall not be named”

5 key points:

  1. copper helps prevent heart attacks.
  2. copper helps prevent internal blood clots.
  3. copper is great for the flu.
  4. copper’s effects from chapter 1.
  5. copper is a detoxer by making many detoxing enzymes and by being easily excreted
  6. popular articles

(1.) Copper cures heart attacks. There are over 80 identical biomarkers between people with heart disease, and mice fed copper deficient diets.

See Chapter 45: Heart Disease (IHD) of “The Copper Revolution: Healing with Minerals” book at amazon:

Excerpt: Heart failure improvement from a supplement containing copper (2006)

“Copper deficiency is the only nutritional insult that elevates cholesterol, blood pressure, homocysteine, and uric acid, has adverse effects on electrocardiograms and arteries, impairs glucose tolerance, and promotes thrombosis and oxidative damage. More than 80 anatomical, chemical, and physiological similarities between animals deficient in copper and people with ischaemic heart disease have been identified. 6,7 Copper deficiency in animals can induce cardiac enlargement,8 pleural effusion,9 and heart failure10 that are reversible with copper supplementation.”

This is amazing. Over 80 similarities? That is very compelling research.

(2.) Copper cures internal blood clots, while increasing external blood clots, improving clearing out cholesterol and calcium out of the arteries, improving blood circulation.

Copper is a required cofactor for factor VIII and copper deficiency is known to increase the activity of factor VIII.[11]

Atrial thrombosis (thrombosis is blood clots), abnormal electrocardiograms and sudden death in mice due to copper deficiency
L M Klevay

(3.) Copper is great for the flu, according to at least 6 mechanisms of action, and according to at least 3 studies linked in my book in Chapter 54, posted in full:

Chapter 54: The Flu: Influenza and Pneumonia

Due to the political climate, I make no claims about copper and Covid 19. However, copper is an antiviral, it boosts white blood cells, and boosts the immune system, is good for the lungs, and is necessary for oxygen respiration at the cellular level, and prevents thrombosis, or blood clotting internally, by lowering clotting factor VIII. That’s 6 things that seem appropriate for the flu.

I feel that I can speak of my own experience. In July, 2021, my wife and I both got sick around the same time with what we felt was the flu. At first, I loaded up on Vitamin C. I didn’t realize that was lowering my copper. When we both finally took copper and zinc with grapefruit juice, which helps the body absorb copper and zinc better, we felt much better almost immediately.

Copper as a potential adjunct therapy for critically ill COVID-19 patients

“Copper plays an essential role in respiration, immune function and free-radical defense. … Recent studies confirmed its anti-viral capacity.”

Resveratrol and Copper for treatment of severe COVID-19:
an observational study (RESCU 002)

“The nearly two-fold reduction in mortality with resveratrol-copper observed in our study needs to be confirmed in a randomized controlled trial.”

COVID-19 Therapy: Could a Copper Derivative of Chlorophyll a Be Used to Treat Lymphopenia Associated With Severe Symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 Infection?

“Therapeutic doses of SCC have been demonstrated to provide an effective clinical treatment for leukopenia. On this basis, we propose that taking Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin (SCC) at the onset of symptoms or, for immunocompromised patients, at the time of diagnosis, could reverse the lymphopenia (low white blood cell count) observed during COVID-19.”

The official list of Covid Symptoms reads, to me, as a list of copper deficiency symptoms.

Unofficial lists of side effects from the shots, read, to me, as a list of copper deficiency symptoms.

(4.) The Copper Revolution: Ch. 1: Copper’s Effects

Copper heals the nerves in at least 20 ways; 16 are listed in my book in chapter 1. I also list how copper improves blood circulation in 14 ways. The total list is about 200 healing effects of copper.

(5.) Copper detoxes the body in countless ways primarily through being necessary for the function of numerous detoxification enzymes, in particular, ceruloplasmin, metallothioneins, superoxide dismutase, and many others. These have been described as “master antioxidants” and detoxers in the body. Metallothioneins are a family of detoxing enzymes that detox heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic. Superoxide dismutase detoxes hundreds of chemical and plastic and pharmaceutical toxins.

All kinds of toxins tend to lower copper. Conversely, copper tends to lower all kinds of toxins.

Copper appears to be the very best detoxing agent known, because after taking 10 mg daily for 30 days, nearly all the copper being taken in will be excreted, taking toxins with it.

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