What does it feel like to become a millionaire and lose it all?

Three years ago, I wrote an answer on quora. It’s been seen by 39,000 people, and had 273 upvotes.

I updated the post.


Quora is a good place to write, because unlike facebook, which censors posts, quora will publicize them for free. In total, my posts at Quora have gotten over 700,000 views.

But quora did censor my post on cancer cures. They may have done so because it contained too many references. They consider too many links as “spam”. I resubmitted my post as “not spam”, and they still did not approve it. Then, I looked further, and I saw that quora does tend to say there are no alternative and natural cancer cures, which stands in contrast to the research.

I’ve read that google will be blocking sites that publish cancer cures, so that it is becoming illegal to share scientific research now. So I have taken my list offline, and it is only available now for a $39 fee.


Part of the reasons why I was not writing about stocks for a few years was to recover from IRS abuse and trauma, and because I was researching health, to regain my health, which I have done.

This brings me to my next offer: If you want to get help, in person, to learn how and why to take the many minerals I’m taking, and develop many good habits, such as easy exercise that is fun, easy, and pain free, I invite you to visit me, and either stay in a nearby hotel, or live in my home for a week or so at $150/day.


I have healed my brain from PTSD, healed my full body arthritis, stayed free from alcohol since 2011, and much more. We have two extra rooms available for this purpose. I currently live in Plano, Texas. Email me if you are interested: bibleprophesy@yahoo.com


  1. Hi Jason: Have you researched Chesapeake Gold that has lots of Gold, Silver and Zinc with a tight share structure?

  2. Welcome back Jason, missed your emails but you’re back and healthier than ever!

  3. This adds some perspective, I really never knew this story. It made me sad actually but I am happy you regained your health. The money will come back as you know, life cycles. That was a super interesting read about how that large amount of money was so burdensome, who would have thought? I always feel wealthy because I live without fear about money, I think fear about money is torment. Its easy to live a simple life with simple joys, for me it includes children, outdoors, good food, good relationships, it doesnt cost much at all to be happy!!! I think its amazing how God turned it around for you and showed you how your health is your wealth and now you are serving others!

  4. You shouldve just put it all in metal and held.Work at a gas station WHATEVER.Getting married is usually financially devastating…i never married and havent had a girlfriend for decades.I know your Christian..im a believer but not a behavor.Baptised but not confirmed.Ive had no health problem despite being HIV+.I im also TG. (Poor example but might be keeping my hair cause of it..(Which is over a foot long).i just had my 60th birthday.Ive been taking over 30 supplements for many years.I was a bodybuilder from 1986 to 2000.I remember you were the young kid genius on kitco and 321.missed your commentaries.discovered your new stuff was going in my spam box.Now i have your archive.Very big of you to go public with your failures.You must remember me..i saw your marriage pix (back in the day ) recently i heard about your marital squables recently (saw a newspaper clip.too) PS i believe the world is flat (144+ Bible verses prove it and believe no one burns in hell for eternity (“they are burned to smoke and ashe and are no more” I think The USAs future is short especially Calif.i am trying to sell and leave calif.same location,premises 39 yrs.Sunny is my (“other” name )q short 4 Sunshine

    1. Hi Sunny. I moved to Texas. I’m shocked at the cheap housing out here. Thank you for your advice, and story. 30 supplements. Nice!

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