How I Increased my Brainpower, Memory, & Focus. 4-6-16

This was written on 4-6-16. Since then, I’m taking even more minerals, which I list here:

If this 5000 word article is too long for you, that’s probably because you are deficient in boron, or iodine, or both. Either that, or you have kids or a job! Heh.

I am oddly thankful for CA SB277 that mandates vaccines for my boys, (who will never comply), and Obamacare, because it has more fully opened my eyes to the full blown evil and incompetence of the pharmaceutical, medical and political industries, and it has encouraged me to take full, real, and actual responsibility for my own health. I have greatly accelerated my knowledge and actions on improving my own health in the last 4 months.

The things people do to cure themselves from autism (and cancer!) are also the things that help make a normal person extra healthy and smarter! This basically seems to involve a two pronged approach: (1) detoxing from heavy metal poisons such as aluminum, mercury, fluoride, bromine, and who knows what other harmful poisons, and (2) providing the proper nutrition, in particular minerals, that we all could use more of. Bad stuff out, good stuff in. Interestingly, the good stuff also helps to kick the bad stuff out!

In November, 2015, I finally took that extra step to be extra responsible and I saw a naturopath for nutritional testing. I did it, even though I was arrogant enough to think that I would pass with flying colors, and ace the tests, but I just wanted to be sure. I have been drinking green smoothies for three years now, thanks to Victoria Boutenko. I have been sober for 4 years. I have been even adding in a multi mineral pill, and even taking extra magnesium, extra vitamin k, extra zinc and copper from time to time, but trying not to over do it, because, you know, greens have plenty of minerals, too. Oh, and I ate sugar treats from time to time, but not too much, right? Yeah, right.

Let me back up a second to explain my confidence and arrogance. My green smoothies have been wonderfully healing for my full body arthritis. (I even put my story at — I even considered selling the method!) I combine greens with isometric stretching, which seems to greatly amplify the healing effects. It appears to me that because joints have a poor blood flow, that stretching increases this blood flow, which helps the green smoothies do great work in the joints. And nobody teaches this. It’s just not out there. This is a miracle combination.

After 2 years on greens and stretching, I still had one last nagging pain in my right knee on the lateral out side. I knew it could be fixed, since I fixed so much everywhere else on my body, I just did not know how to stretch that part. I looked it up on google, figured out the IT band stretch at the knee, and boom, a few minutes of stretching later, and it was instant relief, and the nagging knife pain in my knee never returned. Two months later, and I could not make my knee hurt even when stretching it! So, I thought I was doing very, very good. See? Arrogance.

Several mothers of autistic children have told me in the last year that the best thing they have ever done for their kids is chelating with greens or green smoothies! But there is something I need to share; greens can block iodine, and when I started taking iodine, it greatly helped my brain, as I will get into shortly.

While at my appointment to see the naturopath, I remember I had a few problems; a bit of fatigue but I was lifting weights working out all the time. I also had a bit of depression, even suicidal thoughts, but suicide actually plagues people who quit alcohol, we have a 20 times higher suicide rate. But perhaps my stress created nutritional deficiencies, too. At the Betty Ford Center for alcoholism, which cost me over $60,000 for over 3 months, they don’t teach much about supplements. They don’t believe in them; only natural food. It kind of makes sense from a certain point of view; they have pill poppers in there, along with alcoholics, so no pills are allowed. Prescription pain killers, even taken as prescribed, such as, opioids, benzos, sleeping meds, are as bad as, if not worse than, alcohol.

As an aside, that was my main problem with the Betty Ford Center, 4 years ago. They confiscated my vitamin C, and my vitamin K, and my cayenne pepper, which I need to stop my nosebleeds. Sure enough, after a month there (the doctors also gave me ibuprofen which increases bleeding), I was getting bad nosebleeds again, and they lost my supplements, and I got really angry! After all, if this is how I’m treated when I’m paying $60,000, to “hang out” at one of the most luxurious rehab and medical facilities on earth, what would happen to me if I ever went to jail? I might bleed to death!? The word “anger” is an understatement to describe my feelings at that time. Horrifically f—ing pissed off suicially furious is more like it — but I was a recovering alcoholic, so give me a bit of slack, I just want to honestly describe where I’m coming from, with regard to healing from own brain challenges. Alcoholism is a brain disease. Ok. I said it.

On Dec. 1, 2015, I got the results of my blood tests. I was lowest in zinc, low in copper, low in testosterone. I was borderline low in D and K. I was high in iron, high in selenium, high in glutathione, good on magnesium and calcium. (Glutathione is used up with pain relievers, which I stopped taking 3 years ago, because they all increase bleeding.)

Iron and copper, I learned recently are antagonists. High iron will lower copper, and high copper lowers iron, so it makes sense that I was high in iron, but low in copper.

Selenium, I recently learned, is used up if you start taking high iodine doses.

Vitamin C blocks zinc absorption, and I have been taking C nearly my whole life, because I have a rare bleeding disorder, and C helps with that. I have type II clotting factor disorder, it’s one in 2 million! About 100 of us have it in the USA; 5-11 in my own family.

Here’s an interesting link I just found about how vitamins and minerals can act as antagonists to each other. It’s a topic worthy of much further study.

Back to improving my health recently: I started taking zinc and copper daily, right away, 50 mg zinc, with 3 mg copper. I noticed strong benefits immediately. There were 6 noticable benefits, all known zinc deficiences that I didn’t realize I was suffering from, that all started going away: low testosterone, insomnia, acne on my shoulders, a bit of constipation, brain fog, and histimine reactions.

Immediately, from the zinc, I started sleeping better. And that also helped my body make testosterone. And all of a sudden, I could tell I was healing faster from working out, and I was feeling like a young man like I did in my late teens and early 20’s. The acne waned, and my histimine reactions, such as stuffy nose and itching red hands went away. As for the itching red hands, I hardly noticed it until it was gone.

There is a simple and cheap $11 zinc test. Liquid zinc, 2mg. If it tastes like metal, you are good in zinc. If it tastes like water, you are deficient. Everyone I gave this to said it tasted like water, except my 5 year old, who said, “yuk, it tastes like wire!”. After 7 weeks on zinc, it began to taste metallic to me, finally. Veggetarians are prone to zinc deficiency, since it’s primarily found in oysters (150mg+) and meat (12 mg beef, 4 mg chicken). The highest veggie zinc source is pumpkin seeds, 2mg? Low.

I suspect three things were blocking zinc. I was taking too much C, as I stated. Perhaps greens chelate a lot of minerals, including zinc. And perhaps too much sugar, perhaps creating unbalanced gut flora, who knows.

After 9 weeks on zinc, the liquid zinc tasted like water again. I looked up how to boost zinc absorption and it’s basically meat, and citric acid.

I bragged about my zinc results on facebook, and a man suggested boron for arthritis, and gave me a link to “the borax conspiracy”.

I think I had read it long ago. Astounding read. It primarily touts boron as an arthritis fix, which was also one of my problems (but solved, right?). Boron also boosts brain power, boosts testosterone, detoxes from fluoride, which lowers IQ and lowers testosterone. And it’s extremely cheap. I was sold. What was I waiting for before? I got my boron from, and boom, I got a brain boost explosion!

The day I took boron, I journaled 7000 words on what was bothering me; IRS troubles and theft from prior business ventures. I was super angry and stressed about that. I started taking 9 mg of boron a day. Today, I’m taking 6-12 mg, after having re-read the borax conspriacy with my newly charged up brain power. Boron specifically heals arthritis. Yes, I can feel that. It feels like a “substitute” green smoothie, which I don’t drink every day. It makes the bones very strong. It’s a powerful antibiotic, and it can give a person a cleansing reaction as it can kill candida, too! I think I got a minor cleansing reaction from the boron (I got sick), but only lasted two days, because I was already very clean from 3 years of green smoothies.

Boron is also in apples and spinach, and thus in my green smoothies, but only about 2 mg in a single apple.

So, I was wondering what other trace minerals can you take a lot of, that the medical establishment hates, and another facebook reader points me to iodine. Of course. I knew about iodine. Miracle germ killer, and greens can block it. But. Hmm… why don’t I have any and why am I not taking any? Boom. Order placed in like 10 seconds. $18 for two bottles that will last months. And I’m feeling like an idiot, but at least I’m doing something about it.

On Feb 6th, my iodine arrived in the mail. Next day, Superbowl Sunday, Feb 7th, I took a drop in water. It smelled like the hospital, of course, they swab you with it before taking blood, or giving you an IV. Gross. (Today, I put 15 drops in lemonade, with selenium and sea salt and I can’t even taste it.) For me, the iodine was better than the boron! IODINE REALLY MADE ME SMARTER! Here are two articles that say that:

They are saying iodine at 150 mcg can boost IQ by 15 points. I’m taking 50 mg/day, or 50,000 mcg of iodine.

The day I took iodine was a game changer in my head. Suicidal thoughts went away. My memory increased. My focus increased. I could study for long periods. I could concentrate better. I could remember what I was reading much better. I was much less angry. I could think about the IRS harassment, and prior business thefts, and not spin out in anger. This? From a mineral? Wow. What the hay?

Iodine removes fluoride (which makes people dumber, and here’s a study on that from Harvard!):

“The average loss in IQ was reported as a standardized weighted mean difference of 0.45, which would be approximately equivalent to seven IQ points for commonly used IQ scores with a standard deviation of 15.* Some studies suggested that even slightly increased fluoride exposure could be toxic to the brain. Thus, children in high-fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low-fluoride areas. “

Iodine also removes bromine, aluminum and mercury. Iodine at 3mg/day may cure breast cancer?! Iodine cures goiter, and boosts the thyroid, but is needed in all body tissues.

Iodine was another mineral, like boron, that you can take a lot of, like 500 to a thousand times more than the minimum RDA, and appears very beneficial. This time, there was a lot more to read, and I was having FUN reading and studying and remembering it all so well! Plus the controversies around it. Here’s a great debate on it! The iodine doctor wins it!

I’ll pause here to mention…

CO-MINERALS TO TAKE WITH IODINE, and how much. I’m taking 2% lugol’s iodine, 15 drops, for 50 mg of iodine, which I plan to do for 3 months to “get iodine full”, and then back off to 12 mg/day. The reason is that it takes about 3 months to get mineral stores topped up. The co nutrients are SELENIUM, SEA SALT, TYROSINE, VITAMIN C. (There is enough tyrosine in one egg, which also has 15 mg selenium.)

Here is a link to the source of the iodine doctors who recommend 50 mg/day of iodine and co-supplements:

(I tested high in selenium, perhaps indicating low iodine, as iodine and boron were not tested). Greens like spinach and kale block iodine. I knew this. I thought I would be ok, simply from rotating greens. I guess not!

The purpose of the sea salt with iodine, is the chloride in sodium chloride helps bind with the bromine, to help the body excrete it in the urine. Bromine is a brain toxin found in soda pop, and was added to bread around 1980, replacing iodine bread conditioners. Bromine like flouride and chloride and iodine are all halogens, and they all block each other. Taking extra iodine helps remove the rest, and chloride from salt is basically non toxic and essential like iodine.

The selenium and tyrosine are co nutrients because the body uses them with the iodine to make the thyroid hormones.

Next, I wondered what other vitamins do people rave about, that you can safely take a lot of, that many claim we are all deficient in, and yet against the weird warnings of “the medical establishment”.

B-12. People rave about it, and write books on it. Got some. 10,000 units. Interestingly, the B12 contains the mineral cobalt in the center, and is a safe, water soluable vitamin, and helps restore the myelin sheath.

D3. Again, many rave. Books on it. People take up to 50,000 units. I’m taking 10,000 mcg. A safe dose, the strongest they make at my local health food store. Good for the bones. I’m supposed to take vitamin K with this, and so I do, but only on days I’m not having a green smoothie, which has 1000% of the RDA of K.

I’ve been researching cheap cancer cures, too.

I started taking H2O2 therapy. It’s $11. Why not? This one sounds tricky, but it’s not. Don’t drink normal 3% with potentially toxic stablizers. I bought food grade 35% H2O2 at, and diluted it down to 3% in a glass jar, and then put just a few drops of the 3% in a glass of pure water. They say no food 2 hours before nor 1 hour after the H2O2 therapy. So I take that first thing in the morning.

(You know what else is great about Hundreds of customer reviews / AKA testimonials! The modern medical establishment can’t really censor those! At least, not yet!)

H2O2 is funny. Doctors and the establishment seem to hate it. Warnings are vague, unspecified, and there are no horror stories, only ravingly positive testimonials all over the place on blogs, many from older men who have taken it for 20+ years. warns to not take H2O2 with antioxidant therapies; however, some researchers have suggested that rats given the antioxidant clove oil protects them from oxidative stress from too much H2O2. The levels of H2O2 in a few drops in water to drink is miniscule. Some doctors put far more directly into the blood, which seems dangrous as it could cause clotting, but doesn’t.

Here’s my simple counterpoint. We all know of common CO2 soda water. Yet we breathe in oxygen, and breathe out CO2. But CO2 is safe to drink in water, but H2O2 is not? That’s an impossible argument to logically sustain.

Wow, the H2O2 does what the many online testimonials say. Increased euphoria, decreased depression, increased stamina, increased blood flow, increased lung power, which I can feel in my workouts. Speeds healing. I had an elbow bursa that has lasted for several months from when I pushed my elbow into the counter to feel how much better it felt after years of pain, and then I hurt it, duh! Kind of a nagging thing. My elbow bursa started going away fast, it both shrank and stopped hurting within 3 days.

The nay sayers simply say this is impossible. They can’t even explain the mountain of testimonials on the blogs of the skeptics! HAHA!

About 5 days after starting my H2O2 therapy, and doing everything, I noticed something new. I had energy in the afternoons, less fatigue and no sugar cravings. It was 5 days into it, and I had not eaten any sugar. Well, no sugar “meals”. I never binged on home made cookies or apple crisp. I still put a bit of sugar in my coffee, and I had my “dark chocolate supplement” (HAHA!) in the evening.

I did not get a candida reaction from the iodine or the H2O2. I think I cleansed out from the boron and greens already.

I noticed two other things from the H2O2. I did not feel “hunger pains” in the morning anymore in my stomach. I think the H2O2 killed the bad gut bacteria, and helped the good gut bacteria to grow. It’s what they say it can do. Sure enough, maybe it did. Mothers of kids with autism, since autism is said to affect the gut flora, should pay attention to that.

After 5 days on the H2O2, I also finally decided to quit bread. There are two reasons. First, the glyphosate is spayed on nearly all wheat in the USA, even organic, at harvest time to dry it out. Second, nearly all bread has bromine in it, which harms the brain. Two toxic additives? And a few days ago, I find others who avoid bread because there is aluminum in baking powders in bread products. So, three major brain toxins in bread? No wonder so many people avoid “gluten” “these days”. Maybe they are not so crazy after all! I’ve joined the club.

I’ll get all my carbs from fruit. Let’s not demonize the apple, the orange, or the banana for their sugars and carbs, when it’s other things. My real sugar problem was making cookies or crips once (ok, twice) a week (or more). And I’ve not done either of those this month now!

So I’ve also started losing weight. The abs are beginning to come out. Down to about 198 from 206. I was up to about 215 when lifting heavy back in October 2015. I cut back on heavy lifting, since I’m healing so much with supplements right now. I’ll get back into lifting weights soon, I’m sure.

Finally, here’s the last one. The budwig protocol cancer cure. This also boosts brain power by restoring the myelin sheath! This is simply a 2:1 ratio of organic cottage cheese and flax seed oil. I also add blueberries, which are another brain booster!

I like the budwig snack! I do feel its brain boosting effects! They also say to avoid doing that one with the H2O2. So, I do them every other day, or H2O2 in the morning, and cottage cheese / flax snack at night.

Copper is also another brain booster, and helps repair the myelin sheath.
Cobalt in b12 is also a brain booster, and helps repair the myelin sheath.

In my green smoothies, I also sometimes add walnuts, or coconut oil for the omega 3’s which are good for the brain, too.

I keep finding brain healing minerals and foods now all over the place, and I’m like “what, what”? How come it’s not all in one place? Maybe it is, and I have not found that yet. But I do notice that people like to specilize in their “one area”. The iodine doctors. The H2O2 doctors. Yeah, and I’m supposed to stick to being just the silver investing guy? Whatever.

MS is a disease of myelin sheath degeneration; symptoms seem similar to autism. It’s associated with copper deficiency.

I try not to do the H2O2 and the budwig protocol on the same day. They (at ) say to not mix the two together; they both boost oxygen, and you don’t want to over do it or something. The budwig protocol already is supposed to greatly boost oxygen. I seem to feel it.

(I don’t have cancer. Well, not that I know of. Some say we all have cancer popping in and out all the time. I did have candida. I do get foot rashes. I do have hyperhydrosis and sweaty feet and thus, am prone to fungal feet.)

Also, I’m not sure, but too much oxygen with iodine might also be bad. So I’m doing less than the “H2O2 and budwig protocols” call for. I’m doing about 1 glass of H2O2 every 2 days, instead of 3/day. And the cottage cheese/flax no more than 1 time a day. But I’m not trying to cure cancer either.

With my new brain power, I have also looked at the things the medical establishment offers. I have come to the conclusion that I would never take anything they offer for any of the top ten ways that people die.

I would reject all 20 of the top 20 drugs that are prescribed.

So, if that’s the case, then what does the modern medical system offer to me? A diagnosis? Reconstructive plastic surgury if I got into a horribly disfiguring accident? Quick mole removal?

I have discovered that I already know what I believe are the better alternatives to all of the top ten diseases that people die from. I will be my own doctor if my health ever fails. From what I read and hear people say, the medical establishment is probably not even good at diagnosing problems; getting it right only 30% of the time or less? But I look forward to my next naturopath visit!

And the medical establishment has wrecked my health in a few ways already, but why get into sour grapes. In brief, I took hydrocortizone cream on my feet for 5 years for sweaty feet and athlete’s foot, from ages 13-18, which resulted in an 8 month back infection, called osteomyelitis requiring heavy IV antibiotics for 6 weeks, and a calcified and arthritic lower back resulting in 25 years of back pain that I finally elimiated with green smoothies and stretching. Then, since I had to stop the hydrocortizone, I used a prescription strength antiperspirant containing aluminum on my feet for the next five years from 18 to 23. Alzheimer’s here we come, right? Not if I can stop it!

It appears that many, about half, of “modern brain drugs” contain fluoride, which is a known brain toxin that is known to reduce IQ. Even prevacid, an antacid, contains three fluoride molecules on it. The picture of the molecule of it on wiki shows the three F atoms right there in the right hand column:

Are they TRYING to poison us? If not, then they are so woefully ignorant, again, I have learned I must take charge of my own health. The medical establishment, for me, is no longer even a viable place to get a second opinion, unless the doctor is one of those really rare ones that might have already lost his licence to practice, or is about to!

Iodine, Boron, and H2O2 are all solid alternatives to antibotics, they are all very strong antibiotics. Regular antibiotics are fungals. The three I just mentioned kill the bad fungals, too! Iodine fell into disuse with the rise of antibiotic fungals after WWII that are causing problems such as MRSA, which now hits 2 million/year and kills 30,000 or so. That’s getting close to a top ten killer. Why should I take an antibiotic for strep throat that might morph into MRSA and kill me? No thanks.

Suicide is also around the tenth biggest killer at about 32,000 per year. Iodine, b12, and H2O2 are good for that, too!

Accurately prescribed doctor medicines kill 100,000/yr. Medical mistakes kill up to 400,000 per year.

So, going to a doctor is over ten times as deadly as suicide! Think of that one!

I’ll say that again. 500,000 / 32,000 = 15.6.

I’ll translate that to English. This is my job. I’m a writer.

The math, the stats, the truth, is that you are 15.6 times more likely to be killed by a doctor’s accurate prescriptions that kill and/or his medical mistakes and negligence, than to die by killing yourself!

That only applies, of course, if you look to doctors to save you.

I can no longer look at establishment doctors as a “saftey net”. Instead, in my new view, they are an “entrapment net”.

Doctors are such liars; but it’s what they are taught. Most everything they attempt to cure, they say, “there is no cure for what you have, but you need this, or you will die”, but the thing they offer is not nutrition, but a drug with side effects that cause known harms. They know their meds harm; they believe that’s just the way it has to be!

But people online report cures for nearly everything in the top ten! Just google it all. Look it up. Take charge of your own health!

People sometimes learn about what and how much I know, and they ask me, what they should do. Sometimes I tell them what “I might do if it were me”. And then they retort, but I have to take this, or I’ll die, the doctor said.

One lady actually said to me, “I’ll have to check with my doctor before eating greens, they might interfere with my coumadin.” Imagine that. Doctors have trained people to think a salad will kill them? I would not have believed it if I read such nonsense. But sure enough that warning is out there, look:

Coumarin Anticoagulants/Vitamin K-Containing Foods

It comes down to who you are going to believe then. Maybe, and here’s a radical thought, if people ate enough healing greens in the first place, they never would have ended up on coumarin?

Getting people to change their diet is like getting people to change their religion; nearly impossible, and yet, there are converts in religion and in diet all the time! In that sense, I can agree with doctors, for most people, there will never be a “cure” for what they have, because they will never take the steps to learn how to cure themselves, nor follow through.

I would like to say, “people should take zinc”! But that would be a huge mistake.

Some people are low in iron. I was not, I was high in iron. If I were to take iron, instead of zinc, that would be a mistake for me. Other people need to take iron supplements until they fix their deficiency. What if you are high in zinc? Then taking zinc will not be right for you.

Also, I have more questions for myself. Will I have to wean off of zinc? Will I have to moderate the things that caused my low zinc? Will I have to learn how to uptake zinc from natural foods better? I don’t know yet. I know it can take 3 months to restore a mineral deficiency, or longer. And I’ll get tested again.

Here’s a question. How can vaccines, that contain aluminum, that’s toxic for everyone, be right for everyone? Only in “modern” medicine!

Every supplement appears to have many other possible reactions. Some appear more safe than others. But vitamins and minerals and food therapy appear to be lightyears ahead of, and safer, than drugs.

This morning, after much hesitation, I took some 99.9% pure DMSO methylsulfonylmethane. Too early to even say what it has done for me, but it’s supposed to help detox, and even be a pain reliever for about 6 hours. Wow. It was a few hours ago now, as I’m editing this, and I feel GREAT! HAHA!

I also have some DE / silica, diatomateous earth, which absorbs toxins, and you are not supposed to take this with the DMSO. I don’t like the DE, it seems to cause constipation, so they say to take it with lots of vitamin C, which can do the opposite!

Even the “safest” supplement, which appears to be Vitamin C, appears to have problems. For me, it may have contributed to my low zinc, it blocks zinc. Suddenly stopping taking C can also cause “rebound scurvy” or for me, increased bleeding. What I’m doing now is a lot, but it is appearing to work for me to help heal some of my own brain damage from a year of alcoholism.

When I was younger, I had an IQ of 130. During alcohol rehab in 2011, I felt an enormous amount of brain healing take place, and I knew I did some damage to myself in 2010 with alcohol.

Right now, what I’m doing is better for my brain that anything I’ve ever done in my life. I’m becoming a new person! But I’m still me!

I am simultaneously horrified at our nation’s autism epidemic and the lack of response from our modern medical community that is turning a deaf ear, except for a few outstanding exceptional people who have literally given their lives in this fight. So, it’s GcMaf these doctors found and died for that can cure cancer and autism? It’s in the budwig protocol; the cottage cheese.

I can’t believe so many natural doctors have died lately. The entire reason we supposedly have government is to protect against horrors like that. But government and big pharma and the CDC and establishment medicine is also on the wrong side in this battle over our health.

Part of me wanted to not write this; to wait until I know more. But there is no perfect knowledge.
There are bad consequences also to doing nothing. I’ve done nothing, or delayed taking iodine, when I knew that I should. Foolish me. For me, not taking iodine is the choice to remain iodine deficient, which is also a danger.

Interesting. I just got off the phone with a close friend who started the 50 mg iodine last month, and he started his mom on it; giving her two doses so far. He said he is noticing so many more things, is feeling so much smarter, is feeling so much more competent. He is having the vivid dreams, too, yeah, I failed to mention that.

Another friend is taking up to 1 mg of iodine, he is more conservative. He is noticing the effects; feeling smarter, more energy.

There are 1000’s of compounds in greens, and I’m sure, 1000’s of interactions they do in the body, and we will never know them all. There is only our own health journeys, and they are all different.

There is a game we humans like to play, we call it “follow the leader”. We have to choose good leaders, and I think I’m doing better at this by rejecting “establishment” doctors in favor of doctors who are not afraid to rock the boat by exploring where the science takes them, even if the establishment does not like it. I hope and think I’m doing the right things, but I don’t know. We all can only try our best, see where that takes us, and then try even better.

I am also again, more humbled and thankful that I have had the encouragement and opportunity for my own brain healing and re-awakening.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions from people who are way ahead of me, as well as precautionary tales for anything that might be harmful that I’m currently doing. I’ll try to read all feedback, and look it all up if you share links. It was reader feedback that got me into boron and iodine, and for that I’m very thankful.


  1. I like this article because of the level of enthusiasm delivered. It’s very exciting when you make great discovery to heal yourself. Also, it’s nice to have your own historical reference of what worked for you and how you pulled yourself out of ill health and stress from trauma.

  2. Hi Jason:
    From the silver days. I am sure you are familiar with the chemtrails they are spraying in our skies. I live in Henderson NV. They still spray but I think it is a different spray than the one that covered the sky before falling to earth. We have had more blue skies than we had for many years. I don’t know if President Trump has anything to do for that. Of course I know many people don’t believe they sprayed chemicals on us just like I didn’t at first. But I know now they did and I’m hoping what they are spraying now is something to combat what they did for years. Vern

  3. A holistic practitioner from W Canada told me about ASEA which is a redox cell reset water. They are based in Utah(red flag) and claim you can only buy it thru their downline (red flag),as what is offered on Amazon is not genuine or tainted! Would be interested if their claim of rejuvenating cell structures is possible? Loy

  4. Have tried many of the things you mention over the years many of which I never felt any difference b12 in tablet form I read is only 10% absorbed into the body but if you mix the tablet with a little water to a very thick paste and place up you nostrils the absorption is much higher, also borax, which is from boron and is harmless and cheap the protocol for that and a lot more can be found on earth clinic. A new one which I am just trying out is ethylene blue, seriously, do some research .. love reading your stuff and the way you write, it is quite English not Americanized English, if that makes sense, it would to an

  5. Jason,

    To increase the effectivity of Vitamin C I would add the following Flavanols .. (Not falvanoids) ..

    Troxyvasin much more powerful derivative of Rutin ..

    Fisetin another flavanol which increase blood flow in the brain while increasing apoptosis in weak brain cells / cancers .. All flavanols reduce inflammation in certain parts of the body .. All flavanols improve venal elasticity and strength .. Not all Flavanols target the same areas of the body because of cellular receptor differences ..

    Queercitin .. This is another great flavanol it targets the major organs of the body and improve over all glandular heath ..

    These three should be added to a 1g-2g / day regiment of vitamin C if taken orally ..

    If all of these are taken before Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (must be 3 ATM) the triggering of stem cells will be an order of magnitude higher ..

    My best,


  6. Jason, its such a pleasure reading your articles about health and nutrition, a sincere THANK YOU for your openness and honesty! I’ve been studying and experimenting with supplements and various foods for a few decades now to self-cure various ills after figuring out how limited conventional M.D. treatment is. You’re correct there is no perfect knowledge. So much to keep learning about. I am motivated to take more iodine now after reading you recent articles on it. I had been adding it to my green smoothies – but the smoothie recipe was too intense and I couldn’t drink more than 1 or 2 per week after awhile. I’m gonna try the iodine in lemonade with selenium that you mentioned to keep up with iodine.

  7. Holy crap, how sick can one be to take all this stuff on purpose! Well, I am always curious, so I just want to mention the MMS. Since you take the H2O2, the chlorine dioxide in MMS would do the trick even better. This guy Jim Humble got aginst malaria with it, it is used for water treatment and desinfection. Even in hospitals they use it now, a canadian study found it to be better cleansing than H2O2. Take it only when you have some severe viral infections it pops all bacteria and viruses (aerobic and anaerobic) like soap bubbles, high doses for cancer. It just don’t helps with tuberculosis. And of course, doctors will tell you it goes against the antioxidants.

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