4 Gold and Silver Stock Picks

Gold and Silver prices are up! Gold up to $1549/oz. goldseek.com Silver up to $19.16/oz. silverseek.com These are the best 4 stocks I’ve found. Discount: $200 for all 4. The way I’ve presented to you this information, you can see most of the important information before buying, and even be selective about which picks you […]

The Bad Fruit of the False Apostle Paul

Why does the left seem to think they can get their way by saying the seemingly magic statement, “I’m offended!”? This ridiculous teaching comes directly from the false Apostle Paul. Romans 14:15 But if thy brother be grieved with thy meat, now walkest thou not charitably. Destroy not him with thy meat, for whom Christ […]

The Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency Causing Your Condition

So far, I have found that nearly every medical diagnosis that I have encountered can be greatly helped by at least one vitamin or mineral. Or, stated another way, at least one vitamin or mineral is recommended for at least every single medical diagnosis. Or, at least one vitamin or mineral deficiency is associated with […]

Safe Gold Storage

See http://bullionstar.com, which I recommend. In May, 2019, I began to become aware that the Central Fund of Canada (CEF), a precious metals fund that had been acquired by Sprott, Inc., was vaulting bullion with risky government and bullion bank entities. These are the very entities who are depressing and suppressing the price of gold, […]

The Top 15 medicines by Sales, Side Effects, and the Alternatives:

In general, drugs that are so toxic that they cannot be sold over the counter to the public, and cannot be trusted with the public, do not suddenly become magically safer when prescribed to sick people. And when you closely examine each of the most lucrative drugs, individually, and look at the side effects, and […]

The American Medical System Causes 1 Million Deaths in the USA Annually

By Gary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND, Martin Feldman MD, Debora Rasio MD, Dorothy Smith PhD https://www.ourcivilisation.com/medicine/usamed.htm https://www.ourcivilisation.com/medicine/usamed/deaths.htm ” We could have an even higher death rate by using Dr. Lucien Leape’s 1997 medical and drug error rate of 3 million. (14) Multiplied by the fatality rate of 14% (that Leape used in 1994 (16) we arrive at […]

Iodine Deficiency Causes Retardation. High Iodine Causes Geniuses.

Here are 5 research papers showing Iodine deficiency causes retardation. Iodine in autism spectrum disorders (2016) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26854242 Key Quote: “RESULTS:19 out of 40 children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) had mild to moderate iodine deficiency.” Iodine Deficiency and Autism Linked in Research (2015) https://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/is-there-a-link-between-iodine-deficiency-and-autism/#1 Key Quote: “some research has shown a potential link between iodine […]

Healing the Skin

For general skin conditions, there are many things that are particularly great for the skin. Vitamin C is one of the best, it aids in collagen formation and thus prevents wrinkles, but it also reduces age spots and damage from sunburns over time, but is not suitable for an active sunburn. Aloe Vera is one […]

Alternatives to antibiotics / Natural antibiotics

MINERALS 1. iodine: Lugol’s 2%, 50 mg, 20 drops, must take with selenium, which is also antibiotic. 2. colloidal silver 3. H2O2 protocol, 5-10 drops of food grade H2O2 in a glass of water, on an empty stomach, no food 2 hours before, no food 1 hour after. 4. zinc/copper 50 mg zinc, up to […]

Gold Stock Report #3

Market update: Gold has broken out to all time highs, in most currencies except the dollar. And now we have Trump escalating a trade war with China! https://revealingfraud.com/2019/08/silver-gold/trumps-trade-war-with-china/ Trade wars collapse business and contract the economy, cause inflation, and a rising gold price. I’m now using $1500 for the gold price in my leverage calculations. […]

Trump’s Trade War with China

https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-23/trump-raises-tariffs-chinese-goods-retaliation-trade-war-escalation?fbclid=IwAR3P-ePHboceZrSu6Us67g1uFdcIE32wQ0JJ0S3Ox1EvKEDhwa5m97QsMf8 Here is the Trump announcement: For many years China (and many other countries) has been taking advantage of the United States on Trade, Intellectual Property Theft, and much more. Our Country has been losing HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year to China, with no end in sight. Sadly, past Administrations have allowed China […]

What does it feel like to become a millionaire and lose it all?

Three years ago, I wrote an answer on quora. It’s been seen by 39,000 people, and had 273 upvotes. I updated the post. https://www.quora.com/What-does-it-feel-like-to-become-a-millionaire/answer/Jason-Hommel-1 Quora is a good place to write, because unlike facebook, which censors posts, quora will publicize them for free. In total, my posts at Quora have gotten over 700,000 views. But […]

How I Increased my Brainpower, Memory, & Focus. 4-6-16

This was written on 4-6-16. Since then, I’m taking even more minerals, which I list here: https://revealingfraud.com/2019/04/health/why-i-take-all-the-minerals/ If this 5000 word article is too long for you, that’s probably because you are deficient in boron, or iodine, or both. Either that, or you have kids or a job! Heh. I am oddly thankful for CA […]

https://babylonbee.com/ Great Conservative Satire

https://babylonbee.com/ is a great satire website, like “theonion.com”, but babylonbee tends to have a pro conservative anti-liberal bias. You may love it. https://babylonbee.com/news/god-demands-america-remove-in-god-we-trust-from-currency Here’s a headline: “Pro Jesus blogger under attack for saying we should obey Jesus” That would be me, pointing to the words of Jesus in Matthew 24 to “believe it not” with […]