Goldcorp deposits Gold to Blockchain

I’m unimpressed, and skeptical RE: This “blockchain” company has about 30 people working with them. Goldcorp provided $4 million worth of gold. In contrast, in April, 2011, my mint, JH MINT (now out of business) sold $5 million worth of trades. Everyone got their gold, and silver, no customer complaints. We had a […]

Guyana Goldstrike Private Placement

Updated August 24th. The stock price ticked down, and the gold price ticked up, creating increased leverage to the gold price, and a better buying opportunity today. 58.4 million shares issued Symbol at Yahoo! Finance: GYA.V / GYNAF (U.S.) $.12/share CDN x .76 CDN/USD =$5.3 million Market Cap Guyana Goldstrike, profiles favorably: There […]

Comparative Valuations of Gold Exploration and Development Stocks

Explanation and Disclaimers: The list of stocks is sorted by the leverage calculation, from lowest to highest. The Leverage calculation is the total value of the gold resources divided by the market cap. It’s one measure of what you get compared to what you are paying. You tend to get more of what you are […]

Victoria Gold Corp: Forward P/E of 2

Jason Hamlin has graciously allowed me to share just one of his “paid subscriber stock picks” with you for FREE!  Victoria Gold Corp “coupon code” HOMMEL for $100 off, good for the next 10 signups. My analysis:  Victoria Gold Corp is a great near term producer with a forward P/E ratio of 2!  This means investors […]

Is Trump Pushing for a Gold Standard?

Trump Fed pick wants to revive the gold standard. Here’s what that means ” As President Donald Trump named his picks to fill two influential seats on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors, the price of gold surged. That may be because one of the them, Judy Shelton, is a believer in the return […]

Current (2018) BIS “other precious metals” derivatives data vs. LBMA Vault Holdings: Gold

Yesterday, I compiled the stats for silver. Today, gold. $513 billion of “Notional amounts outstanding” gold derivatives contracts among BIS reporting banks. (2018) Gross market value: $21 billion. LBMA Vault Holdings of gold: As at end March 2019, there were 7,671 tonnes of gold, valued at $319.5 billion LBMA has today announced […]

Current (2018) BIS “other precious metals” derivatives data vs. LBMA Vault Holdings: Silver

See also the data for gold: BIS data of “other precious metals” compared to “LBMA vault holdings of silver” is not a perfect measure of excessive nature of the fraud of OTC “over the counter” futures contracts. But the large financial institutions are very stingy with their data, and this is the best data […]

Trouble at Deutsche Bank?

RenTech Has Been Pulling Money From Deutsche Bank for Months By Sonali Basak , Donal Griffin , and Katherine Burton July 5, 2019 ” Because of the success of Renaissance in general and Medallion in particular, Simons has been described as the best money manager on earth.[14][15][16] By October 2015, Renaissance had roughly $65 billion […]

Gold Major & 2 Juniors, Leverage Compared

You are always going to get far greater leverage to the gold price among junior exploration companies compared to the major gold companies. The leverage of the major is about 3, whereas the leverage among the juniors is about 70. Newmont Goldcorp 819.63M shares outstanding x $37.45/share = $30.7 billion market cap Source: Newmont […]