Benefits of Colloidal Gold

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  1. Anti-inflammatory and Anti-aging: Colloidal gold has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and could potentially mitigate inflammation and accelerate wound healing12.
  2. Cognitive Function Improvement: It has been shown to help transmit electrical signals within the body, improving memory and focus1.
  3. Rheumatoid Arthritis Alleviation: Colloidal gold has shown promise in reducing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis12.
  4. Neuroprotection: Long-term colloidal gold treatment prevented the neuroinflammation, modulation of mitochondrial function, and impaired cognition induced by Alzheimer’s Disease3.

Regarding reviews on Amazon, customers have reported various experiences with colloidal gold products. Some users reported feeling clear and alert within days of taking it6Others mentioned improvements in problem-solving abilities and overall mental sharpness7Some users also reported experiencing vivid dreams since they started taking it7.

Furthermore, colloidal gold is known to help make and increase metallothioneins, which detox mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium. Metallothioneins (and colloidal gold) thus improve nerve function by detoxing several neurotoxins. Metallothioneins are also known for improving longevity, see more here:

Some people claim that the body has no ability to excrete gold. This is not true, as it will both increase the body’s manufacture of metallothioneins, and gold will bind to metallothioneins, and thereby be excreted as these are enzymes that help the excretion of metals.

The binding of Gold(I) to metallothionein 1980

Influences of gold on zinc, copper and metallothionein kinetics in liver and kidney of the rat 1996

“4. The results suggest that gold by itself induces an increase of MT-like peptides in the kidney cytosol, which was accompanied by an increase in the concentration of Cu mainly bound to these MT-like peptides.”

Gold increases MT.

While gold increases Metallothioneins, which help the body excrete mercury, gold itself binds to mercury, as gold miners know.

Mercury is actually used in gold panning to stick to the gold and separate gold from black sands.

Similarly, selenium is also used by the body to help make metallothioneins, and selenium will also similarly bind directly to mercury for excretion in the body.

Likewise, both copper and zinc help to make MT’s, and I believe copper and zinc also directly bind to mercury for excretion. Galena is an ore that contains silver, zinc, and mercury.