How we differ from the RCP

I like Morley Robbins. But he and I have developed our protocols entirely independently. We have spoken on the phone quite a few times.

First, we differ philosophically in a few ways. While we are both Christians… Morley seems to believe in evolution. I believe in Creation.

Morley is aiming to make his protocol as popular as possible, and therefore easy to implement, and based around the idea of getting nutrients from food.

My goal is optimal health, and I figure that optimal effectiveness will create popularity, and my main focus is to discover the optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals for optimal health.

Here is the RCP Protocol:

Here is our protocol:

Both protocols appear to be changing over time.

Currently, RCP has 14 stops and 19 starts.

We have 30 stops, and 20 starts.

Our stop list:

I note 22 key differences:

  1. We take .5 mg molybdenum. RCP says to stop molybdenum.
  2. We take 50 mg zinc. RCP says to stop zinc.
  3. We take 6 B Vitamin pills: B1,2,3,5,7,12. RCP says to get them from food.
  4. We take synthetic Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic Acid. RCP says to stop that, and use only whole food Vitamin C.
  5. We avoid the sodium form of salt in adrenal cocktails, but we do take potassium. An adrenal cocktail is salt, potassium, in orange juice.
  6. We avoid general mineral drops of unknown minerals such as concentrace or other branded multi minerals. Each mineral we take separately, and for a specific purpose.
  7. We take far less magnesium, about 200 mg/day and not over 1000 mg/day.
  8. We don’t eat liver.
  9. We don’t drink mineral water, we drink distilled water.
  10. We rarely take Vitamin E.
  11. We take 50 mg boron, not 3 mg boron as on RCP.
  12. We avoid cod liver oil, RCP recommends it. We avoid both Vitamin A and Vitamin D.
  13. We don’t take Taurine, as recommended on RCP.
  14. We have endorsed silica, and still do, but don’t take it currently.
  15. We think you can’t get enough iodine from food, which maxes out at around 15 mg if you eat an entire seaweed salad. Kelp pills provide around 1 mg. Instead, we take 300 mg potassium iodide, and 37 mg Lugol’s iodine.
  16. We disagree with donating blood, as the Bible says that life is in the blood.
  17. We take far more copper, up to 30-50 mg orally, and 70 mg topically, and RCP recommends about 3-4 mg copper.
  18. We take colloidal gold, RCP does not mention it.
  19. We take MSM Sulfur, RCP does not mention it.
  20. We take selenium, RCP does not mention it.
  21. We take chromium, RCP does not mention it.
  22. We sometimes take creatine phosphate, RCP does not.

Further explanations on each point.

  1. While molybdenum is said to deplete copper this is usually the case when taking 1000 mg of moly or more, and not taking any copper. This is done in two cases of disease: Wilson’s Disease and cancer. We are only taking half of a milligram. We take molybdenum for quite a few reasons, but the key reason is that copper might also deplete molybdenum, and since we are taking so much copper, we might need it. And moly is good!
  2. We tried taking Morley’s advice and tapering zinc down to as low as 10 mg, but that caused zinc deficiency symptoms. In Morley’s book, he says that zinc leads the body to make metallothioneins which deplete copper. I agree. However, these enzymes also transport copper, and also deplete and detox mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium, and boost brain function and increase longevity, so they are not “all bad”, but “mostly good”. Sources:
  3. We think the problems with B Vitamins are not that they are from pills or synthetic, but rather that they deplete copper and thus cause allergic reactions due to copper deficiency, and that two of them are simply nerve toxins. Sources:
  4. Again, we tried it Morley’s way, by avoiding Vitamin C. We developed bleeding issues and a headache within 5 days, because copper can deplete Vitamin C, and vice versa. We need 1000 mg of Vitamin C to stay in balance. Yes, Vitamin C can pull copper out of ceruloplasmin. Some say this is how copper moves out of ceruloplasmin and into the cell. We are not fans of the orthomolecular guys who are against copper, but we do think it’s important to take both Vitamin C and copper and zinc, all in the same day, because all three are needed for collagen formation and about a third of the entire body is collagen. We also tried getting Vitamin C only from whole food C, which did not work, and was way too expensive. Sources:
  5. Sodium salt has long been touted in the alternative health community as improving hydration. But sodium is dehydrating to the body, and causes numerous health problems. Potassium is the hydrating salt. There is a sodium potassium pump in the body that pumps sodium out, and potassium in. We should respect the wisdom of this pump. Water follows minerals. If we are high in sodium, water flows out of the cells towards the sodium and causes swelling and edema. If we are high in potassium, our muscles are hydrated and pumped up. Sources: Salts: Sodium Chloride Vs. Potassium Chloride, Part 1 6th June 2023 Problems from Excess Sodium Chloride, Part II 6th June 2023 Chat GPT4 on Sodium & Potassium, Part III 6th June 2023 Racing Heart from lower Sodium? (Chat GPT4) 6th July 2023 Chat GPT 4’s List of the Benefits of Potassium 7th November 2023
  6. We take specific minerals, not unknown ones. We also avoid clay, fulvic, humic, etc.
  7. Excessive magnesium lowers copper, and with low copper, we end up with magnesium wasting and excessive magnesium losses. Said another way, copper and boron help us retain magnesium. Because of this, we tried taking no magnesium for a while, but that did not work out. I ended up with foot pain from running that was not healing. Taking magnesium, aloe vera, and Acai juice fixed up my feet. But I have flat feet, and I weigh about 225 pounds. As we also increased our potassium intake, we also had an increased need for magnesium.
  8. Liver has three problems. 1. Excess iron, which blocks copper. 2. Excess Vitamin A, which is toxic. 3. It might not contain any copper at all, especially if the animals are deficient, and copper deficiency is the most common nutritional problem in domesticated animals. It’s possible that grass fed beef has the lowest copper, as grass and greens tend to deplete minerals. Also, Vitamin A and copper move inversely in the liver. Source:
  9. We do recommend Fiji mineral water as a source of silica. But we mainly drink distilled water, as the cleanest form of water. Many other waters contain fluoride. The minerals in tap water are mostly high sodium, and traces of magnesium.
  10. While some people really tout Vitamin E, we found that excess Vitamin E causes bleeding, which we think is a bad thing, so we don’t take it very much. If bleeding is a problem for you, cut back on Vitamin E.
  11. We take far more boron than even the discoverer of boron, Rex Newnham. He only took 20 mg. It appeared he did not get past fluoride detox reactions, which can include anxiety.
  12. Cod Liver Oil is high in Vitamins D and Vitamin A. First, Vitamin D: Our protocol helps us make Vitamin D. Several people have reported to us that they stopped taking Vitamin D and on our protocol, their Vitamin D levels went up. How is this possible? Again, our bodies make it. Copper is needed for the pigment in the skin that is responsible for the tan, which is how we make Vitamin D. Vitamin D levels also go up with magnesium. Vitamin D is often depleted from infections, and infections go away on our protocol of minerals that kill germs such as copper, zinc, iodine and boron, thus sparing Vitamin D levels. Furthermore, Vitamin D supplements cause increased calcium retention, magnesium losses, and calcium then leeches out of the bones causing osteoporosis and calcified soft tissues such as arthritis, gallstones, and kidney stones. Vitamin K is not a co-nutrient, but it does help mitigate the damage caused by Vitamin D supplements. Next, Vitamin A. Vitamin A excess also causes osteoporosis and skin rashes. Zinc helps make a retinol binding protein, also called an antibody, which helps to detox Vitamin A. We have heard reports of people really hurt by serious rashes when taking Vitamin A to excess, and no zinc, and we think that’s a really bad mistaken combination of bad advice. Vitamin A excess causes a wide array of health problems, and excess is difficult to determine as blood tests don’t work. Also, the units used for both Vitamin D and A are fraudulent units, IUs, designed to make you think it’s a lot, and thus, safe. The upper limit of 10,000 IUs of Vitamin A is really only 3 mg. We think Vitamin A is more toxic than fluoride, as most people get over 3 mg of fluoride each day.
  13. As for Taurine, we generally avoid taking amino acids, and prefer eating beef. Creatine is the only exception, but we don’t take it often.
  14. We are not currently taking silica, primarily because it is mostly inert, and we think we have gotten past and over our aluminum detox.
  15. We have taken up to 2000 mg of iodine a day for over a year. We think that led to low calcium and low copper. We got some white spots on our arms, indicating low copper. We also got burning eyes, likely from the acidity of the very high iodine. We settled back down to 300 mg iodine, as promoted by the iodine doctors and historic use as promoted by Iodine is also a potent nerve healer, and intelligence booster.
  16. There are major side effects to donating blood. People lose energy, they pass out, they faint, it’s not good. Also, there are plenty of ways to detox iron from the body: copper, zinc, msm sulfur, potassium, and cabbage all detox excess iron. Yet, they don’t cause low iron in the amounts we are taking. Vitamin C, which we also take, along with copper, helps us absorb iron from food.
  17. We take enough copper to eliminate copper deficiency symptoms and feel good. Every time we have increased copper, it felt better in our bodies, until about 50 mg, at which point nausea and diarrhea become problems. Also, because copper is not toxic until somewhere around 1000 to 20,000 mg.
  18. We have found colloidal gold to be a nice brain booster.
  19. We have found MSM Sulfur to be good for the joints, and overall detoxing.
  20. Selenium is important for being an antioxidant, making thyroid hormones, detoxing mercury, and being an anticancer agent.
  21. Chromium is useful for increasing energy and increasing insulin sensitivity.
  22. We appear to be using creatine phosphate less. We are still evaluating it. We are always learning.

We hoped this summary has helped your understanding.