Detoxing with Copper: 10 Common Questions and Answers

Detoxing with copper is unlike any other detox you may have tried. There are hundreds of different ways to detox. They all have two things in common that make them all vastly different than detoxing with copper. 1. They contain no copper. 2. In many cases, they deplete copper. And so, since copper solves the problem of detox programs that induce copper deficiency, copper solves and fixes the problems of other forms of detoxing, and is vastly different.

So to detox with copper, you have to forget nearly everything you know about “detoxing” since almost none of the advice applies to detoxing with copper, because it’s so different and unique. The answers to many of the common questions people ask about detoxing with copper are simply “no”, because copper is so different, as follows.

  1. “But I can’t detox right now, I’m too allergic to things already. And I’m so sensitive to things, what should I do before starting copper?” Nothing. Allergies and sensitivity are a sign of copper deficiency. Copper helps your body make at least 5 different antihistamines, (histaminease (DAO), ceruloplasmin, and adrenaline (epinephrine), superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase, which reduce the sensitivities and allergies.
  2. Zinc works with copper to make SOD, DAO and metallothioneins both of which detox, and zinc with copper is even better at reducing allergies.
  3. “Do I have to remove my mercury fillings before detoxing with copper?” No. Because copper (and zinc) works so well, this is not necessary. As proof, we have had many people in our forum, with mercury fillings, detox mercury with copper to the point they can tolerate both iodine and sulfur. It is very common that people who are too toxic with mercury cannot tolerate either iodine or sulfur. This is proof our protocol works very well.
  1. “Should I heal my gut before starting copper?” No. You need copper to heal the gut.
  2. “Should I detox parasites first before starting copper?” No. Copper helps detox parasites.
  3. “Should I fix my anemia first by taking iron, before starting copper?” No. Copper fixes anemia, and iron just blocks copper.
  4. “Should I raise my ceruloplasmin first with Vitamin A before starting copper?” No. You have enough albumin to absorb copper, and copper helps you make ceruloplasmin.
  1. “But I’m afraid to detox with copper!” I understand. “Unreasonable fear” is one of the signs caused by copper deficiency. Why is this? Because copper heals the nerves in about 16 different ways. And strong nerves create a strong brain with more joy, better emotional regulation, better thinking ability, better memory, less brain fog. Copper does a lot more than heal just the nerves! Here’s a SHORT list of about 200 things copper heals:
  1. “But isn’t copper toxic?” No. I know that everyone says it is. But the world is full of liars. But who do you trust? Trust the science, trust the details.
  1. “But shouldn’t I get a blood test to see if I need copper?” No. Blood tests do not work.

  1. “But I’m afraid copper might build up.” No, it does not. Once you adjust to 10 mg of copper per day, your body will excrete nearly all the copper you take. At that point, you are adjusted, and you can take more copper for faster detox, and better results. See the prior link. Copper can build up, but only from toxins like mercury, but as we saw above in point 3, copper DETOXES mercury. See Chapter 18:
  2. “But copper is “too new”, because your book just came out this year. Copper does not seem well proven.” No. Copper is not a new drug. Copper is a historic cure all dating back to the 1850’s and copper was used as a cure all thousands of years ago in many cultures.

Copper is not toxic, it’s not a toxic medicine, it does not build up, there are many lies to cut through, because the world is full of liars. Just read the quick start guide. You got this, you can do it!